Ezekiel Elliott off to the fastest start of his career

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Ezekiel Elliott has led the league in rushing in two of his three seasons. The only time he didn’t was in 2017 when he served a six-game suspension.

Even that season, the Cowboys running back led the league in yards per game.

As good as Elliott has been, he’s been better this season. That after training on his own in Cabo while in a contract holdout.

Who needs training camp?

“I mean, it’s been productive the first two weeks, but there is still stuff I can improve on,” Elliott said Wednesday. “I did take care of business when I was gone, but that was expected. I’ve just got to keep getting better week in and week out and become a better football player.”

Elliott has 36 carries for 164 yards and two touchdowns this season, ranking him only eighth in the NFL in rushing yards. He had 41 carries for 131 yards and two touchdowns the first two games of his rookie season, 33 carries for 112 yards and no touchdowns the first two games his second season and 32 carries for 147 yards and two touchdowns the first two games last season.

Elliott played 37 snaps in the season opener, four days after he signed his contract extension, and 53 snaps last week.

“Just getting in the flow of things. Just getting the flow of football and just being used to be being out there,” Elliott said. “I mean, that’s just the biggest thing.”