Antonio Brown’s minimum pay from the Patriots: $283,333

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His best-case scenario in the aftermath of an 11-day stint with the Patriots isn’t yet known. But the floor has been set, thanks to his contract and the CBA.

Even if the Patriots successfully block Brown from collecting his $9 million signing bonus (the first $5 million is due to be paid on Monday) or the full amount of his $1 million base salary, Brown will still walk away with $283,333.

The figure comes from the Week Two game check of $62,500, a Week Three game check of $62,500 (which was earned as of Tuesday), and a per-game roster bonus of $33,333 for Week Two (he could have made up to $500,000 for the season under this term of the deal).

Under the Termination Pay provision of the labor deal, Brown also is entitled to the balance of 25 percent of his base salary of $1 million. So even if the Patriots are able to void the balance of his guaranteed salary, Brown still is eligible for another $125,000.

That’s a total of $283,333 for 11 days of work. Which isn’t bad, but not nearly as good as the $10.033 million that he’ll get if the Patriots pay him, voluntarily or not, his full signing bonus and the balance of his 2019 salary.

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  1. Considering the pending lawsuits and his steadfast refusal to actually pay people that do work for him, I’d say he’s going to have to get a part time job to make ends meet.

  2. because his agent was obviously orchestrating his exit from Oakland and signing with the Patriots BEFORE his official release ny Oakland …. New England really SHOULD be on the hook for the 9 Million dollar signing bonus IMO. All of it.

  3. I have a feeling Antonio Brown is running out of money. He could have paid 2 million and had that woman go away, now it cost him 9 million.

    Mayock voided his guarantees, AB freaked out and went off on him.

    More will come to light later but it would not surprise me to find out AB is having financial issues.

  4. And $283,333 is a drop in the bucket compared to the $30 Million he would have collected from the Raiders IF he hadn’t gone all Charlie Sheen.

    This situation reminds of Charlie’s breakdown/meltdown a few years ago. I wonder if AB is drinking that famous ‘Tiger Blood’ that Charlie used to rave about.


  5. Brown seriously needs a psychological evaluation. I’m not sure it would help because he can’t be told anything. The only solution for that problem is a butt whipping

  6. They should have to pay him. They knew what they were doing when they signed him (he had “buyer beware” stickers all over him) and they got just what they signed — a supremely talented narcissist slightly off his rocker.

    If they don’t have to pay him his “guarantees” then why have any personal conduct standards at all?

  7. The Patriots should be FORCED to pay him the full $9 million. They knew he was rotten and signed him anyway. For them to even suggest they were hoodwinked is ridiculous. Pay for your brilliance.

  8. With 5 kids, multiple houses and an entourage of God knows how many, I doubt that covers his nut for a month. This story is not going to end well.

  9. Remember when AB prided himself on his squeaky-clean image? Then that story came out last year exposing him as less than squeaky-clean? Ever since then it’s been a steep downhill slide in which AB has done plenty to damage his image. Who in their right mind would celebrate losing $30M by getting cut by the Raiders? My guess is he is going to want people to feel sorry for him too. #smh

  10. Atleast we know he really didn’t have a plan all along. He thought he could stay ahead of his compulsory deeds of bad behavior and they all caught up with him finally. Mike Tomlin did a heck of a job babysitting this child.

  11. Pay the man as a permanent exit out of the league. Enough is Enough turn the page. Let him go work on his psychological issues/ legal issues. There’s still time to become a better person with professional assistance.

  12. I’m with Radiology Ken. WHO CARES!? Why are we so obsessed and possessed with a person that is a despicable human being? Why? Because he runs fast and can catch a football really well? At what point do you stop caring so much about someone that clearly doesn’t care about himself or others?

  13. $283K is a lot of money for average Joe fan. No one will feel sorry for self inflicted stupidity. Anyone know what wonderlic score AB had coming out of college? I bet he’s similar to Vince Young (I believe it was a 6 or 7).

  14. They thought they were so smart signing this guy, they should be stuck paying whatever was guaranteed. They really are that smart if they can just sign him, guarantee his money, then cut him anyways and not pay it.

  15. Several types of folks in this world …

    A. Dumb
    B. Kinda dumb
    C. Really dumb
    D. Inconceiveably dumb
    E. Irreparably dumb

    He checks in at all of the above.

  16. This whole incident shows why so many celebrities hire somebody to manage their social media for them. Had this fool just sayed off of twitter he would be working towards winning a Superbowl ring. Instead he is a laughing stock and broke…

  17. Unfortunately Brown will end be just another broke ex-NFL player who most likely will find himself in jail with no NFL team there to cover up his indiscretions.

