Jerry Rice thinks 49ers can win the Super Bowl — this year

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The 49ers have made substantial progress, getting their quarterback healthy, and picking up a couple of road wins to start the season.

Now, one of their best players in franchise history thinks they’re destined for much bigger things.

Via Gary Peterson of the San Jose Mercury News, 49ers legend Jerry Rice said during an interview with 95.7 The Game that he thinks Jimmy Garoppolo can lead his old team to the title.

“I think they might just have to go back and practice in Youngstown,” Rice said with a laugh of their stay in Ohio last week. “They gotta stay in that Holiday Inn, they have to eat that ice cream, they just have to focus on football. If they do that, man, I feel like they have a great chance of winning the Super Bowl.

Of course.

Rice went into enthusiastic detail about the offense, and Kyle Shanahan’s creativity, and the development of rookie wideout Deebo Samuel, and it’s almost like he talked himself into something.

“I don’t want to jump the gun, Rice said, “but I’m starting to feel it a little bit. These guys are looking really, really like contenders.”

It might take more than wins over the Buccaneers and the Bengals to prove that, but they’re at least on the right track.

35 responses to “Jerry Rice thinks 49ers can win the Super Bowl — this year

  1. They have only played (and beaten to be fair) the Bucs and Bengals. Gotta get both Russell Wilson and the Rams yet.

    If they get past them then it might be time to start this talk but not until then.

  2. To be fair, they have played 2 games. The first in which Jimmy G didn’t play well. Luckily Winston played much much worse. Game 2 a much better showing from Jimmy, but still not great. I know it’s been a long time and your excited. But lets at least wait till the halfway point before anointing them.

  3. “I don’t want to jump the gun, Rice said, “but I’m starting to feel it a little bit. These guys are looking really, really like contenders.”

    For proper context. The headline was more aggressive then Jerry Rice was on the topic.

  4. Well they got a good QB and coach, that alone should be enough to get them in the conversation as an outsider. Not enough yet to be a serious SB contender, but def one to watch.

  5. Sounds like Jerry Rice is starting to suffer from a bad case of CTE/Dementia due to all the punishment he took over his playing career because you’d have to be demented to think the 49ers are winning the Super Bowl this year ILMAO. 49ers have beaten two of the weakest slash worst teams in the NFL in the Bengals who are the NFL’s 2nd worst team behind Miami and then the Bucs who are one of the 4-5 weakest teams in the league & even they would of beat SF if not for not one BUT 2 different Jameis Winston pick 6’s that he threw despite the fact BOTH passes should of NEVER LEFT Winston’s hand.

    SF also has a big LT problem being Joe Staley broke his leg & they have no one who can hold up behind him, That’s a HUGE PROBLEM when you have a QB as injury prone and health challenged as Jimmy G is. SF has a terrible LG to, who is about to get exposed in a big way without Staley next to him. Jimmy G is going to get hit early and often, he’s going to take a lot of punishment, it’s just a matter of time before he goes down with an injury especially with the pass rushers in the NFC-W. San Francisco also has multiple other guys dealing with injuries, including pass rusher Dee Ford who’s bad knee and quad is already giving him problems. SF is way over hyped, they’re not that good. Mark my words SF finish’s as the worst team in the NFC-West this season.

  6. Jerry Rice knows what it takes to win the SB. He has 4 SB rings, and a Super Bowl MVP trophy to show for it. Defense wins championships, and the Frisco defense has been outstanding both in the preseason and in the first 2 regular season games. Montana and Young won Super Bowls only during those years when they had great defenses to go with their usually good offense.

  7. jimmylikesthat says:

    “Bring back stickem…which I didn’t use btw”


    They have brought back stickum. They now manufacture it in glove form and all the receivers use it.

  8. hawkkiller says:
    September 20, 2019 at 9:21 am

    Mark my words SF finish’s as the worst team in the NFC-West this season.


    Consider your words marked. We’ll see who’s O-line holds up against these ferocious D-lines of the W. Staley will be back week 9 and his replacement is no slouch.

  9. Jerry Rice has 3 SB rings, NOT 4. Many Niner fans have no idea that the greatest 49er team of all-time, the 1984 squad went 18-1. That was their second SB title and was done the year BEFORE Rice joined the Niners. Just keeping it real…

  10. Sorry Jerry, that’s a bit of a stretch.

    Playoffs, I definitely think so, wildcard if we don’t win the division.

    Championship, getting there is a possibly, winning would depend on who we faced.

    Superbowl, if we get their nah it’ll be against the Pats or Chiefs (It’ll be the Pats) and they’ll be no stopping either of those.

    Still, never hurts to think positively

  11. Further proof that if you stay too long, you will eventually take one to many blows to the head.

    Slow your roll Jerry, the Bucs and the Bengals aren’t even 2nd tier teams.

  12. Media is media…The title of article is to capture audience’s attention. Of course, Rice said 49ers would have to stay in the same hotel, eat the same food, etc.

  13. People forget about how ageless he was. We talk about age with Tom Brady all the time. In 2002, he had 92 catches, over 1200 yards, led his team to the Superbowl (where he caught a TD). And Rich Gannon had the best year of his career and was the league MVP. Oh yeah, Jerry was 40 years old that year. 3 QB’s won 5 MVP awards with Jerry Rice as their number 1 wideout.

  14. Frisco has a new Gold Rush, the nickname the fans gave to the team’s pass rushers when they had Fred Dean, Gary Big Hands Johnson, Dwayne Board and Louis Kelcher as their defensive linemen.

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