Odell Beckham said he was dealing with cramps with early trip to locker room

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Cleveland Browns wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. made an early departure for the locker room prior to halftime of Monday night’s 23-3 win over the New York Jets.

Beckham returned for the second half and finished the night with six catches for 161 yards and a touchdown  However, he said he was dealing with hamstring tightness throughout the game.

“I was cramping all game,” Beckham said to Lisa Salters of ESPN. “I’ve been trying to stay hydrated, drinking more water and I just couldn’t find a way to not cramp. When I was running down there I was just praying I was going to make it. I gave it all I had and just had to kick it into overdrive.”

Beckham was referring to his 89-yard touchdown catch through the Jets’ secondary and said multiple times he was just hoping his legs would hold up for the length of his run to the end zone.

It’s not the first time Beckham has dealt with cramping and dehydration in a game. Beckham left the field early for halftime during last year’s game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles in MetLife Stadium last October.

6 responses to “Odell Beckham said he was dealing with cramps with early trip to locker room

  1. You’d think OBJ would have figured out how to hydrate by now, this has been happening for years.

  2. Maybe if he trained with the team at training camp his body wouldn’t misbehave. Typical diva wr, wants the glory but doesn’t want to put the work in when the cameras aren’t watching.

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