To get the most out of Daniel Jones, the Giants should release Eli Manning

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As the Giants move forward with Daniel Jones at quarterback, the move needs to be unequivocal, unconditional, and irreversible. Otherwise, the development of Jones could suffer.

For that reason, it could make sense for the Giants to sever ties with Eli Manning.

Earlier today, we suggested a retirement that would entail Manning getting a chunk of the remaining $10.4 million in 2019 base salary. If Manning isn’t interested in that, the Giants should seriously consider simply cutting the cord on Eli and moving on. Even if it means paying him the full amount of the remaining $10.4 million he’s owed.

Yes, they screwed up. They should have cut Manning before Week One, avoiding the $11.5 million in base salary that became guaranteed as Termination Pay once the regular season began. But they shouldn’t risk screwing up Daniel Jones by having Eli hovering over Jones’ shoulder as Jones tries to reach his potential as quickly as possible.

The Giants already made their $11.5 million mistake by keeping Eli on the team. They will potentially make it worse by keeping Eli around while trying to develop Jones. Absent a clear and complete and unmistakable commitment by Eli to embrace his new role and by the team to not waver and waffle and bench Jones for Eli later in the year, Eli should have no place on the roster, now that the Giants have made Jones the starter.

Even if Eli is all in and the team will treat Jones as QB1 and Eli as QB2 with no chance of further flip-flopping, the media, the fans, and certain high-profile members of the Manning family could clamor for Eli to be reinstalled as the team’s quarterback, if Jones struggles. While Jones may have the mental toughness to withstand those catcalls, it would be better for them to not happen at all.

They won’t happen if Eli isn’t on the team. The best play for the Giants, now that the quarterback of the future is the present starter, is to turn a half-measure into a full-blown removal of Eli Manning from the organization.

109 responses to “To get the most out of Daniel Jones, the Giants should release Eli Manning

  1. If Daniel Jones doesn’t have the mental fortitude to handle (pretty poor) competition, he’s not the guy. The Giants have nothing to gain by cutting Eli now.

  2. Nah, Giants fans have been in the basement long enough to know they have no chance this season, even if they had the love child of Joe Montana and Y.A. Tittle at QB. If Daniel Jones starts stinking up the joint, it’ll just put them in a better position to go after his replacement in next year’s draft. I don’t think Eli has any overwhelming desire to get back to running for his life behind a swiss cheese line, he strikes me as the kind of guy that could be an awesome mentor for the young kid learning the ropes. Maybe it would have been smart to cut Eli and save $10 mil, but quibbling over loose change (by NFL standards) is no way to treat your longtime franchise, Hall of Fame, two-time Super Bowl champ QB. You’ve already paid him, why not hang on to the best backup QB in the league, even if you are its second worst team?

  3. Eli must have pooped in someone’s cornflakes here. Dude’s a pro, always has been. He’s done nothing to suggest he’ll be a distraction. Why limit your backup options to Tanney if you have already paid Eli his money? Cutting Eli makes zero sense. Trade him? Sure, if you can. Have him retire? Okay. Throw away $11M without getting value in return and don’t even keep him around as a backup. That’s dumb.

  4. Eli despite his on field product lately has seen a ton and knows how to prepare. For a Rookie QB seeing that is invaluable, let him backup and teach Jones. Something tells me he’ll retire after this season.
    The man won x2 SB’s do him right – Eagles Fan.

  5. naes says:
    September 17, 2019 at 5:59 pm

    How about: to get the most out of Eli Manning the Giants should trade him.
    Good idea, but his contract has a no-trade clause.

  6. “As the Giants move forward with Daniel Jones at quarterback, the move needs to be unequivocal, unconditional, and irreversible. Otherwise, the development of Jones could suffer.”

    Totally disagree. If he is so mentally soft he can’t take competition from Eli on the bench he probably won’t make it as a starter anyway.

  7. He’ll go crying to papa, and papa will kiss the boo boo away. Should have been suspended for selling faux merchandise to unsuspecting fans, but got away scott-free with no consequence for his actions.

