Jalen Ramsey: Excited to be out there with them for a good win

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Cornerback Jalen Ramsey‘s explanation for why he requested a trade away from the Jaguars surfaced ahead of Thursday night’s game against the Titans, but that didn’t get in the way of Ramsey holding down his usual spot in the defense in the game.

Ramsey played every defensive snap and recorded nine tackles and a forced fumble before meeting with reporters after the 20-7 win. Ramsey said he had nothing else to say about the trade request, but shared that he was “amped up” by playing under the lights in a nationally televised game and that it felt good to be part of an overwhelming defensive performance.

“This defense has always been elite, the guys on this team are talented, and we put in work on the field,” Ramsey said. “We see the defense worked hard today and got 9 sacks in tonight’s game, so I say we stepped up to the plate when we needed too. I was excited out there with them and be able to get a good win.”

Ramsey’s teammates had more to say about a potential trade. Defensive lineman Calais Campbell said he believes the Jags are “a whole lot better” with Ramsey and cornerback A.J. Bouye said, via Jacksonville.com, that players would “love for him to stay but that’s not our decision.”

Signs have pointed to Ramsey being dealt before the Jaguars play again. If that’s the case, he’s leaving on a high note for the Jaguars defense.

6 responses to “Jalen Ramsey: Excited to be out there with them for a good win

  1. The refs should have to do press conferences after the game. Those calls were ridiculous. I’m not referring to just one but most of them. My guess is the NFL can’t afford to have Titans in the playoffs. After beating the Patriots last year the way they did, Goodell wouldn’t chance them getting in and beating the pats.

  2. Not a huge Ramsey fan. But I don’t follow the Jags and personally know how legit his claims are. I just don’t like drama period. But he could have took his post game interviews and made it about him but instead he made it a positive story about his team. I give you credit for the Mr. Ramsey. Well done!

  3. Does anybody know what’s up with this guy? He’s going to make $13.7 next year. But he still feels it necessary to screw up the teams mojo with a(very)public trade request? I guess loyalty is a one-way street.

  4. RobfromAmarillo ,

    He’s elite at his job and just wants security of a long term deal. That’s kind of how this works. Jacksonville has clearly told him no but wants to squat on him with the franchise tag, which is guaranteed for injury only when you’ve brought in a lesser talent from Houston and paid him and paid other FAs off other teams. It’s solely a bad look on that organization, not him as intimated here often, which isn’t very good at putting a winning product together. About the only thing they have done right is avoid the Kirk Cousins nightmare. Put it like this, would you want to keep going to work for somebody who has told you by their actions (and probably more behind the scenes) that you’re not in their future?

  5. And I want to play on the PGA tour. So what if he wants security; he gets to mess with the team even though he’s under contract? I definitely don’t buy that thinking.

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