Cardinals free up some cap space, restructure Chandler Jones

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The Cardinals were near the bottom of the NFL in available salary cap space, but now they’ve given themselves some breathing room.

Chandler Jones restructured his contract with the Cardinals to lower his cap hit this year by $4 million this year, Adam Schefter of ESPN reports.

Freeing up $4 million of space would make sense if the Cardinals were trying to trade for Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey, who would add about $3.5 million to their salary cap. But Schefter writes that the Cardinals, who did speak with the Jaguars, don’t think they’ll land Ramsey.

Creating space this year means the Cardinals will have that much less cap space in the future, but they’re in good cap shape in 2020, with about $75 million in cap space next year.

5 responses to “Cardinals free up some cap space, restructure Chandler Jones

  1. Yes… because there was no POSSIBLE way they could have gotten more for Chandler Jones than the pick that turned out to be Joe Thuney….

    And all the rest of the players the Patriots “fleeced” the Cardinals for are out of the league.

  2. Typical Cardinals move. They have the most incompetent GM in all of NFL, who loves to hand out big contracts, making himself and the Organization look like they are running with the big dogs, and competitive with other teams in rewarding their star players only to WELCH on the contract, “renegotiating” said contracts bc he’s (they) have mismanaged the cap. Players need to beware that what they “give” with one hand they take back with the other or else the player is traded or cut.
    I read not long ago that the Cards still had Mike Glennon on their payroll for $3M, but, by all means,
    their current players should get shorted to make up for Keims previous bad decisions! Same ole Cards…

  3. “Creating space this year means the Cardinals will have that much less cap space in the future,”

    Freeing up cap space doesn’t decrease cap space in the future. Paying someone with that cap space does that. If you don’t use it it’s carried over

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