  18. It’s clear that Brown violated the very carefully worded terms of his contract. The Pats will not have to pay him. They will however, have to carry the cap hit for the next 2 yrs.

  19. Money money money…monaaaay

    ‏Verified account @AB84

    Will not be playing in the @NFL anymore these owners can cancel deals do whatever they want at anytime we will see if the @NFLPA hold them accountable sad they can just void guarantees anytime going on 40m 2 months will see if they pay up !

  20. You can’t beat him up. It’s a constitutional right to be an a hole. For the last 50 years we’ve been pointed toward this very moment. Encourage bad behavior by protecting the bad guy. Not just in football mind you.

  21. I like the Charlie Sheen comparison that was made above. Although, Sheen had life-changing health concerns that caused him to go off the deep end. What’s AB’s excuse?

  22. Only a morally corrupt team would’ve signed AB after he screwed over Pittsburgh and Oakland and gave up $30mm.

    Hello Patriots, you win the prize once again for being greedy and corrupt. And no you don’t get a pass for cutting him.

  23. “The Patriots should be FORCED to pay him the full $9 million. They knew he was rotten and signed him anyway.”

    There was language in the contract that voided guarantees if he did things such as texting the SI accuser and creating further issues. He knowingly signed that contract and knowingly violated the clause that voided the guarantees with his text rampage.

    I’ll say the same thing I did when he was on all 3 teams – he is a small child trapped in a man’s body. He has the impulse control of a 5 year old. Any competent adult would have kept their mouth shut and stayed a Patriot.

  24. The Pats have some pretty definitive clauses in that contract that nullify those guarantees should Brown do anything that reflects badly on the “brand”. If the first allegation doesn’t rise to that level, then the 2nd action BY Brown, while he was with the team, CERTAINLY does.

    In the end, I don’t think the Pats will end up playing him a dime more than he got to date, though it looks like the $5MM cap hit will stay in place for this season, though they’ll probably get a credit in 2020.

    When we signed him we thought he was “crazy like a fox”. Turns out he was just plain CRAZY. What a waste of talent

  25. No way Brown will not get on the social pages and blame and threaten every one but himself. The self importance of brown is laughable anymore.

  26. Now let’s see if the NFLPA will be fighting for him and if they do will they be “morally corrupt”. The way you speak about the Patriots says alot about your morals. Fakers.

  27. Hmm.. hate patriots, do I want them to have to pay brown and suffer? Brown is a mental case, among other things, do I want him to get the least money possible? DECISIONS DECISIONS!!!!

  28. Listening to people saying should pay whole salary is hilarious. Just cause they hate the team cause they win. Pay him whole salary lol

  29. It’s clear that Brown violated the very carefully worded terms of his contract. The Pats will not have to pay him. They will however, have to carry the cap hit for the next 2 yrs.

    So how did that if anyone can fix AB its BB can theory work out. Just add that to yo list of incorrect predictions which is getting very long.

    Funny to see the Pats arrogance bite them in the butt….made my day.

    AB needs some professional help and a friend he will listen to.

  30. Humps chattering online about terms of a contract they have never seen and wouldn’t understand if they did? Yep, we got ’em!

  31. But the NFL loves him. He can stay and play in the NFL as long as he wants. Forget about all the sexual abuse accusations, the NFL wants you to stay and play.

  32. I really really hope the Patriots have to pay that $9M. Not because I think AB deserves it but because the Pats offered and signed the contract. I hope they can’t use more questionable loopholes to get out of this one.

  33. The NFLPA has a hard choice here. If they defend Brown, which they will, and win, yet to be determined, they will be giving 9 million to a former NFLPA member. (Brown said he is done.) That 9 million would have gone into member pockets, not into Brown’s pocket. People miss that the 9 million gets credited back to spend. Though people call NE cheap, they miss that they are usually one of the teams with the least cap space. Teams that spend to the cap, will always cause these issues for the union. Any monies won for a former player is taking monies from current players. Now if this was one of the teams at the other end of spending, there is no harm to current members by winning monies for former members, but it isn’t.

  34. I was mistaken, and mikespillane was correct. Although the Pats have to carry a 4.5 mil cap hit this yr, they’ll get it refunded next year. Unless Brown wins his grievance, which won’t happen. Still, their cap is dangerously low right now. They can fix it by extending a high priced vet, like Van Noy, to name one.

    steeler fans gloating about the Pats, enjoy the rest of the 2019 season

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