Cam Newton officially out this week

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It’s now officially Kyle Allen‘s turn.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Panthers have ruled quarterback Cam Newton out of this week’s game against the Cardinals.

Newton aggravated his preseason foot injury in last Thursday’s loss to the Buccaneers, and was struggling to throw the ball as well.

His absence could be longer than a week, as his struggles against the Bucs are hard to pin on any one thing, creating a more complicated problem for the Panthers moving forward.

UPDATE: 3:01 p.m. ET: Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Newton will not travel with the team to Arizona, staying back in Charlotte to concentrate on rest and rehab.

19 responses to “Cam Newton officially out this week

  1. About time to move on. His body can’t take any more. Decent career and I’m sure he can hang in there for a few more years on and off, but it’s time for the Panthers to stop planning around him.

  2. “Panthers coach Ron Rivera said Newton will not travel with the team to Arizona, staying back in Charlotte to concentrate on rest and rehab.”
    Oh come on now…..we all know Captain Kerchief is on a jet right now on his way over to Milan for a major fashion show.

  3. another prediction I had for 2019: Cam Newton is done in Carolina after the season.

    Only question is, where does he go next year? In the age of the rookie/young QB, it is going to be hard for veterans like Cam to find a new job, unless they are used as temporary solutions before the rookie goes in.

  4. I don’t know about you, but I thank the lord that Cam will be staying home this weekend and working on his scarf collection.

    I just hope new owner David Tepper has had enough of this guy. I know as a Panther fan that I’ve had more than enough. After watching the documentary on Amazon Prime about the Panther’s last season, I’m totally convinced Cam is constitutionally incapable of being anything other than a laughing, clowning, me-me-me weirdo.

    I don’t know anything about Kyle Allen, but I’m one fan who is more than willing to put the rest of this season in Allen’s hands, rather than Newton’s.

  5. His passes weren’t even close last week. It’s one thing to miss a wr by inches, he was missing them by yards.

  6. This reminds me so much of Steve McNair at the end, which he started looking like this at a similar age. For those who criticized Luck, when you get hit like him and Newton have, this is the by product.

  7. Age plus his vegan diet are making it next to impossible for his body to recover and heel to the level needed to play in the NFL.

    Go out and eat a steak…maybe make it a combo rack of baby backs, 1/2 chicken, 8 oz steak, mac and cheese and onion rings.

  8. I think his injury is due to that bad hair that he has; or that rabid animal that has nested in his hair has bitten him.

  9. Cam’s best days are behind him. He was never the accurate passer that we expected, but now he can’t throw anymore, and when he does, he either overthrows, underthrows or misses by a mile. It’s time to start looking for a new QB next Draft!

  10. Panther should had gotten rid of scam a long time ago.Now that they have draft a good NFL caliber QB. Carolina needs to let him play and move on from the Really bad scam era. Carolina has never has ( 2 ) winning season in a row during the scam era. To think they paid all that $money to scam. He was never a Good NFL QB.Average at his best. He has Never been accurate, cannot read NFL defense, happy feet, very poor leadership skills, Always a Me first player.He will go down as the great Running back in the NFL playing the QB position. Move on Carolina, cut,trade,drop etc scam . Carolina will never Get back to Super Bowl as a team with scam as the starting QB.

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