Raiders aren’t getting the ball down the field

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Before the regular season began, Raider coach Jon Gruden made it clear that he wants to get the ball down the field. On Sunday against the Chiefs, the Raiders did not get the ball down the field.

As noted by Vic Tafur of, the Raiders had zero passes on Sunday that traveled more than 25 yards past the line of scrimmage. Making that performance more glaring was that the opponent — the Chiefs — had eight of them.

We called some shots and obviously the ball didn’t go down the field,” Gruden said Monday, via Tafur. Gruden acknowledged that Kansas City’s pass rush put a crimp in those plans. “It’s a little bit more challenging than just calling up shots.”

Right, but not a single pass thrown more than 25 yards down the field when Gruden was dialing up plays that called for them? It sounds like the kind of thing that could make Gruden wonder whether he’s got the right guy in position to turn Gruden’s wish into reality, especially if Carr doesn’t start finding a way to get the ball down the field.

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  1. Yeah but that was a hell of a first quarter. If we could have played four quarters of that ball, we could have won. We didn’t.

  2. And while Tyrell Williams is a deep threat he’s not a number one receiver. The Antonio Brown saga continues to haunt the Raiders. They should have no cap hit they should get their 3rd and 5th round picks back, Antonio Brown should be suspended for at least four games if not the entire season if he colluded to do this from the beginning and if the Patriots were in on it they should be fined $1m and lose a first round draft pick.

  3. DC isn’t the kind of QB that elevates the players around him. He’s the kind of guy you have to bend over backwards to prop up for success (highly invest in O-line, Acquire a top tier WR, draft RB a RB in the first round, must have good defense).

    Good QBs act as a bandaid and cover up roster deficiencies. Carr needs everything to be perfect around him, even then he is streaky.

  4. Is anyone surprised. This is who Derek Carr is, he’s risk averse unless its Goal to Go where he has no choice.

  5. Hats off to the Chiefs but that was not great defense it was so much more D Carr. It’s like some have said. He does not make the players around him better. He needs everything to be perfect. Line, receivers, etc etc. Last year with us for sure.

  6. Carr has a good RB, what appears to be a solid TE in the making, and a would be #2 WR playing in the #1 role. Outside of that what does he have? He had an excellent week 1. Now, mind you he was against a team in the AFC Championship last year, after a down 2nd week he’s on his way out? Carr isn’t a bad QB. He needs better talent around him. Chucky and his AB man-crush is what screwed Oakland this year.

  7. He threw the shot for a 43 yd PI. The problem is Williams got banged up and there is a glaring lack of speed again. Hence the shot was to Ryan Grant. I love Renfrow, but he played a lot of snaps and he isn’t running anything beyond 10 yards. Gruden needs to get more creative and split Richard out wide, send some deep balls to Waller. Right now, may as well have Jordy Nelson because this group of receivers are not going to win a lot of one-on one’s. Need double moves and a little trickery to get deep and once the Chiefs got up, he didn’t have time for that. I’ll fault Carr for another 1st and Goal pick, but who looked like he was open deep Sunday?

  8. The shots weren’t there in week two because KC got a good push up the middle and the two replacement guards couldn’t hold up, as opposed to game one when they did.

  9. The Raiders shouldn’t have a problem this week. The Packers, still learning a brand new offense, put up 21 in the first 16 minutes of the game. Then, for some reason, they got away from the Play action pass which made the Vikings defense look JV.

    The Play action pass will destroy the Vikings all season.

  10. Of course they aren’t. Fools Gold Carr is the QB. There is a picture I wish I could post on here. On that 3rd down play where Carr scrambled, went air-born and came up short after running for the 1st. There was a WR open deep. Carr either didn’t see him or didn’t wanna throw it. With Mahomes it would have been an easy 7 points. Until the Raiders draft their version of Mahomes expect sub par QB play. Carr can’t elevate the play of others around him. He needs other players to elevate his game…

    To bad the Raiders won that meaningless Arizona game last season. It cost us Kyler Murray….

  11. Who’s calling the plays…How about a screen pass to one of the running backs. Why throw the ball on first and goal . Why didn’t Josh Jacobs get more touches? Chiefs couldnt stop the run up the middle, so we decided to run outside. Chiefs couldnt stop Waller when he went in motion and Carr rolled with him, but they had so much success with that play they decided to stop doing it….That entire game changed with the long delay of the obvious pass interference on the chiefs that Gruden challenged, and the refs did not want to look bad, so they let the no call stand. The rule clearly states you cant hook. The nfl now has to be like the nba where the receivers are going to have to flop and spin around , throw their arms in the air , just to get a flag because of the refs inability to do so.

  12. packer fans are delusional talking about their pass game against the Vikings. Rodgers had 200 yards passing against the Vikings.The Vikings ran for as many yards as the packers threw for Sunday.

  13. The Raiders will have more success running this week against the Vikes D and secondary. And the game-time alcohol must have gone to certain Pack fans’ heads, as the Pack play action didn’t succeed after the first quarter due to Viking adjustments — there are specific instances demonstrating those adjustments and the Pack’s lack of play action success after the 1st quarter available on-line in articles right now for those not quick enough to have seen it the first time.

  14. Gruden was always a “West Coast Offense” (dink and dunk) kind of offensive coach. That’s what he learned from Holmgren’s system in Green Bay. And unlike good coaches he never had the flexibility to adapt to his QB’s strengths. As a Raider fan, I grew up loving the “vertical game” which is why despite Gruden having some success starting the the 3rd year of his 1st stint I didn’t like his offensive style. And while this style was suited for a WCO QB like Rich Gannon but is a waste of Derek Carr’s strength which is a live arm.

    Another thing about Gruden is that he is as good as any coach at scripting the first 10 to 15 plays of a game which makes for a very potent offense for a few series. But after those scripted plays, there’s no real continuity nor ability to account for and match the adjustments made by opposing defenses. This characterized Raider games in 2018 and was shown again in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs.

  15. I’m old enough to remember when Carr was being touted by his team and much of media as the next MVP from the AFC West.

    The wheels must’ve fallen off that hyperbole.

  16. Jon needs to take a hard look at his own predictable play calling. He’s dialing up shots… it goes like this:

    Run on first, run on second, throw on third, punt…

    Repeat, repeat, repeat…

    I’m not a football coach, but I’m thinking that’s not a path to success.

  17. Only 140 yards and no holding calls against the packers on Sunday. I saw them but the refs wouldn’t call them. If they do the same for the Vikings they rush for 300 yards not 200 yards.

  18. tokyosandblaster says:
    September 17, 2019 at 11:38 am
    The Raiders shouldn’t have a problem this week. The Packers, still learning a brand new offense, put up 21 in the first 16 minutes of the game. Then, for some reason, they got away from the Play action pass which made the Vikings defense look JV.

    The Play action pass will destroy the Vikings all season


    Once again made up lies. This in incredible offense that Lafail installed was figured out by Zimmer and company after the first quarter. Shut down this high powered offense for 0 points the last three quarters. All defenses will copy the Vikings when they play the packers.

  19. The officiating was so blatantly biased last week it was like the ’09 championship game. You always have to play the refs when you play the packers.

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