Bruce Arians: We want to stop Saquon Barkley and make Daniel Jones throw

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After beating the Giants 28-14 last weekend, the Bills said their goal on defense was to force the Giants to throw the ball rather than let Saquon Barkley beat them on the ground.

Outside of a 75-yard touchdown drive made up solely of running plays to open the game, the Bills were able to fulfill that mission and the Giants failed to make plays through the air. That’s part of the reason why Eli Manning will be on the bench against the Buccaneers this Sunday.

On a Wednesday conference call, Bucs head coach Bruce Arians said that Daniel Jones‘s mobility brings something new to the Giants offense and called the rookie “a bright guy.” Arians also said that quarterback’s a tough position to play and that their game plan is going to be pretty much the same as the one Buffalo employed against the Giants’ former starter.

“For us, it’s trying to stop Saquon and forcing them to throw the ball,” Arians said, via Tom Rock of Newsday.

Jones is going to see a lot of that as he begins his NFL career and his ability to handle it will determine how quickly the Giants can expect better things from their offense.