Myles Garrett: I am not trying to do anything dirty

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Myles Garrett leads the NFL with five sacks. He also is tied for the NFL lead with four penalties, three of them 15-yarders, and had an offsides negated by his own roughing penalty.

One of his roughing the passer penalties fractured the ankle of Trevor Siemian, knocking the Jets quarterback out for the year.

“You do not want to put anybody out for the season,” Garrett told reporters Wednesday. “That is their job. That is something that you do not do unless you love it, and you do not want to take that away from anybody. I hope he comes back faster and stronger than he ever has. I wish the best for him.”

The NFL fined Garrett $10,527 last week for hitting Titans tight end Delanie Walker in the facemask with an open hand. That drew his first 15-yard penalty of the season.

He had two roughing the passer penalties Monday night and likely will lose even more money this week. But Garrett said he is not concerned about any perception he’s a dirty player.

“It is hurting right now because you want to play aggressive, you want to play passionate, and you just want to finish the play,” Garrett said. “I am going to keep on playing with the same aggression. I just have to be smarter, better with my strike zone and try to pull off so I do not land with all my weight. That was the main point of emphasis when the refs talked to me, so I just have to be better at that. I am not going to pull off on a one-step and hit on the quarterback like that. If I know I have to be two steps or more, I am going to pull off. I am not trying to do anything dirty. I am not trying to injure anybody.”

Garrett said he will try to balance finishing “violently” while staying “within the rules.”

“Make sure I get the guy down, try and strip the ball from him but nothing late or anything illegal,” Garrett said.

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  1. I don’t think he’s a dirty player. That injury wasn’t his fault. Siemian landed very awkwardly. Just a fluke thing.

  2. That wasn’t a fluke injury. Just like it’s not a fluke injury when a ball carrier gets horse-collared. Garrett picked him up and dropped him with his entire body weight. He knew exactly what he was doing. Not intentionally trying to injure him but definitely intentionally slamming him into the ground with as much weight on him as possible.

  3. Myles is a bad dude at all….this league is just getting too weak and it’s tough to stop a 300 pound beast in motion

    We are not far away from QB’s wearing a Red Jersey in Games unfortunately

  4. Wasn’t there a rule about two personal fouls leading to an ejection? Or was that just for really serious penalties like taunting?

  5. Myles Garrett is taking over the league and killing QB’s in the process. Only advice to whoever plays the Browns, you might wanna work your game plan towards getting the ball out early.

  6. Miles Garrett is quickly becoming a player everyone hates.. Unless he plays on your team. 31 other fanbases would love to have them on their team. He’s a beast that will only get better. He’s everything Clowney wished he could be when he entered the league.

  7. ringheadcrusher says:
    September 18, 2019 at 5:01 pm
    Do we have the new Suh on our hands?

    Nah, Suh was definitely trying to do something dirty. You heard the kid, he isn’t trying to do it…just comes naturally

  8. It’s not Garrett’s fault. He should have been thrown out after the first hit. He should be suspended after that second hit. I’m a big fan of his and I’m glad to see he’s starting to play up to his potential. But he was trying to knock the QB out of the game. That’s what all defensive linemen are trying to do, but you can’t do it. Also, somebody should have been blocking him. Two guys.

  9. That’s BS. Garrett didn’t lift him up and throw him to the ground. Armies tried to step back and got his leg bent underneath. Ankle probably broke before Garrett fell on him. Of course Garrett finished the play. Too late to pull up or reverse his momentum.

  10. As a Giants fan I wish he was on my team. LT used to play with just as much intensity…..and in today’s game would likely have way more personal fouls than Garrett does.

  11. Uhh sure. He’s playing like its 2005. The teams like NE that just want to make QB uncomfortable but stay away from hitting them are the smart ones. 50% of the time a QB gets hit….there is a flag for how he was set down.

  12. Both hits Monday night were in the “safe zone”. If you watch both hits on replay he adjusts his head both times to make sure he wasn’t going after the head or go too low. I’m not sure how the league thinks a man,6’5″ tall, weighing 300 lbs, running full speed can just suddenly stop or move himself in midair to miss a hit. I realize it’s become a QB protection league, but it’s gone a bit too far, IMO.

  13. Myles is the nicest guy on the browns. 2 years ago and none of them would be against the rules. Clearly none of you guys know Myles, he is the most soft spoken nice guy on the browns. He cant stop in mid air . You cant go at the qb soft or your going to miss sacks. Just got there as the ball was leaving. Who ever said he landed with all his weight and it wasnt an accident is a moron amd that wasnt even the play that hurt the QB.

  14. He fell on the QB with his full weight.
    In the bears game they called a lesser hit roughing the passer. They should have ejected him for that hit and it was his second roughing the passer of the game.

  15. bakerthetdmaker says:
    September 18, 2019 at 5:53 pm
    Myles is the nicest guy on the browns. 2 years ago and none of them would be against the rules. Clearly none of you guys know Myles, he is the most soft spoken nice guy on the browns. He cant stop in mid air . You cant go at the qb soft or your going to miss sacks. Just got there as the ball was leaving. Who ever said he landed with all his weight and it wasnt an accident is a moron amd that wasnt even the play that hurt the QB.

