Seahawks not fretting over Saints QB choice

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Saints coach Sean Payton won’t say which quarterback he’s starting this week, hanging on to the perceived advantage of the unknown.

But the Seahawks aren’t worrying too much about how things might change if the Saints put Taysom Hill on the field alongside of instead of Teddy Bridgewater.

“You’ve got to know where he is,’’ Seahawks linebacker K.J. Wright said of Hill, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times. “But you can’t get too caught up in [worrying about where he is] because sometimes they’ve put him out there and just do normal things.’’

“He gets out of the pocket a little bit more, and so we just have to see what style do they play,’’ linebacker Bobby Wagner said. “So just go to see what type of offense are we going to see. It’s going to be bit different, but it shouldn’t be crazy different.’’

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said he expected Bridgewater to start, and Hill to spot in as he did when Drew Brees is healthy.

“I don’t know what Sean’s going to do,’’ Carroll said. “But rarely does anybody know what he’s going to do come game time.”

Of course, losing Brees means it’s going to be significantly different for the Saints, as he’s one of the most efficient quarterbacks in the game. Which is at least part of the reason Payton’s pushing buttons now, knowing he has a significant gap to close.

15 responses to “Seahawks not fretting over Saints QB choice

  1. Brees is an incredible QB and it’s a huge loss for the game whilst he’s out injured.

    That said I’m very intrigued to see what Sean Payton is going to do with what he’s got at his disposal.

    Plus giving Teddy the chance to show the rest of the league what he’s capable of after that devastating injury is a great feel good story… we need all of those we can get!

  2. That Taysom Hill is awesome, like when he threw that pick in the NFC title game. Because of course you wouldn’t want your HOF QB throwing passes, better to have fullback heave one up there.

  3. The Saints may not win this one outright, but with an unpredictable coach Payton getting a week to prepare using his combo plate of Hill/Bridgewater, the Saints should at least keep it close. Some cool Payton play-packages are coming no doubt.

    Possible trap game for the Seahawks facing the Cardinals next week. Let’s see. Either way, it should be a fun game to watch with Romo and Nantz calling it on CBS.

  4. Whoever starts will have a hard time in that stadium. Plus, Seattle’s defense is starting to gel and add guys like Ansah and 1st rnd pick Collier into the defensive line rotation. I think this game has blowout written all over it.

  5. All I ask, please Pete…..don’t play the soft approach letting whichever backup that’s in there to just have an easy time. Their MO is to just play it soft and safe when it’s a backup level QB. Saints have a hard time every game in Seattle. The Clowney Ansah duo aren’t going to make it any easier.

  6. Hill and Bridgewater are two very different QBs, so it makes sense to keep the Hawks guessing as much as possible.

  7. ELI needs a home, make the trade, you have a better chance with Eli at qb then the 2 on your roster now. And Eli will have weapons and a O line which he hasn’t in yrs!

  8. The Seahawks will be focused…this is no trap game. It’s the Saints.

    With Ansah finally playing and Clowney getting more comfortable this might be a difficult assignment for any QB, even Brees. Bridgewater might be a bit more comfortable having seen it before but I hate when new kids come in, they usually light it up because they don’t know any better and the other team doesn’t have enough film on him to game-plan for him yet. Always sketchy. Big Ben went down last week and they new kid came in and looked much better. He was living the dream and it made me nervous.

    Frankly I would rather play vs Bridgewater as he is a known entity and is less likely to do something crazy that you weren’t expecting.

    IF the Seahawks can get a W(it’s the NFL so it’s in no way a given) this season is starting light-years ahead of what I figured when looking at the schedule. 1-2 was a real possibility with @pitt and then the Saints…especially with how the Seahawks typically start slow. They were 0-2 last year and made the playoffs.

  9. Jmeth’s got it right. This is the NFL and no wins are easy (unless maybe you’re playing Miami). The Seahawks defensive MO in the Pete Carroll era has always been to keep everything in front of you. Force the opposition to be good enough to march down the field in small chunks because more often than not they will stumble on a play or two. And when they do, you spank them for it. Whether it’s a sack, an INT, fumble or something else, it is difficult for teams to go 8+ plays without any mistakes. The Hawks count on forcing those mistakes and then taking full advantage of them.

  10. New Orleans has a history of not playing well in CenturyLink. Plus week 3 is usually when Seattle starts finding their offense. Defensive line is getting healthy as well. I just don’t feel like this game will be close.

  11. Good luck Drew. Hoping the hand surgery fixed you up and your able to get back to 100% in six weeks, as predicted. In the meantime, I hope we show everyone how important you are to your team by totally dominating this Sunday. It would be a sign of respect, nothing less, if that happens. Go Seahawks.

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