Mike Vrabel: Titans aren’t switching quarterbacks right now

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There are enough dots to connect to make it reasonable.

But Titans coach Mike Vrabel said Friday the team was not considering making a quarterback change. Today.

Via Teresa Walker of the Associated Press,  Vrabel said replacing Marcus Mariota was something they were “not something we’re looking at right now, but that’s something we always consider, every week.”

That’s a more qualified endorsement of his starter than in the past.

Last night, Vrabel downplayed the seriousness of backup Ryan Tannehill wearing his helmet during the loss to the Jaguars, saying he wasn’t close to putting him in the game.

Mariota, of course, could put this mini-controversy to bed by playing better, but his play and the Titans investment in a backup with plenty of experience has made it one.

15 responses to “Mike Vrabel: Titans aren’t switching quarterbacks right now

  1. Marriota got no help from his offensive line last night so I’d cut him some slack. Even so, what was going on with all those dink passes in the 4th quarter? Trailing by two scores with less than 5 minutes to go, a series of 3-yard passes don’t accomplish anything.

  2. Many in the media and all of the experts in these comment sections said Tannehill would be starting in Week 1. I guess their sources were wrong.

    I have given up trying to determine if Mariota is good or not. Now I know he is not. But Tannehill isn’t much better, if he’s even better at all. It’s a lost season. Neither of these guys will overcome terrible playcalls or terrible gameplans. The last 2 games showed that they are lightyears away from ever being a contender in the NFL. A total joke of a franchise. I’m sick of it.

  3. Mariota is making me appreciate Trubisky as a Bears fan.. let that marinate for a sec. Because I would trade Trubisky for a snack pack of Doritos and nail clippers right about now.

  4. You can blame Mariota…but this is Jon Robinson’s work..not enough was done on either side of the coin to ensure greatness..it doesn’t even bridge a small gap..he kept some he shouldn’t have and let go some we should’ve kept… Whatever happens with this team first it’s on the Gm and the coach.. These are the same ole Titans from top to bottom

  5. factschecker says:
    September 20, 2019 at 1:33 pm
    It’s only week 3.

    The overreactions seem to get worse by the day.

    Did you watch that debacle last night? Sure the O-line was awful but Mariota consistently stepped into the pressure rather than away from it. The kid is going to get himself killed. The line and play calling may be complicit in in his demise but he will be the author. Maybe he’s salvageable but it’s not the way to bet.

  6. More excuses for bad QB play. Offensive line tends took horrible when the QB is clueless. You can’t have a 6 man blitz and not know where the hot read is. Just utter incompetence from Mariota who continues to be enabled by people who provide him with excuses.

  7. Titans Oline was truly horrifying.

    I rewatched one play about four times, where it was OBVIOUS by the physical positioning of the Dline they were shooting gaps. Titans had a standard RB screen, where C>T would feign a passpro block and then slide out to block in space. Fairly standard stuff.

    ALL THREE Olinemen barely touched the Dlinemen AT ALL – so Mariota has three Dlinemen shooting their gaps, unimpeded, and Mariota is sacked as a consequence.

    What I want to know is WTH is being taught in TN for ALL their pulling linemen to do such a terrible job? The odds of one bad position coach greatly outweigh the odds of three linemen brainfarting simultaneously.

    Whatever. It was monumentally terrible… WHATEVER the reason was.

    Moreover when Ryan Tannehill is the backup, that’ll give a HC pause to swap QBs too quickly, too.

  8. Best comment last night was Troy Aikman at the start… “Mariota’s first two weeks this season has had its ups and downs, very similar to the first four years of his career.”

    What are organizations waiting for on these mediocre QBs like Mariota and Winston???
    What are the odds that in Year 5 they’re turn into the QB the teams were hoping they’d be on Draft Day???
    Mumblemouth Mariota shows nothing in his personality that he’s Competitive, much less a Winner.

    FIVE years??? Really??? Why???
    Because some Executive thought he made a good decision four years ago, that’s why.

    What are the statistics on a early-First being mediocre his first two seasons and then turning into something great??? My money’s on single-digit percentage. Teams need to move on QUICKLY.

  9. Really? You mean your backup is WORSE than Mariota? I think you have a serious problem in Nashville.

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