    John Hannah was one of the nicest guys around. But on game days, even his teammates stayed clear of him. Two totally different guys.

  16. The world we live in today trying to disrespect a real hard working baller out there trying to make plays. Let’s just do flag football instead. I’ll honestly even take it a step further, not only were the two plays in question not dirty they are barely illegal even based on current rules. The only time you are allowed to hit the quarterback is if he has the ball or IF THE BALL HAS BEEN RELEASED AND MOMENTUM CARRIES YOU INTO THE QB. Sorry by rule not only are these hits apart of the game but also legal. People are hating on the Browns like they have won anything in the last 30 years, well they haven’t just save your venom for a team with a winning record.

  17. Jets fan here. Garrett is a class player. I think his personal fouls in the Jets game are more a product of the new soft NFL. First class kid and player.

  18. Watch the very last 3rd down play the Browns ran on their very last drive before the game ends; it’s the 3rd & 8 play right after the two minute warning. If you go back and watch it, you’ll notice how Mayfield gets sacked by 3 Jets players, and the lead tackler came down on him as hard as he possibly could, and had words for Mayfield after doing so.

    I’m not going to say if that was right, or if it was wrong, but I can say with the utmost certainty that it was done as a response to Garret had done to Siemian, and the words for Mayfield were said just so let that was made perfectly clear to him and his fellow teammates, specifically Miles Garrett. If you’re a Brown’s fan and you care about the health and future playing prospects for your Qb, you may not want to relish too much in Garett’s antics and playing style, as I promise you it will most certainly have a direct effect on how your own players our treated by their opponents.

    Good teammates look out for each other, and don’t kid yourself if you don’t think the same unspoken rules of retaliation that are commonly employed in the MLB & NHL don’t also apply to the NFL. Garrett may not ever get the brunt of his dirty & cheap playing methods, but his teammates will. Garrett’s hit in Siemian was over the top dirty, and i don’t give a rat’s arse what he claims to be doing, or not be doing, but he knew damn well he never was going to get to Siemian before he got the throw off, but he also knew it was close enough to not have to let up either. Whether you or I think the hit was dirty or not means little to nothing of course, but if the Browns’ opponents feel he playing dirty you can be certain they’ll adjust their own playing methods accordingly.

    I hope Siemian is able to play again. Injuries are an unfortunate part of the game, but needless injuries, especially ones that can end careers, and lifelong pursuits to those careers will mess with a person’s head well after their playing days have ended.

  19. Baloney. He was smashing down with full weight on the QB all night. He did it a couple times and didn’t get flagged for it. It is a technique that coaches teach but will never admit to. But let’s face it, the defensive game plan every week is to try to knock the other team’s best players out of the game. But nobody is supposed to talk about it.

  20. I’m assuming the people that think he’s “dirty” have never actually watched him play. Half his roughing the passer penalties would’ve been clean hits two years ago when he was a rookie and are still clean hits in college football but now aren’t thanks to the new “must gently cradle the QB then snuggle him or it’s a penalty” rule. The Siemian hit would have been a foul because the ball left his hand a split second earlier but the injury was caused by his awkward positioning when he threw the ball not by Garretts force. It looks as if his cleat was stuck in the ground because that leg did not budge when he went down which caused the injury.

    Basically Garretts a “dirty player” for actually playing football when playing football is now illegal. I absolutely feel bad for pass rushers in this league today. I also feel bad for QB’s who are going to get hurt a lot more as they get used to the concept of not being prepared to get hit. You know, like exactly what’s happening right now.

    Garrett needs to work on not getting stupid penalties like the multiple encroachment and offsides penalties he gets but to act like he’s a dirty player because the NFL changed the definition of a clean hit because they erroneously thought it would help QB’s not get hurt is ridiculous.

  21. He’s not playing dirty – he’s not taking cheap shots or trying to hurt people, but he is undisciplined. The team had 18 penalties in week 1. Much better in week 2 overall, but he’s still playing too sloppy.

  22. Once you’re picking QBs up and driving them into the ground it’s tough to argue that it’s just an accident. If he was just a hard hitter or coming in a tiny bit late that could be an accident but this Siemian thing was clearly intentional. And that’s not some new, secret rule nobody has heard of.

  23. Maybe, maybe not but the Browns are not a well coached team which is clearly demonstrated by their undisciplined play which is a direct result of the coaching. To worried about hype and getting on social media than actually playing. Garrett’s cheap shot, can stay onside play is a direct result of bad coaching.

    Do they go after McCarthy during the bye or wait until next year or maybe send a 7th rounder to Miami for Flores.

  24. When did everyone here become so soft? Most of you sounding softer than the rules protecting these QBs. The hit that hurt Siemian wasn’t dirty. His cleat got caught underneath him. It’s unfortunate, but stuff like that happens.

  25. He should have been ejected for that hit on Siemian. And he should face further suspension and fines. He jumped offside and ran unimpeded to the QB and slammed him to the ground with his full body weight. All of those are gross violations of the rules, which he should know as a professional.

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