Chiefs outlast Ravens for 33-28 victory

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The Ravens never went away, but they could never catch up to the Chiefs.

Lamar Jackson ran for a touchdown with just over two minutes left in the game to cut Kansas City’s lead to 33-28, but a two-point conversion run was stopped and the Chiefs recovered an onside kick to put the game on ice.

Jackson’s score made it 22 points in the second half for the Ravens, but they were behind 23-6 at halftime as the Chiefs defense was able to keep Baltimore from catching fire. Jackson was 8-of-19 passing in the first two quarters and the Chiefs pressured him throughout the afternoon.

That didn’t always work out for them, but it worked out often enough in support of an offense that put up 505 yards. Darrell Williams and LeSean McCoy combined for 116 rushing yards with Damien Williams out of the game with a knee injury. McCoy appeared to aggravate his ankle injury late in the game, however.

Patrick Mahomes was 27-of-37 for 374 yards and three touchdowns in the sort of performance that he’s made a common occurrence over the last two seasons. Jackson wound up 22-of-43 for 267 yards and also ran for 46 yards in an AFC quarterback matchup that we may be seeing frequently in the coming years.

For now, though, the Chiefs are headed on the road to Detroit to try for a fourth straight win. The Ravens will host the Browns in a divisional clash next weekend.

29 responses to “Chiefs outlast Ravens for 33-28 victory

  1. Good Chiefs win, did enough but they definitely need those RB’s.

    The refs badly missed on spotting the ball 3 times for Baltimore. As in they gave them a full extra yard on 3 separate plays. One of which KC challenged, and won. But it wasted a challenge for something that should be so simple.

    I don’t know what has happened to make the refs so bad over the last couple years.

  2. Sorry KC your D is still garbage! Mahomes is an absolute stud….but unless he puts up 30 every game you guys have NO chance of winning in Foxborough in January…new names on the backs of the jersey….same crappy D!

  3. Harbaugh went for 2 points 2xs and passed up on a FG and failed 4th down attempt.
    There’s his 5 points.


  4. DId Frank Clark play today besides lucking into the 1 sack? Other than than, never heard his name called. What’s he making, like $25 mil? He needs to earn that paycheck.

  5. Sypherman says:
    September 22, 2019 at 4:32 pm
    And people actually thought Jackson was better then Mahomes. lol.

    Who did? You’re making things up. With that being said, Lamar is going to end up being a very good QB in this league.

  6. Hopefully the media will back off on the Brady-Manning comparisons for Lamar Jackson for a while now. Different results when you aren’t playing the Dolphins or Cardinals…

  7. Ravens D is missing half their secondary and Jefferson can’t cover to make up for it. Lamar balled out in the second half. The CB blitzes the Chiefs were throwing at him caused him problems early. Kudos to him for figuring it out in the second half. Coaches didn’t help him. Should have went to the run a lot earlier as KC was giving it to them. To the person that complained about the refs giving the Ravens 3 generous spots, Ravens’ fans can say the same thing. 2 horrible holding calls that killed momentum for them. One brought back a 75 yd run when it was 14 – 6. Bad calls across the board.

    Oh by the way, Mahomes is a STUD!

  8. I really don’t understand all the negative comments about the KC defense. Aside from a few extremely lucky throws, they completely contained Lamar Jackson and kept him in check. Yes they gave up some rushing yards to the RBs in the process, but the D from last year would have unquestionably lost this game. Coverage on the back end has been very good the first 3 games.

    They have allowed 26, 10 and 28 points in the first 3 weeks while learning a new system, and Mahomes just threw for almost 400 yards and 3 TD against a great D without his starting left tackle, starting RB and Tyreek Hill. Pretty sure we’ll be just fine in the long run.

  9. And how many “just throw it up and pray” balls did Lamar complete, otherwise his comp % would be in Tebow territory, those completions were 100% on the receivers as the passes shouldn’t even have been thrown!

  10. Mahomes this, Mahomes that. Chiefs this, Chiefs that. You guys were swept by the Patriots last season. What are these fans cheering about? Reid has not won a game against Brady and Belichick in the post-season. That defense is nothing to brag about.

  11. Jackson came back down to earth. His stats looked way better than they were, he had a couple throws that got caught by pure luck or bad defense. He has yet to play a good d. Wait till that happens those across his body duck throws womt get dropped ,they will be pick six. He should have finished with about 167 yards and three picks today. He still looked like a running back that was slightly good at throwing the ball today. Eventually somebody is going to hit him amd hit him hard
    Keep running lamar.there is a reason this has never worked for the long term.

  12. amaf21 says:
    September 22, 2019 at 4:23 pm
    Only took the league three weeks to figure out Jackson.
    300 yards of total offense is figured out???? Yikes.

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