  8. If Jones has “it” it won’t matter if Eli is around or not. No better way to build a young QB’s readiness than to have him seize his opportunity and keep a vet on the bench by playing well. The Giants are smart enough to not bench the kid at the first, second, or even third sign of trouble. If he really can’t handle it, after multiple chances, well then maybe he isn’t the guy.

  9. This is really, really bad idea. If Jones gets hurt behind that sieve of an offensive line, the Giants will have no one. If Eli can be a good teammate for the rest of the season, he can coach Jones up in a lot of ways and help Jones become a better player.

    They can then trade or cut him after the season.

  10. Eli loves being a New York Giant ,I will leave it at that ! Let Eli decide what capacity he remains in !

  11. If Jones isn’t mentally tough enough to play with Manning still on the roster, then he won’t be successful anyway. They should hold onto him, since the money is committed anyway

  12. “high profile members of the manning family”
    what is like the mafia?
    why would the gm, coach or owner care what they say. give me a break

  13. Eli isn’t even a top 50 QB in the league anymore. Who would give any pick(7th) and or pay the remainder of his 2019 money? To those Giants fans that think he has any value…..’Let It Go’

  14. “Yes, they screwed up. They should have cut Manning before Week One, avoiding the $11.5 million in base salary that became guaranteed as Termination Pay once the regular season began.”

    What nonsense. Keeping Manning for another year was a smart decision. If Manning was still good, it would give Daniel Jones time to adjust and learn. If not, he would be a strong mentor for Jones, just like Kurt Warner was for Manning when he first started.

    Jones is on a rookie wage contract, so it’s not like both QBs are taking a huge chunk of the salary cap.

  15. Boy Florio, you’re pretty fast and loose with someone else’s money. Wonder if you’d be so inclined if it was coming out of your pocket.

  16. This is silly. My gosh – Jones is an NFL QB. Regardless of what you think of Eli Manning as a QB – Jones can certainly benefit from having a Super Bowl winning QB to talk through situations etc.

    Manning isn’t Cam Newton or Jeff George – I’m sure he will be a professional and help him. This too is part of his Giant Legacy

  17. To get the most out of him they should deprive him of a mentor and hope he just picks everything up on his own from their (inferior) coaching staff?

  18. Give the guy a break. He has had to play behind crummy lines and with not much talent (other than Diva OBJ) for the last few years. GM’s have failed to help him at all. McAdoo? really? Yes he is long in the tooth and regressed but he has done nothing but bleed Giants colors. Not even a Giants fan, but sheesh give the guy a break. You seem awful fast to show the guy the door.

    Did he upset you at some point or is this more in hopes that Kap gets a call from them nd back into the league?

    I agree with most, if the new kid can’t handle taking over for a legend (while said legend is mentoring him) then he doesn’t have what it takes to play.

  19. I respectfully disagree. Eli Manning is a student-teacher at this point, and he has a really bright pupil in Daniel Jones. Nobody is better suited to help the kid along than Eli. The Giants are a team that’s re-building. I think it’s wise to let the kid learn a little before you put him in. I don’t think he’s ready, and this could screw him up. This move smells a lot like the owners got involved. I don’t think the football people made this call.

  20. Since the agent for Kaepernick is calling around, why don’t they just trade Eli and sign Kaepernick.

    I am sure he would be willing to accept the trusted veteran backup and mentor role.

  21. That would be a pretty low blow to the best QB in franchise history. Trading him would be tough because of his cap hit (he’d probably waive his no trade clause for the right situation). Im ok with Eli riding out this season as the backup….he’s the last guy in the world who I think would be a problem for Jones. Also, one of Jones main attributes is supposedly his mental toughness.

  22. Disagree. They just have to make sure there’s no shot at him coming off the bench unless it’s because Jones is injured. That means Mara has to just ignore the boos at the stadium when Jones has bad moments. I’d ask the fans not to boo Jones in these moments but I know there is a enough delusional fans who really think a new QB means this bad team will be a good team. This could be our 0-16 year Giants fans. BTW they’re more than a year away from being good ( and even then it’s only if Jones is actually good ) so next year officially ended today as well. Get used to that idea now.

