Von Miller, Bradley Chubb have no sacks through two games

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Once is an accident, twice is a trend. Or something.

Regardless, Broncos pass rushers Von Miller and Bradley Chubb have yet to achieve the primary goal of pass rushing in 120 minutes of 2019 football.

On Wednesday, coach Vic Fangio was asked whether he’s concerned about the lack of sacks through two games.

“Not at this point,” Fangio told reporters. “The only thing I will say is I was disappointed in our rush in the last drive [against the Bears], but prior to that in these first two games they’ve been unusual games as it related to pass rush.”

Unusual or not, Fangio conceded on Thursday that Miller is getting frustrated.

“I’m sure he is,” Fangio said. “I’m sure he lets you guys and everybody else and himself get into his head a little bit, but I’ve talked to him about that. Hopefully, he listens to me more than the thousands others.”

Fangio said that, unlike Miller, Chubb isn’t frustrated, so far.

“I don’t feel it the same,” Fangio said. “I don’t think Chubb’s there yet. I think he’s fine.”

The Broncos get their next chance to get their first sack of the season on Sunday against the Packers. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers is mobile and agile and elusive, and that result in even more frustration if the defense can’t get him onto the ground.

15 responses to “Von Miller, Bradley Chubb have no sacks through two games

  1. With LT David Bakhtiari and RT Bryan Bulaga going against Chubb and Miller most of the time there is a good chance of this “trend” not ending Sunday in Lambeau.

  2. Von has lost a step and Chubb is overrated. At this point Elway is only delaying the inevitable, the Broncos need a complete rebuild.

  3. That’s because there fake tough guy coach thinks he needs to change this defensively. They need a offensive minded coach in Denver. A team like the Jaguars could have used Fagino

  4. All depends if we get the Rodgers that’s willing to check down and get it out quick or the Rodgers that wants to hold the ball until a big play is available.

  5. The Broncos suck. They are already pointing fingers locally. Not sure why. Anyone with a brain could see that they were never going to compete for anything this year. They have one corner. They have no inside LB that is worthy of a NFL roster spot a d their LT is named Garrett Holds. Come on. This is a 4-10 franchise if that.

  6. cheeseisfattening says:
    September 19, 2019 at 6:35 pm

    Rodgers will gladly trade a sack for the chance of a big play because sacks don’t count against his QB rating


    And he will gladly throw the ball away instead of tossing a stupefying INT on first and goal. I’m good with that.

  7. It will be interesting to see how the line does vs two elite rushers again after they faced two week 1. I wish Minnesota would have had a stronger pass rush; the Packers line basically had a week off, and you worry if that can lead to a mental meltdown.

  8. Rodgers will gladly trade a sack for the chance of a big play because sacks don’t count against his QB rating
    Lol, ridiculous. Try getting hit by a 300 lbs defensive lineman and tell me if qbr is the first thing going through your mind. No QB is purposely taking sacks to save his rating…. especially a 35 year old with screws in his cb.

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