Odell Beckham gets a watch deal

Getty Images

It’s about time.

A week after Watch Gate, Odell Beckham Jr. has a watch deal. The only surprise is it isn’t with Richard Mille.

Swedish watchmaker Daniel Wellington announced a partnership with Beckham, Mary Kay Cabot of cleveland.com reports.

“I think Daniel Wellington might be a better watch than these, a little classier, not as flashy as this one,” Beckham said, via Cabot. “I’m just blessed.”

Beckham wore an expensive Richard Mille watch, valued at well over six figures, in the Browns’ season opening loss to the Titans. He had on what appeared to be an even more expensive Richard Mille watch during pregame warmups Monday night, but the receiver did not wear it during the game, according to Cabot.

The NFL warned Beckham and the Browns about a league rule prohibiting players from wearing “hard objects” that are not part of the standard uniform.

Beckham complained the league was singling him out and said the cost of the watch was the only reason there was an issue. He also said, “I’ll wear it if I want to wear it.”

Since Beckham didn’t wear it, the watch wasn’t an issue Monday night.

But officials did pull him out of the game for a crucial third-down play in the red zone, because of an illegal visor. Equipment managers switched out the visor, and Beckham returned to the game on the next series.