  23. For all you trade him fans. He requested a no trade clause, a rarity for players, in his contract for a reason. New York has been his home for 15 years. You don’t put that in your contract because you want to finish up somewhere else. His dad left for Minny late in his career and Mom and the kids never went to Minny they stayed in Louisiana. I have a feeling Eli put the no trade clause in as a deterrent to being put in a situation where he’d have to decide to do what Archie did. He’s never going to agree to trade. He’ll retire first.

  24. classicaljim says:
    September 17, 2019 at 6:03 pm
    The Steelers could use him.


    We’re fine with Rudolph but thanks.

  25. When the Giants benched future HOF Kurt Warner for Eli, they didn’t cut him cause cry baby Eli was too fragile. Why would you think Jones can’t handle the same transition???
    Other than to have another team to throw the Kap cap on?

  26. arwiv says:
    September 17, 2019 at 6:59 pm
    That would be a pretty low blow to the best QB in franchise history…
    If you think Eli is better than Phil Simms, I would disagree but respect your opinion. But better than Y.A. Tittle?

  27. You’re overthinking it. The idea that anyone will be screaming for Manning to come back in if Jones falters is kind of ridiculous. Everyone has seen Manning play over the last couple of seasons. Everyone knows he is not the answer to anything.

    If Jones stinks, the pressure won’t be on the coach to put Manning back in, it will be on Gettleman to defend picking him so high.

  28. .
    and if Jones gets injured then what?

    the giants purposely tanked this team by decimating the defense…
    U cant tell me it wasnt on purpose. they had no reason to let snacks go, get rid of london etc etc and there was no need to take jones round 1 when they could of had the best defender out there… he wasnt going anywhere.

  29. Eli has been a great player and teammate
    Ask any Giant player past or present they would go to war with him
    As a Giants fan I will proudly wear my #10 Jersey I still wear a #11 Jersey as well
    Eli will retire at the end of the season and ride off into the sunset
    And Giants fans will thank him for two of the greatest seasons in the teams history
    Jones can learn more from Eli then any coach in the game
    I look forward to the day they place #10 in the Ring of Honor

  30. No, they should show him the respect that a franchise QB deserves and ask him what he wants to do. Trade, release, or mentoring.

  31. Two of the next three games are at home against teams that aren’t exactly juggernauts. The road game is in Tampa. Maybe Jones wins three games and rights the ship. For a while. After that it gets kind of ugly. Teams will be playing real defense now. It won’t be like playing one series in a mid-August practice game.

  32. Bad idea. This season we’ve seen Brees, Big Ben, Nick Files, and Sam Darnold already miss games and we’re not even a month into the season. Cam Newton looks like he’s about to miss some time. Siemens filled in for Darnald last night and couldn’t last more than a half. With 14 weeks left in the season you know starter is going to get hurt and probably miss time. Why on Earth would the Giants dump Eli knowing Jones is capable getting hurt as well? If the Giants cut bait with Eli at season’s end so be it. If Eli voids his no trade deal and wants to go some place else

  33. ricknorris2014 says:
    September 17, 2019 at 6:54 pm

    Give the guy a break. He has had to play behind crummy lines and with not much talent (other than Diva OBJ) for the last few years.
    He had the best WR and the best RB in the league, on offense, at the same time, and couldn’t do squat with them.

  34. The Giants (and Eli) have been irrelevant for (3) years. Probably not a good thought process to be clinging to the past. Trading Eli seems like a bit of a stretch too, unless the Giants are going to agree to pay the heavy part of that paycheck…

  35. Boy did somebody blow off an interview? I think Eli would be a good mentor and help the young guy and maybe the team will work harder. If they start to tank under Jones then there is a bigger problem within the dressing room. Eli has always seemed like a low key and the Giants are only a play away from having to re-insert him – look at Siemian

  36. I absolutely, and do I event say surprisingly respect, the respect most are giving EM here. He’s been a class act no doubt. That said, I completely agree w this article from a business and football standpoint. Jones’ development will be hampered w Eli around. If you’ve played you’d understand. Let him know he’s gonna be cut, so he can retire w respect and go out w a big hoorah at a Giant’s home game. Let the fans give man the love and cheers from the fans he deserves. That the best way this could go for all parties.

