Melvin Gordon says he’s “going to play somewhere”

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Holdout running back Melvin Gordon isn’t getting what he wants from the Chargers.

He didn’t get what he was hoping from their fans last year either.

Via Eric Williams of, Gordon said during a social media chat with his followers yesterday that he was “going to play somewhere” this season and that “it would be a waste of talent” if he didn’t.

The Chargers have drawn their line, saying if he plays for them it will be under the terms of his existing contract, after efforts to reach agreement on an extension failed. He’s been granted permission to seek a trade, but apparently hasn’t found one.

Gordon also said that he was disappointed in the local reaction, saying that despite going 12-4 and reaching the playoffs, the year “was good, but nobody [fans in L.A.] cared.”

They may care less now, at least about him.

15 responses to “Melvin Gordon says he’s “going to play somewhere”

  1. Come on Melvin, don’t be the guy. The NFL nor the fans care about you. They just want you to run fast, jump high, catch the ball and score touchdowns. Do that well and you may get to come inside. What you are doing now is ruining your career. First of all, you haven’t really done anything that’s warrants your perception. Your first year they were calling you a bust. Your second year you did ok. Last year you were good. Consider that Bell and Zeke have been good since day one. And you know what, a good year this year would have guy you your 13 mil.

  2. Gordon’s agent totally botched this. He has only had one 1,000 yard season in his career which was two years ago. He has averaged four yards per carry only once. He was scheduled to make over $5 million this year. He should have reported to Chargers after sitting out training camp with this being the “prove your worth” year. Is $5 million so bad for a RB with only one good year under his belt?

  3. Gordon is not Le’Veon Bell. This isn’t going to work out for Gordon the way it did for him. Honestly, I believe Gordon is hurting himself by not playing. Ekeler has stepped in with no problem in the Chargers lineup.

  4. Melvin should be careful for what he wishes for by going elsewhere as he has a good offense and his O-Line has a lot to do with his success. Just watch Le’Veon Bell being pummeled this year for the JETS and averaging his worst 3.4 yard average per carry. There is NO way Le’Veon makes it a full year. This could be your future Melvin if you are traded to a bad team. And the fact is that he is not getting ZEKE or BELL kind of money. The $10m+ a year deal the Chargers offered you Melvin is a pretty solid deal.

  5. I applaud players for seeking what they think they deserve. Their careers are short and I get it. That being said, the market place is the market place. In this case, it seems the Charger management team had a more accurate assessment. It is ok, to admit you were wrong, it is ok to realign and finish the season especially when your primary replacement has an issue with fumbling. Marvin put your ego on hold, go back and finish the season, and become a free agent. This holdout is only hurting you now. IMHO.

  6. There needs to be an intervention for Melvin. Any family that has influence in his life needs to advise him to fire any agent, or shed anyone in his life that played a role in either convincing him to hold out or didn’t speak up against it.

  7. Way to go Mel.

    Don’t cave, don’t take their filthy money.

    Come back halfway through the season, get no pay while Goodell grants a roster exemption, and pay the fine you accrued from pre-season.
    Then you will be inshape at the end of the season.
    You stats will be mediocre and it will be harder to get a new job.

    Well played sir.

  8. He’s not wrong about the fans not caring, but he needs to blame his team owner for that.
    No one in Los Angeles EVER cared about the Chargers, yet Spanos insisted they go there anyway. It’s been 2 years now & everyone…and I mean EVERYONE… still slips and calls them San Diego. Their PR and their presence in L.A. is weak. If they keep winning it will eventually turn around.

  9. After seeing how he completely messed this up I’m wondering which is higher, his IQ or his jersey number.

  10. Gordon has no leverage if you think he’s looking for a new deal. I think he’s tired of playing for a substandard organization, a cheap owner, and fans who don’t care. He’ll report for the minimum games required, and he’ll be fine once he hits the open market. Gordon is obviously not worth a decent draft pick, but Miami, Houston, San Fran, and others could use a good back.

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