Still no sign of Trent Williams in Washington

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There were recent reports that Trent Williams might be reporting to work, with a former teammate saying he was coming “sooner rather than later.”

And yet, there are no signs of the wantaway Washington left tackle.

Via Les Carpenter of the Washington Post, the standoff has now entered its third week, “and it doesn’t appear as if it will end soon.”

The team appears to have dug in on a strategy of fining Williams into compliance. Williams appears to have dug in on a strategy of not caring.

Williams has lost nearly $2 million in game checks and fines so far.

The 31-year-old left tackle has been displeased with the team all offseason, over their handling of his medical condition.

12 responses to “Still no sign of Trent Williams in Washington

  1. Normally I’ve no sympathy for holdouts but this isn’t about money or diva-drama it’s about a nowadays sadly trashy team totally mishandling a player & his condition. Trade him to Pats.

  2. Reporting to the Skins must be like reporting to prison. “We kindly ask that you begin serving your term, mmmkay? Leave your personal items, freedom, and good health at the front desk.”

  3. Two wrongs don’t make it right Trent. Let’s Straighten out that medical staff and get back to work. We miss you Trent!

  4. Trent could be an OUTSPOKEN advocate for better team medical staffs and procedures. Take the high road Trent and report, BUT continue to be VOCAL on this issue. If anything, until they trade you, the Redskins will be giving you nad your teammates John Hopkins quality medical care.

  5. All of you that simply say that a player should show up because of a “contract” are the same brain washed simpletons who complain about your life and job. Be human for once, it’s bigger than football you dopes

  6. His absence is having an effect even beyond the field. When the rest of the team sees that a leader like Williams just can’t or won’t take the mismanagement anymore, they must start wondering how much they should really buy in themselves.

    Very few players come here or re-sign here without being overpaid or short on other options. Coaches too for that matter. How many of these players are focused on winning football games, and how many are just biding their time until they can move on?

  7. I love Trent Williams… He the teams best offensive line man along with Brandon Schrieff… To see him go would be heart breaking but if the team is not going to figure this thing out then I say trade him… He’s kind of old anyway… Maybe get a deal like the dolphins did… Also get rid of Ryan Kerrigan and Josh Norman too…

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