  37. Eli overstayed his welcome and the Giants organization didn’t have the courage to tell him the party was over years ago. Hence, the Giants have been set back years. Eli is a monkey on Shurmur and Gettleman’s backs. They inherited him and couldn’t get rid of him.

  38. How quickly you forget that Manning came on board, rookie year took over partway through, stunk up the house along with the rest of the team, but wasn’t yanked. Guy who said not to yank him once you put him in as starter, Kurt Warner. Class move, class guy. You don’t have to get rid of a guy (unless he is disruptive), hopefully you learn from him as I’m sure Manning learned from Warner.
    If the rookie can’t handle a veteran back up behind him looking over his shoulder, he doesn’t have the makeup for the position.

  39. I don’t understand all of this angst about Eli. Two rings with two teams that won FOUR playoff games each year, all on the road and both times beat the Patriots. Nineteen and Doh! Yes, that still hurts. However, if he wants to leave and go to a team that would let him start (Jets, Steelers, Jags, etc.) try to swing a deal. But just jettisoning him? I don’t see it.

  40. The guy started like 200 games straight and has 2 rings.. Both over that patriots no less. I dont necessarily like Eli… But i gotta respect what he brought to the game.

  41. Florio are you serious? Have you watched Eli for 15 years? There’s NO WAY he’ll do anything other than help DJ. As for the “trade” people, pay attention people… he has 4 kids under the age of 8, a house in Hoboken, another in the Hamptons, of and a no trade clause. Oh yeah and a huge salary. He’s not going anywhere.

  42. Lets see giants have no O line last 3 years, there D been sub par for last 3 years. They traded there 1 wr who was a weapon. There last 2 head coaches sucked! And everyone blames Eli? Jones won’t be a improvement. Start cheering for the Bills!

  43. What about this scenario: NYG trades Eli to Saints to keep them alive until Brees comes back? Eli goes back to be a hometown hero in NO, wins a third ring as a backup to Brees …

  44. This might sound crazy, but I think the Bears should pick him up or try to get him. Let Trubisky sit awhile. Our team is just a decent QB away.

  45. They’re already on the hook for the dough and with one more injury, I’m a backup quarterback in the NFL.

    With the dearth of quality backups in the NFL, just hang on to him if you’ve got to pay him anyway…..

  46. I’m no Giants fan or Eli Manning fan, especially after he REFUSED to go to the Chargers at draft time, but I feel I can give a 30,000 foot view. Yes, it appears Eli’s skills have diminished to the point where he’s not the answer going forward for the Giants.

    However, he DID give that franchise TWO Super Bowl wins over the Pats. He should be able to go out with dignity, regardless of what happens with the Giants.

  47. A trade would be advisable. Some teams need a quarterback, and they may not mind picking up his contract if the Giants help pay part of that contract for 2019.

  48. Why? His salary is already a sunk cost. He could be a good mentor to Jones if he can put his ego aside.

  49. Eli was 74-40 in mid 2012 before the team completely failed him for 7 years. Years of bad drafts, bad free agents, no line, no receivers, Andre Browns, Paul Perkins, David flip Wilson’s, Weston richburgs, Justin P-Us…. all while Ben and rivers were surrounded with hall of famers their entire careers….

    I agree. Let him go somewhere without a joke of a front office. Let him hold down the fort in his hometown New Orleans until Brees returns (or doesn’t). I’d love to see him in a dome with kamara, Thomas, Ginn, cook and a line. You won’t see the 2013-2019 Eli. Trust me.

  50. unreal. there is a reason the Giants are going to go 5-11 for the next decade. people up in here talking about Kurt Warner? unreal. Gettleman is a stable genius. most deluded fanbase in the NFL.

  51. Depends on Jones’ personality – is he going to feel that he’s a mistake or two from going to the bench with Eli there? We’ve seen it before folks – when you have 2 quarterbacks, you don’t have any.

