Cam Newton misses another practice

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For the second day in a row, Panthers quarterback Cam Newton is not practicing.

Newton, who injured his foot in the preseason and aggravated the injury in Week Two, missed practice today.

That makes it highly likely that Newton will miss Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. It seems awfully unlikely that the Panthers would put Newton on the field on Sunday if he’s not healthy enough to practice on Thursday, especially after he didn’t look like himself last week.

With Newton out, Kyle Allen would start at quarterback and rookie Will Grier would back him up.

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  1. I’m hoping that the coaching staff learned it’s lesson last year and decides to not play a guy when he’s not able to do the job. Yes, we all love that heroic effort of playing through pain, but the reality is usually ugly and most of the time you just make the injury worse.

  2. “Bad karma for stealing the laptop as a Gator & tossing it out the window being pursued by police.”

    Double facepalm.

    He’s getting paid over 16 million for this season, so that means if he doesn’t play he’s getting paid 1 million dollars for each week that he’s not on the field for a game.

    Yeah, really “bad karma” SMH. You can give me a piece of that kind of karma any day you want.

  3. “It seems awfully unlikely that the Panthers would put Newton on the field on Sunday…”

    You’re talking about a team the turned a blind eye and let their 6’5″ 265 QB play when he couldn’t throw the ball 20 yards (for weeks).

    Maybe the org should have sat him last week…my guess is 3 full days of rest wasn’t what his foot needed…

  4. Mid Foot Sprains don’t heal in 2 weeks, they heal in 2 months IF you have professional treatment every day.

    The staff trotting him out on the field so quickly was a terrible decision.

  5. The panthers have a better chance of winning with Allen, even with Cam healthy. Cam has lost interest in football, it’s written all over his face…

  6. Correct me if I am wrong, but, it seems to me that Cam has not been the same , physically nor mentally, since about halftime of the Super Bowl when Denver pounded the crap out of him.

  7. Cam Newton is not going to be with Carolina much longer. Next year is a contract year for Cam and he may “want his” before the start of next season. He’s going to want a ton of bank yet he still keeps getting injured and he’s not the QB he once was (look at his completion %). They need to trade him while they still might be able to get something for him.

  8. Fig Newton had a great season back in 2015, but it seems to a lot of us here that he couldn’t care less about winning football games anymore. Accuracy is not his thing. It’s time for the Panthers to move on from the Fig.

  9. All these primadonna overpaid QBs are pretty much done. It’s a new era. They got paid way too much money in the last 5-7 years, the market spiked and now teams are paying for it dearly.

  10. It’s hard not to despise Cam Newton.

    But we must refrain from doing so because it is wrong to despise anyone, regardless of how despicable anyone may be.

  11. Doesn’t matter who the Panthers start at QB on Sunday because they can’t protect the QB, Tackle Daryl Williams has already give up 4 sacks alone. Chandler Jones and Terrell Suggs are going to have field days on Sunday, especially Chandler lined up on the left side going against Panthers RT Williams. Young QB’s like Kyle Allen generally don’t do well when they’re constantly getting hit w/ pass rushers in their face every other down. Both the pass rush and QB Kyler Murray are going to have big days on Sunday.

  12. The NFL has shown it’s not willing to police the health of it’s players. Everyone knew Cam wasn’t 75% last season but yet they continued to trot him out there. Last weel, NYG allowed their WR to return to the game after he obviously was concussed.

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