Minkah Fitzpatrick excited for fresh start with Steelers

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Minkah Fitzpatrick was frustrated with his ever-changing role with the Miami Dolphins. Now in Pittsburgh, Fitzpatrick is excited for a new opportunity with the Steelers.

It’s a fresh start, clean slate. It’s another opportunity to prove myself and what I can do and just add to this team,” Fitzpatrick said in an interview with the Steelers’ website.

Fitzpatrick was traded from Miami to Pittsburgh on Monday in a trade that saw five draft picks, including Pittsburgh’s 2020 first-round selection, change hands. Fitzpatrick said he got a call from Dolphins General Manager Chris Grier Monday night to inform his that he was being traded to the Steelers. The team had granted Fitzpatrick permission to seek a trade last week.

Fitzpatrick said he met Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin during the draft process last year and said he was a coach he hoped he’d be able to play for.

“I was excited, honestly,” Fitzpatrick said. “Pittsburgh is a storied program, always been known for a great defense. Coach Tomlin is a great coach. I spoke to him a couple times before the draft last year and just had a really good feeling about him as a coach and as a man. I told my mom after I met him he’s a coach I definitely would like to play for one day and I’m excited about it.

“The way he carried himself. Obviously I’d seen him coach before on the field and then I got to meet him in person as a man and it just affirmed everything that I said about him. He’s a players’ coach. He’s easy to talk to. He wasn’t trying to be too cool or too mean or anything like that. He was being himself and he’s definitely someone, like I said, that I’d love to play for.”

Fitzpatrick will only have a few days of practice to get up to speed with his new team before taking on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. However, the Steelers’ desire to keep Fitzpatrick anchored at safety will be a benefit in limiting the playbook he has to learn and putting him in a position he actually feels suits him well.

“I’m going to have to be in the playbook heavy,” he said. “I’m going to have to communicate with my teammates and coaches heavy. Just get comfortable with it. Be comfortable with going out there and playing with this new team, this new staff because I want to be able to go out there and play fast. I don’t want to have to think. I don’t want to have to over-process. I just want to go out there and play fast, play with my instincts and play my game.”

15 responses to “Minkah Fitzpatrick excited for fresh start with Steelers

  1. Minkah Fitzpatrick, the self-professed Swiss Army Knife-man of versatility, was frustrated spending much of the Season Opener desperately chasing Ravens players into his own End Zone for the whole world to see. This will not do. The Steelers’ desire to keep Fitzpatrick safely anchored at Safety will ensure he won’t be unduly exposed to any risk of embarrassment – he’s very excited about his new team.

  2. Minkah has done nothing to earn the status that he think he has on the NFL level, he is not as mature as the Dolphins had thought.
    It’s just a matter of time before mommy will be tweeting again how the Steelers are not using her son in the right way….

  3. I don’t blame him… wtf you asking him to play corner, safety(two spots) and some linebacker?????? Some are referencing Patrick Chung….. Minkah wants to be great, an all pro.

    Not just a good player like Chung

  4. He went from one bad team to another. The fresh start will only last about a week and then it’s just SSDD.

  5. Last week, Bush got smoked so many times he practically ended up in the burn unit. The dopes in the Steelers’ FO need to save face after wasting away their 2019 pick so they gambled away yet another first round pick (2020) just to try and break even. This team is gambling away its future while it continues to implode now. Not a good move for a team that wants to rebuild. Welcome to the new factory of Sadness.

  6. The Dolphins are so bad and so cannibalized that they won’t miss this guy. The irony here is that Mr. Ross wanted to draft quarterback Lamar Jackson last year but Grier drafted Fitzpatrick anyway. This season Jackson hands the Dolphins an epic loss and Fitzpatrick is a Steeler or is that STEALER! Since the Steelers are usually better than average, the draft picks will be mid round to low first round.

    I suspect Dallas will take pity on us and try not to exceed the 59 point mark; 59-0!

  7. I like the kid but he quickly started being a distraction after he was beat out of every one of the four db slots, on the worst team in the league no less. He looked like a future all pro out of Bama but no development since. Have fun Pittsburgh, thanks for the pick!

  8. AB shot his way out of Pittsburgh and the fans hate him .Fitzpatrick shot his way out of Miami and the Pittsburgh fans love him .

  9. beachsidejames says:
    September 18, 2019 at 8:43 am
    Fins taking a lot of heat for tanking but there are many 0-2 teams. Is everybody tanking
    I don’t think the Dolphins are tanking. I really believe Flores is just a terrible head coach who came from a coaching tree who consistently puts out losers.

  10. Minkah went from an 0/2 team without a qb to another 0/2 team without a qb he went from a team doing something about getting out of mediocrity to a team on its way into it. He left a team with a ton of picks and to rebuild and joined a team giving picks away. Good player bad decision.

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