    Eli’s maturity also plays a role – is he going to be the professional backup and help Jones to succeed, or, is he rooting to get back on the field? Will the coaches be able to really commit to Jones – let him make mistakes and mature on the field?

    Going to a rookie this early in the season makes me believe that they think this season is a lost cause – no real hope of post season – so, let’s see what we got in Jones.

    Or, I’m completely wrong – not like that’s a first.

  52. If we trade or release Eli we won’t have a decent back up to Jones if he gets injured. Do you really want to see Alex Tanney finish this season at QB?

  53. I agree with most of the posters here. Personally, I think too much drama has been created by the ‘will Eli start’ questions. The Giants should’ve started Daniel from the get go.
    However – they are already paying Eli, so he may as well stick around as cover/mentor to Daniel. If the kid makes it ( and I think he will)to the end of the season, then trade Eli. He can still offer a team something. Just not as a starter.

  54. 2 Super Bowl wins. Not to shabby. New York needs to treat him like a man who brought them championships, and send him out with respect and gratitude. But it’s New York, so no chance of that happening.

  55. Jets could use a qb right now. Maybe it would keep LeVeon interested a few more games
    He wouldnt have to move

  56. The Giants best quarterback is Manning? So why get rid of him? So the media can have another guy to complain about? Look at the Jets. Complain about them.

  57. Release Manning? Really?? Come on, Mike. Even the Giants aren’t that stupid. With half the league ready to “kill” for a QB, the Giants could trade Manning and get something in return. Release him? I’m thinking the Steelers might take him. Or maybe Jacksonville? I doubt Eli would accept a trade to Miami but the Dolphins could use him. And I wouldn’t put it past the Saints to have Manning finish out this year replacing Brees.

    I’m sure Manning would play a lot better with a better team around him.

  58. All of these QB injuries, and Eli doesn’t have a market for a trade?

    I know.. .there are complications with that, however, Jacksonville could use him. Pitt could use him. Jets could use him. You could get something for him and dodge some of that salary in a deal.

  59. This front office is either inept or super shady…possibly a little from column A a little from column B.

    How could you go from talking about how Eli has a lot in the tank left, the goal is to have Daniel Jones sit all year like Mahomes, etc. to bailing on Eli after 2 weeks?

    They should have either stuck to that or gotten rid of Eli in the offseason. They owe it to a long term vet like him to either let him go somewhere else to end his career or stick to the publicly stated plan.

    Yes, Eli hasn’t been that good lately, but no one on the team outside of Barkley has been. They knew this in the offseason. These two games haven’t been a surprise.

  60. This a business people, Billionaire owners have no time for sentimentality, they wouldn’t be billionaires if they did. If they part from Manning and you journos don’t give the whiners and sacophants a soapbox this will be all over quickly whether the kid plays well or not.

  61. Tired of reading that this quarterback or that quarterback won the Super Bowl. There are 52 other players that played that game. The TEAM won the Super Bowl, not just the quarterback.

  62. He apparently won’t waive the no trade clause. Why would he just retire and take less money? He can force the hand and get paid – keep, trade, or cut and he gets paid… don’t see the line forming for the trade even with QBs down all over the place. Still a business and taking on the contract in a trade is not smart economics… cost versus potential value…

  63. A little premature & people have great points here….possible injury, possible mentorship or a possible trade. QB’s are in demand currently, why release? A no trade clause can be negotiated. It wouldn’t surprise me a call from Coughlin.

  64. You said it. Mental toughness. It’s better for the team to keep Eli there except when it comes to handling the media and fans. The Giants need to make the best football decision and ignore the noise.

  65. Giants DEFENCE is the problem they can’t stop anything!
    Jones will take a beating!
    He didn’t slide in Dallas down 18 with a minute to go got hit and fumbled

  66. Eli should retire. He has two things against him to play in the game today: 1) he’s way past his prime and 2) he has zero mobility in a game where all over the league teams are using the R-P-O offense. With Manning. it’s more like an R.I.P. offense.

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