Kirk Cousins knows he has to improve, and quickly

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There are roughly 84 million reasons Kirk Cousins has job security.

But after a rough outing last week, he at least has to say he doesn’t.

Via Judd Zulgad of, the Vikings quarterback had a moment of #selfawareness Wednesday discussing his performance against the Packers.

I’m not going to be playing quarterback here much longer if I play like I did on Sunday,” Cousins said.

Realistically, that’s not the case, because of his contract and the fact Sean Mannion‘s the only other quarterback on the roster. Thematically, it’s sound.

Cousins was a paltry 14-of-32 for 230 yards, with a touchdown and two interceptions against the Packers. He also lost a fumble, and his second interception was a disastrous decision on first-and-goal.

He only had to (was allowed to?) throw 10 passes in their win over the Falcons in Week One, so last week was a step back from a pretty low starting position.

The Vikings have little choice but to express confidence, so that’s what Mike Zimmer did, saying: “Kirk had an up and down game last week. He’s going to be fine.”

“We have the utmost confidence in him,” Zimmer said. “He’s in a good place where he’s going to play good this week and continue to play good for the rest of the year.”

He has to, if the Vikings are going to have a chance.

25 responses to “Kirk Cousins knows he has to improve, and quickly

  1. Honestly though, if you don’t count all the bad passes and questionable pocket presence mishaps and fumbles, he actually had a pretty good day.

  2. It looks to me that right now the Vikings best hope is to rely on the defense and hope Cook stays healthy and productive. It’s a lot like the Peterson years all over again.

  3. I really doubt it. It was obvious a long time ago, why didn’t the viking brass see it? We’ve been spoiled in GB for many years. I sure hope we don’t have problems like two of our division rivals when we have to find another QB.

  4. This why you don’t overpay average QBs just because they had a fee good games. Are you watching Jerry Jones?

  5. The Vikings are stuck with Cousins for at least this year and maybe even the next. If I were the Vikings I would be looking for plan B right now and I don’t mean Mannion.

  6. Cousins obviously isn’t as good as some of us thought he was, but he has good arm talent at least. All he has to do is not make multiple ridiculous mistakes per game and this team can win a lot of games. If he gets hot at some point like he seemed to be early last season, this team would be unstoppable. I’m not overly concerned yet although I doubt this team will win a superbowl with him.

  7. First step in admitting your faults is a good thing. Now instead of praying about it, work harder to become a better QB so Vikings fans aren’t reminding you about your contract.

  8. Interestingly enough you go back a few years and you will see similar quotes coming from another Vikings QB, Christian Ponder. Coincidence?

  9. highdimension2015 says:
    September 19, 2019 at 3:28 am

    We will have most of our questions answered about what we bought when we go back to Soldiers Field next week.

    You mean the last 18 games previous didn’t really give you enough indication to render a decision yet?

  10. What kind of change can Cousins bring about when cost his team a game that way, a division game that was there for the taking. When you have to endure everyone’s response afterward, can you take the coaching and step up? Are you prepared to hear restructuring demands?

  11. He has no problem saying he played badly, he just has a problem with not playing badly. I would like to see the Vikings try to trade Cousins and draft a top rated QB in the next draft. Either with a bad record or a .500 record and trading some 1st round picks. I don’t care, go get a good new QB for once. PLEASE!

  12. I just don’t get this guy….he looks brilliant at the times, but than other times he just makes boneheaded mistakes. that interception in the Packers game should have not happened. He stared down the receiver and he was not open! They should have ran it with Dalvin.

  13. I don’t have a problem with the play calling to pass there on 1st down. But if it’s not there throw it away for God sake. The issue I had with the play calling was they kept running the boot and it wasn’t there. Cousins had to throw it away immediately because the def end was going to sack him and the Vikings kept running it. Horrible to watch.

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