Eli Manning doesn’t currently plan to waive his meaningless no-trade clause

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Eli Manning‘s contract contains a no-trade clause. Even if it didn’t, he’d have one.

Ralph Vacchiano of SNY reports that Manning has no current plan to waive his no-trade clause.

Even if Manning didn’t have a no-trade clause, his willingness to embrace a new team would be a major factor in whether a trade would actually occur. No one wants a quarterback who isn’t all in, and if another team were interested in Eli but Eli weren’t interested in said other team, the deal wouldn’t go through.

The bigger impediment for a Manning trade isn’t the no-trade clause but no trade interest. Of all the teams that have lost starting quarterbacks (and there are several), no one seems to be willing to make a deal.

While that could change if/when other quarterbacks get injured, most teams seem to be intent on going with the next man up who already knows the offense — especially since that is the ultimate protection against being pressured into signing Colin Kaepernick.

Besides, the Giants may have been the last team in the league to realize that Eli isn’t the guy he used to be. What other team would look at an aging Eli as the answer?

For now, none. At some point, there could be enough injuries to open a spot elsewhere. It may take a lot of injuries to make that happen.

18 responses to “Eli Manning doesn’t currently plan to waive his meaningless no-trade clause

  1. Carolina is literally the only team in the league that makes even a little bit of sense in regards to interest in trading for Eli.

  2. skinnypigeon says:
    September 18, 2019 at 12:26 pm
    I’d like to see Eli go somewhere else–Panthers– and prove the Giants wrong.
    All it would take is for the team to have one NFL level WR and he’s good… it’s insane people think jones is gonna in make those chumps look like jerry rice…

  3. I think Jacksonville will make a offer since Tom is there. It has to be meaningful not no ridiculous 1st or second round request. Maybe a late round pick

  4. Eli is a high class guy, he will finish the year helping Daniel Jones become a better QB. He’s a different breed unlike the rest of these crybabies out there.

  5. First Kap is only good at running the ball, he cannot even handle a semi-complex passing game because he has no touch or accuracy (just like Tebow and no one is calling him and he is actually still playing sports and should be somewhat in shape) so no team is going to call him, he only looks good with a few passes to a certain area for a game or two then he is figured out by d-coordinators. Then there is his choice to piss off a lot of fans so no owner should be that stupid to sign him so stop pushing your agenda to sign him, Tebow would be a better choice but I don’t see any pundit pushing to sign him (and Gase used to coach him).

    Put Eli on the scout team (though I don’t think it would be much practice for the D) and give him some water bottles and clip board for the games then a broom to sweep after.

  6. Interesting that he gets pulled with a career won/loss record of 116 and 116. Were the Giants doing the smart thing of benching him (which should have happened much sooner), or were they afraid his record would dip below 500 and hurt his HOF chances? Minus those two Super Bowl runs supported by a smothering defense, he is, well, average. He’ll likely get in the HOF because of his last name and the Giant’s influence.

  7. Call me crazy, but a great deal of the problems Eli has suffered have been a result of a crap O line. Pairing that with an older non mobile QB and you have a recipe for disaster. Jones is younger and hence more spry so he may be able to wiggle out of some jams where Eli was forced to take sacks.

    By comparison, the line of Dallas makes Dak look like a great QB at times rather than the average passer that he is because he can in most cases sit back and read the Sunday comics before he will feel any pressure.

    If Eli had a decent line in front of him, he could still win you some games.

  8. No one wants Kaepernick! The collusion grievance settled! Eli’s fall from grace should not have anything to do with Kaepernick! Eli deserves better than that

  9. Regassert6 says:
    September 18, 2019 at 12:36 pm
    Carolina is literally the only team in the league that makes even a little bit of sense in regards to interest in trading for Eli.

    I could see him being a fit for Jacksonville, if they think the season can be salvaged. He could play the remainder of the year with a team that has a core that is much better than the Giants, while Nick Foles recovers from his broken collar bone. Next season Foles could step back into the starter role and hopefully play longer than the first 10 minutes of the 2020 season.

  10. For heaven’s sake will someone just sign Kap? He sinks or swims but more importantly the NFL can move on.

  11. Ummm….the only pressure to sign Kaepernick is coming from you. So…there’s that. But I’m with holeymoley….sign him so when he is as terrible as we know he will be we can all move on and FLorio can finally get some rest. That Kap banner has to be getting heavy. He carries it everywhere.

  12. Giants have top ten offence in yards 420 yards a game but don’t score points!
    They have 31st ranked DEFENCE giving up 30+ pts a game

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