Report: Five draft picks change hands in Minkah Fitzpatrick trade

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The trade that sent defensive back Minkah Fitzpatrick from the Miami Dolphins to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night required a total of five draft picks to change hands to seal the deal.

According to Cameron Wolfe of, the Dolphins are getting a first-round and fifth-round pick for the 2020 NFL Draft and a sixth-round pick in 2021 from Pittsburgh in exchange for Fitzpatrick, a fourth-round pick in 2020 and a seventh-round pick in 2021.

In essence, the Steelers gave up a first-round pick to Miami in exchange for Fitzpatrick with a pick swap between the two teams in each of the next two drafts. Pittsburgh gets a higher pick in the 2020 draft by getting a fourth-round pick instead of a fifth-round pick while Miami gets the higher value selection in 2021 by getting the Steelers’ sixth-round pick for their seventh-round selection.

As noted by Michael Holley of NBC Sports Boston, the Steelers have made a selection in the first round of the NFL Draft in every draft dating back to 1968. If they don’t find their way into a first round selection between now and April, that streak will come to an end. They are by far the longest streak in the NFL. The Cincinnati Bengals are next on the list having made a first round pick in every draft since 1990.

24 responses to “Report: Five draft picks change hands in Minkah Fitzpatrick trade

  1. Why? No team will pass against the Steelers this season. Without Bell, Brown and Ben, the Steelers are behind 21-0 after the first quarter and then it’s ground game from there on…

  2. I’m a Steeler fan, and I am reading this more as a sign of panic on the part of the leadership of the Steelers than anything. We have wasted so many draft picks on defensive backs and failed to develop them it isn’t even funny and that is suppose to be our head coaches specialty. Time for new leadership.

  3. Fitz wanted out of Miami and got his wish. He goes from an 0-2 team with no offensive line and a QB to an 0-2 team with an offensive line an no QB. Dolphins may not win any games this year but Pittsburg doesn’t look like it will win too many either. In Pittsburg Fitz probably won’t need that beach towel that’s for sure.

  4. Just my opinion but Fins should put a For Sale sign on the other Fitzpatrick. What kind of draft pick would that bring? QB position sure looks like a sellers market.

  5. This is a panic move by the Steelers.
    How many draft picks have we spent on defense in the last 5 seasons and our defense is still making the same mistakes.
    To me, that goes right back to coaching. Tomlin and Butler are a joke. They need gone.

  6. Certainly I’m surprised by this trade — since the Steelers haven’t previously traded out of the first round in my lifetime. But a couple of facts put this trade in context. First, Sean Davis tore his labrum on Sunday and will miss some games. While Davis certainly isn’t great, the Steelers have nothing behind him –Kam Canaday is a joke. I expect Fitzpatrick to step-in at free safety beginning as early as this week. Second, while no details have been released about the nature and extent of Ben’s injury, the Steelers obviously have a prognosis. They’ve chosen to value immediate secondary help (at a good value) over the need to draft a first round QB in 2020 — because they believe Ben will be back and/or they have an NFL-quality starter in Rudolph. Time will prove them right or wrong but none of the “experts” on this board know any better.

  7. pittsburgh84 says: “It’s a shame Pittsburgh gave up their first next year. This will be the highest they’ve picked in years.”

    It probably will be a high draft pick with a few high QB prospects. Although QB’s are risky to take early because so few end up actually being worth a high pick, Big Ben is close to the end. More than anything a team needs that QB and Pitt just gave away a pick that could be the one to get them him.

  8. It’s been decades but the Steelers are headed for a really ugly season…one where they are very likely drafting in the top 10…my guess 5-8…

    that’s a mighty high draft pick to trade away…

  9. agc99
    I think Miami actually has 3 first round picks next year.
    Their own, one from Texans (L. Tunsil) and now one from Steelers (M. Fitzpatrick)
    Plus two second round picks.
    So far!

  10. R D says:
    September 17, 2019 at 9:53 am
    It’s been decades but the Steelers are headed for a really ugly season…one where they are very likely drafting in the top 10…my guess 5-8
    I guess they’ll just forfeit those other 3 games?

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