Daniel Jones uses magic four-letter word to get Giants going


Daniel Jones has an arm on him and got a chance to show off his wheels.

What no one on the Giants knew until Sunday was the rookie quarterback has a mouth on him, too.

“He came in the huddle and he started cussing and we were like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know DJ could cuss,’” Giants receiver Russell Shepard said, via Tom Rock of Newsday. “Didn’t know he was that fiery . . . It was probably midway through the second. We were in the red zone. He was just ready to win. He was going to will us to win.”

The magic word is unprintable, but it is receiving credit for helping the Giants in their comeback.

“He’s like the world’s most mysterious man,” Shepard said. “He’s laid back. He doesn’t say too much . . . I’ve heard him say some things, but I’ve never heard him cuss before. It was the ‘F’ word. And I loved it. I’m a big cusser, and I was pretty impressed.”