DK Metcalf is having fun, and looking for a hobby

Getty Images

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf has gotten off to a fast start in the NFL, with 150 receiving yards and a touchdown in his first two games. And one thing about the professional level has stood out to him.

“How fun it is, it’s just like playing in college,” Metcalf told reporters on Wednesday. “I’m happy for my teammates every time they score or get a first down. My energy level is just like playing back in college.”

Part of the fun for Metcalf includes showcasing his personality via a mouthpiece that looks like a baby’s pacifier.

“Trying to make the game fun,” Metcalf said. “I’m a rookie, so I’m a baby in the league so I got a little binkie.”

He also has noticed some differences in the professional level of the sport.

“Pretty much the speed of the game,” Metcalf said. “I’m catching on to it a little bit better each week. I’m trying to get a little bit better every week with the team, learn new stuff from different DBs that I’m facing. So, I think it’s surprising that I’m picking up the game a little better each week.”

He’s getting advice from veterans regarding how to handle life in the NFL, and how to handle the extra time he has.

“I’ve got a lot more time now that I don’t have class anymore,” Metcalf said. “Bobby [Wagner], Russ [Wilson], and Duane Brown really helped me adjust to that. They told me to find a hobby or try to take care of your body any chance you get so, that’s what I’ve been doing.”

Metcalf said he tried to learn how to play the electric guitar, but that it didn’t work.

“Too much learning,” he said. So it was back to Fortnite.

In less that a fortnight as a professional football player, Metcalf has shown that the Seahawks were smart to stop his slide through round two of the draft. As the season unfolds, he could make them look smarter and smarter.