Larry Fitzgerald has done something he has never done

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Wasn’t Larry Fitzgerald supposed to be nearing the end?

The Cardinals receiver isn’t playing like it.

Fitzgerald, 36, has had his career rejuvenated by Kyler Murray. He has 100 yards in each of his first two games for the first time in his 16-year career.

“He throws it to me in traffic and contested catches, and I’ll make plays for him,” Fitzgerald said, via Josh Weinfuss of ESPN. “I mean, that’s how you build your confidence with your quarterback. And I remember developing that with Josh McCown and Kurt Warner and Carson Palmer, all the guys that I played with. It’s just about getting out there on the practice field, them trusting you to make a play, you make the play, and then they say, ‘OK, I can fit this ball into some of the tight windows,’ and that’s how it develops.”

Fitzgerald last season failed to get to 1,000 yards for the first time since 2014, but he still led the team in receiving yards for the fourth consecutive year. He briefly considered retirement before deciding he didn’t want to go out on the bottom.

Now, he is providing a “security blanket” for his rookie quarterback, with Kliff Kingsbury already campaigning for Fitzgerald to play a few more years.

“He’s one of those guys that wherever you put him, he feels like he’s open,” Kingsbury said. “Even when the guy’s plastered right on him, he’s like, ‘Just throw it to me, and I’ll catch it.’ That’s what he does.”

Fitzgerald’s 217 receiving yards are his second most through two games, just behind the 225 he had to start the 2005 season.

10 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald has done something he has never done

  1. Being an AZ fan, I can say with confidence that any other fan of any team would take this guy in a heart beat even as Father Time closes in. Even better person off the field.


  2. Can you imagine if this dude wasn’t saddled with Derek Anderson, Ryan Lindley, Max Hall, Kevin Kolb, Matt Leinart, Sam Bradford, etc, etc, etc?

    Yes I am a Cardinals fan which is the only way anyone should ever remember that list of names.

  3. The guy is nothing but a class act, as previously stated. Hope he can hang around for a few more years. The league needs guys like this. I wish him well this season and hope his success continues.

  4. Fitz may be the “one who got away”. I truly believe Belichick wanted Larry with a passion and thought very highly of him. However, to Larry’s credit it was never about money or rings or stats…it was always loyalty.

    That’s freaking awesome! Hope he has a great last couple years!

  5. I’m not a cardinals fan but Fitzgerald is the man. HOFer no doubt. Much respect. Always had a mediocre team around him except for 1 year and never complained unlike these whiney babies nowadays. Just went out there and did his job and made plays

  6. There are not enough Larry Fitzgeralds in the NFL. He’s always been my favorite non-Patriots player and I doubt I’m alone. I think he’s probably the most respected player by other players in the league. No matter the result of the play, he just gets up and heads back to the “huddle” minus the histrionics.

    With the exception of 3 years, Fitzgerald has played in all 16 games each year during his 15-year career with Arizona. In those 3 years he missed a total of 6 games. How’s that for durability? He’s also been to the Pro Bowl 11 of those years. Fitzgerald already has HOF statistics and I hope he retires after this season while he still has the ability to function normally. He’s taken a lot of viscous hits over his now 16-year career and I would hate to see him become a victim of CTE.

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