Sean McVay: Aaron Donald is playing

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So much for Aaron Donald being questionable on the Rams’ status report. Rams coach Sean McVay laughed when asked whether the defensive tackle would play Sunday against the Browns.

“He’s playing,” McVay told reporters Friday. “It’s a ‘questionable’ because really, we’re smart with him. He didn’t do some things, but unless something really unforeseen happens, this guy is going on Sunday night.”

Donald played 50 of 63 snaps last week when he tweaked his back.

“I can’t remember [the particular play it happened on],” McVay said. “I remember there was a certain reaction afterward. He plays so physical and violent. I think it was more just the torque that he created on his own. I’m not exactly sure which specific play it was.”

McVay said the Rams have no concern that Donald’s back issue is something that will linger.

“No, it’s more muscular than anything else,” McVay said. “He felt a lot better today. More than anything, we’re just being as smart and as careful as we can with Aaron.”

Donald, who is in his sixth season, has missed only two career games.

He has two tackles, a tackle for loss and two quarterback hits this season but still is seeking his first sack after getting a league-leading 20.5 last season.

8 responses to “Sean McVay: Aaron Donald is playing

  1. Oh good, the greatest defender in the history of the nfl can play, I’m sure it will really impact the game…if he can injure the opposing qb, of course.

  2. Trying to block a pass attempt is now some sort of intent to injure. OK. And it turns out you can be a “fraud” and win DPOY. I’m sure those clueless Rams are sorry they’ve paid him so much. SMH.

  3. Not a LAR fan but AD is a beast at 80%…DT purpose is not really recorded in flashy stats, but if you really watch, it is the ability to collapse the pocket and how many blockers they engage that makes them game changers. AD and other DTs are about how many they can engage out of 11. If they are dbl teamed and the rb chips in, one player contains 30% of the offensive. That leaves ten to cover eight.

    Hope he gets healthy, and plays this week. Exciting to watch. Want to see him against the Browns.

  4. So what, didn’t do them any good in the Super Bowl………is what a Patriots fan would say.

  5. What’s up with all the hate for Donald? Dude bust his ass all year long to be better even though he’s a 2 X defensive M.V.P. 2games into this year ihis numbers are down people love bringing up. Watch a RAMS game and you will see he is often triple teamed ( that’s right) every other play he’s double teamed. I guess if he bitched and moaned like a baby everyone would love him . Seems to be what it takes these days the RAMS motto is WE NOT ME he fits the mold perfectly. Those of you saying he’s no good or over rated fit more into the Antonio Brown category.

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