Adam Gase on Trumaine Johnson: It just hasn’t worked out as well as we need it to

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Last year, Trumaine Johnson signed a five-year, $72 million contract with the Jets. This year, Johnson hs been benched. That is not ideal.

Jets head coach Adam Gase acknowledged that today, saying he had previously been optimistic about Johnson’s ability to help the Jets win, but through Week Two he hasn’t done that.

“I was, I was. It just hasn’t worked out as well as we need it to. The good thing is we have a long ways to go,” Gase said.

It would be tough for the Jets to get out of Johnson’s contract this year or even next year, so Gase may be right that they have a long way to go. Perhaps at some point a long way down the road Johnson can contribute, but right now that signing looks like a major mistake.

13 responses to “Adam Gase on Trumaine Johnson: It just hasn’t worked out as well as we need it to

  1. You can say what you want but at least Gase is holding these guys accountable. Harriston looked good I would keep Trumaine on the bench. I doubt they would be able too trade him with that crazy salary. I was happy when they got him but after watching last year and the bills game he sucks and looks like he doesn’t care at all since he got paid. The jets are a young def they don’t need players like that. Let these young corners play and show what they got we kno what Johnson has and it’s crap

  2. The Jets and Giants are putting on a clinic in how not to run a football team, although this guy can’t really be blamed on current Jets brass.

  3. He was an above average player for RAMS while there . But was,t worth the money maybe a top 10 talent making top 3 money. Was glad the RAMS let him go seeing the money it would of took to keep him. Has a lot of talent surprised he has under performed since becoming a jet.

  4. The Jets owner should have fired the GM Mike Maccagnan after 3 bad drafts, and back to back 5-11 seasons. That would have saved them 2 more bad drafts and bad free agent signings. Instead they gave him a 2 year extension.
    This is on the owner Chris Johnson.

  5. The problem is Gase… Johnson was big time for the Rams last season and only left because the Rams couldn’t afford to keep him that’s why he got the big contract from the Jets. The Jets offense is hurting the defense and it’s not just Johnson, Adams is not happy Greg Williams is a nut case and will run that defense into the ground. Adam Gase is way overrated as a Head Coach and a QB whisper…

  6. Corners are like running backs in that by the time everybody agrees they’re among the best they’re already starting to decline. But anybody thinking that Gase is going to be holding guys accountable hasn’t been around him much. He’s all over Johnson because he inherited him. Gase will NEVER say a bad word about any of “his” guys until they’re out the door. Then he’ll tell all kinds of tales about what a problem they were until you wonder why he never disciplined them when he had the chance.

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