Jalen Ramsey: Trade request made after “some disrespectful things” were said


Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey did not ask for a trade because of a sideline blowup with head coach Doug Marrone. Instead, the decision came in a postgame meeting when Ramsey said “some disrespectful things” were said to him.

In an Uninterrupted podcast with Nate Burleson, Ramsey did not allow who the meeting was with or elaborate on what was said.

Marrone said Monday that he had not had a conversation with Ramsey since the sideline spat, and none was needed. So the Pro Bowl cornerback could have been referring to General Manager Dave Caldwell or Vice President of Football Relations Tom Coughlin.

“Some disrespectful things were said on their end that made me definitely walk out and call my agent as soon as I walked out,” Ramsey told Burleson. “I said, ‘It’s time. My time is up here in Jacksonville.’ I said, ‘I want to ask for a trade.’ I was truly at peace, like I wasn’t in a mindset of making a decision while I was angry. I was completely calm. I still stand by that decision to ask for a trade.”

Ramsey angrily left the field after Marrone didn’t challenge a catch by DeAndre Hopkins that Ramsey thought hit the ground. Ramsey exchanged words with Marrone, who followed Ramsey to the bench area.

Jarrod Wilson and D.J. Hayden stepped between Marrone and Ramsey before Ronnie Harrison escorted Marrone back toward the sideline and away from the bench area.

Ramsey had four tackles and a pass breakup. He dropped an interception, but he held Hopkins to five catches for 40 yards, with a long of 14.

During his media access this week, Ramsey would not reveal why he wanted the Jaguars to trade him. He explained in more detail to Burleson.

“I called my agent after the game,” Ramsey said. “After the game, of course, it was tough in the locker room already. The incident on the sideline with me and coach. I didn’t think much of that in particular, because that happens from time to time. That happens all across the league. We see Tom Brady get into it with his coaches and he’s the greatest of all time. That’s just passion, man. That’s passion and emotion. I feel like that got blew up a little more than it should have. That happened early in the first quarter, and I went out the rest of the game and you can see the production that I put out there on the field — what I held Hop to and how the whole defense played. And honestly, it was just the moment; it was the incident; and honestly, we were kind of moving past it.”

Ramsey admits the trade request “was something that has kind of been building over a little bit of time.”

“It has nothing to do with my teammates here. I love all my teammates here,” Ramsey said. “It has nothing to do with the city. I love the city here. Still doing my charity work here. Still out with the fans, signing autographs, taking pictures, whatever it may be. I love the city here. I love my teammates. But it was more so with the front office and the organization.”

He said he wants “to be in a place where they know I’m the best corner in the game and let me play and help the team get wins.”

That could happen as soon as Friday.

The Jaguars would have had to pay Ramsey’s salary of $213,778 this week if they had traded him after 4 p.m. ET Tuesday, even if he were playing on another team, Michael DiRocco of ESPN reports. So Ramsey will play for the Jaguars tonight against the Titans in what could be his final game for the Jaguars.

41 responses to “Jalen Ramsey: Trade request made after “some disrespectful things” were said

  1. so in his mind he can say whatever he wants but if someone says some truths back its disrespectful. this guy is the definition of immature.

  2. Would love to see the Jags trade him to the Dolphins. If he thinks the Jags are bad wait till he finds real ugly in Miami.

  3. ditkasanger says:
    September 19, 2019 at 8:22 pm
    Patriots…Why not. He’s perfect for them.

    Because he wants to go to “a place where they know I’m the best corner in the game” and New England knows they already have the best corner in the game

  4. Name a corner that’s better. Really. Gilmore is overrated. Ramsey shut down the beat WR in the league last week. I think he needs to shut up & listen also but I really don’t think there’s a better corner in the league. I also think Marrone is an idiot so maybe that’s the problem.

  5. I’m normally 100% against these players crying just to get out of their deals but since he’s talking about Marrone and Coughlin there may be some traction to his complaints

  6. People that think player for player Gilmore is better than Ramsey do not watch football. Gilmore is a fine corner, one of the top 5-6 in the league but he is not as talented as Ramsey is.

    But, if Gilmore has something to say bad about the Patriots he’s never stated it. I don’t follow the Pats closely but I don’t see websites everywhere with his name all over it stating how he said this or did this or made really stupid comments in interviews. Because of that Gilmore is worth three Ramsey’s.

  7. The man is severely underpaid. If any of ya’ll had to work for 1/3 of your value, and then your old a$$ boss came in screaming about how you need to be thankful, what’s your reaction going to be?

    Peace bro. Everybody wants to pay me. Next.
    Tom Coughlin is about to run the greatest player Jax has ever had. Ever. Not even close. Never have they had “best in the league at his position”, and Ramsey is only 24 years old. This is embarrassing. Embarrassing for Tom Coughlin.

  8. This coming from a guy who used to message other dudes girlfriends before games in college just to get under their skin before a game, hahahahahaha.

  9. He said he wants “to be in a place where they know I’m the best corner in the game and let me play and help the team get wins.”
    Oh so somebody in the front office said something “disrespectful” to our poor little selfish egomaniac. My guess is that Tom Coughlin had some choice words for him after his petulant temper tantrum at the coach. I think I understand the situation perfectly Mr. Ramsey….you’re God, you’re the best, everyone must publicly proclaim that you’re the best, and nothing else matters but people “respecting” you and kissing your butt…..it’s all about you. Yup…I get it.

  10. hittfamily. He’s being paid exactly how much the players union negotiated the 5th pick in the draft to receive. The Jags are/were going to make him the highest paid CB in the game once he finished fulfilling his contract. And that old ass boss has 2 Super Bowl rings. I see you’re as disrespectful as your boy. For a player that literally disrespects EVERY player in the league, he sure has thin skin.

  11. Patsareinyourheads says:
    September 19, 2019 at 9:41 pm

    So he can dish it out, but can’t take it.


    We aren’t talking about trash talk. We aren’t talking about a back and forth with his peers. We’re talking about the front office. For once, an athlete is doing something that is truly relatable to the common man, and the common man ignores what could be relatable.

    If you bosses came to you and told you to shut up and do your job in a disrespectful tone, and you could go elsewhere making the same amount of money where you would be treated better, you’d do that. Or at least, I hope you would have the self esteem to do that.

    We’re not talking about a player who can’t handle trash talk. We’re talking about a player that wants to work in an environment that helps him succeed.

    This probably has a lot to do with the severe decline of that defense over the last few seasons. I’d be curious to see if the Jags didn’t extend the olive branch after a solid game Thursday, to see if they can come to an amicable solution where he remains a Jag. Otherwise, it’s going to be hard for them to get full value for Jalen in a trade, so the Jags will end up the losers in any deal.

  12. With the surprising emergence of Gardner Minshew as a capable backup and the dominance of the Jags’ defense re-energizing the team, it’s possible, perhaps probable, that Marrone and Ramsey mend their fence and there’s no trade. The key factor: The AFC South is the most wide-open division in the league and the Jags now think they can win it. I say he stays.

  13. There seems to be a whining epidemic sweeping through the NFL. For a group of guys that pride themselves on physical toughness, many of them seem emotionally soft.

  14. So flipping-out on your HEAD coach and stomping down the sideline like a 3 yr. old who didn’t get his way isn’t disrespectful? RIGHT!

  15. I am honestly not one of those fans who whine about “entitled” players. But I am so beyond tired of “disrespectful” being thrown around. I am just dying to know what was so ‘disrespectful.’

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