John Elway: NFL admitted roughing the passer call was “dead wrong”

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Broncos General Manager John Elway says the NFL has admitted an officiating mistake helped set up the Bears’ game-winning field goal on Sunday.

In the final minute of the game, Broncos outside linebacker Bradley Chubb was flagged for roughing the passer for a hit on Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. The play immediately drew criticism, and according to the Denver Post, Elway said league officials admitted they were “dead wrong” on that call.

That differs from what the league office was saying after the game, when they defended the referee’s decision as a “judgment call.”

Although that 15-yard penalty was huge for the Bears in setting up their game-winning 53-yard field goal, Elway also acknowledged mistakes the Broncos made and said the team can’t use bad calls as an excuse.

“We have to be able to overcome bad plays, bad refereeing and mistakes on our part. Great teams are able to overcome these things,” Elway said.

So far the Broncos have not been able to overcome those things, but Elway says that even at 0-2, he’s confident the team is on the right track. Now if only they could get the calls to go their way.

15 responses to “John Elway: NFL admitted roughing the passer call was “dead wrong”

  1. No mentioned of the TWO roughing the passer calls that were terrible on the other side? heh.

    Officiating’s been really bad – for everybody

  2. Do your complaining in the off-season. Insist on developing a solid replay system. If the owners are unable to control their own league, then they’re not really trying. I’m tired of watching the league pretend like they’re trying to get the officiating right. Stop blaming the refs. They work for the owners and they’re doing exactly what they’re being told to do.

  3. Start fining those refs that make the bad calls and if they make too many suspend them, if it continues FIRE THEM, this BS can’t continue to happen at this level of the sport!

    I mean I really don’t understand it, most fans know they’re horrible calls, how do so-called experienced refs not know it, these calls change the outcome of games so they are inexcusable!

  4. The roughing call on Goldman and the personal foul on Floyd were even worse calls than that awful call on Chubb. This game was poorly officiated on both sides. No sympathy from this bears fan

  5. It is Goodelll’s henchmen. They are trying to promote teams with you g qbs, while still using the phantom penalty or non penalty call to help the team they want to win for financial gain.

  6. That shouldn’t really be a “judgment call”. You can set some time limit to determine late hits and grade the officials on whether they’re following it. This same guy blew another late hit call against Flacco in this same game. The driving a guy into the turf or blows to the head might be judgment calls but whether a hit is late or not shouldn’t be.

  7. Elway’s right, great team can overcome bad calls. Problem is the NFL can’t seem to stop making call so egregious that it seriously effects the game’s outcome. One bad call should not determine the outcome of a game. Numerous bad calls during a game detract from the integrity of the sport as a whole.

  8. Hold the refs accountable. Make the refs available to the press. At least they will have an opportunity to explain what they thought they saw on the field.

  9. For the past few years, my interest in the Broncos in particular and NFL in general has waned considerably because of the poor, inconsistent officiating. From year to year, week to week, game to game, these part -time refs and the lack of leadership by Roger, owners and NFLPa have done nothing to improve officiating, which has undermined the quality of the game and therefore my interest.

  10. Roughing the passer against the Bears,equally horrible call, gave the Broncos 3 pts. on their drive.
    Bad officiating game overall.

  11. Full time officials.
    Furiously practicing all off season.
    8 hour days making Real time calls that are immediately graded.
    EVERY SINGLE DAY from February to September.
    Practice makes perfect
    Multi-Billion dollar industry with part time refs?

  12. Bears got two awful calls also. Refs are doing what the owners want: protect their QB’s. If the defenders hits the QB and doesn’t have the ball in their hands its going to be called. It’s BS that the’league’ says it was dead wrong after the fact.Either change what the refs are told by the ‘league’ or just shut up.

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