Giants get comeback win in Daniel Jones’s first NFL start

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The Giants kept Mike Evans under wraps for most of the second half, but he came through when his team needed him most.

Matt Gay didn’t.

Evans scored three touchdowns in the first half, but was shut down in the second half until less than a minute remained in the game. That’s when Jameis Winston found him for a 55-yard gain to the Giants’ 10-yard-line.

Matt Gay got a 34-yard field goal try a couple of plays later, but Gay, who also missed two extra points, pushed it wide right and the Giants won 32-31 in a game that looked like it might be over at halftime.

The Bucs led 28-10 after two quarters as Evans was dominating through the air and the Giants couldn’t get much going offensively. As Evans faded out of the spotlight, Jones took over.

Jones threw two touchdowns and ran for two others, including a seven-yard sprint up the middle with 1:16 left to play in Tampa on Sunday. That score gave the Giants their first lead of the day and it improbably held up.

It wasn’t a perfect start for Jones as he lost two fumbles and took some time to get going, but the destination certainly made it worth the bumpy journey. Jones finished 23-of-36 for 336 yards and both Evan Engram and Sterling Shepard had at least 100 receiving yards with the rookie running the show.

That will lead to questions about why the Giants thought playing Eli Manning at all was a good idea, but they’ll likely be content to just celebrate their first win of the season while hoping running back Saquon Barkley isn’t going to be out for long.

Jones was also sacked five times, with Bucs linebacker Shaq Barrett coming through with four of them. Barrett had three sacks last week and joins Mark Gastineau as the only players with eight sacks in the first three weeks of a season since 1984.

Neither Barrett nor anyone else could stop Jones when it mattered, however, and that left the game on the foot of a kicker who wasn’t up to the task.

48 responses to “Giants get comeback win in Daniel Jones’s first NFL start

  1. If anyone honestly expected this game to be a shootout you’re lying. That was a great game, Bucs should’ve won but their incompetence knows no bounds. Hope the Glazers sell the team because they are the worst owners in football.

  2. I was one of those people who laughed at the Giants when they picked him so high. I also laughed when they were talking about how good he is. I’m not laughing now. That dude is unbelievable. It sure looks like he has given that team some life, and even more, belief.

    Now, if they can get Nate Solder to actually block someone and earn all that money he is being paid that will help. Also, if Janoris Jenkins could cover someone that would help too. However, that’s partially the DC’s fault because they should have given him some help.

    Jones though. Wow. And Engram. That dude is a monster with speed. If they can get Barkley back next week they could win a few games.I have to believe the Eli Manning era is over unless Solder gets Jones killed.

  3. Daniel Jones (a rookie) got it down in the mist of crazy blitzes from a good defense..
    J against a vanilla defense could not make the necessary adjustments after half time to counter the defensive adjustments… Good qbs can, mediocre qbs are 1 dimensional with no next level…
    Bucs need to be evaluating college qbs!

  4. I’m starting to think that kicker may be the second-most important position in football. When they’re good, they pile up a whole lot of points over the course of a season and help decide many games, and when they mess up… well, exhibit A here.

  5. Great game by Jones,but it came against a Bucs team that choked. Also,try playing defense in the first half Giants.

  6. That shows you how bad Eli Manning was. They would’ve been wiped out with ugly overrated Eli.

  7. As a vikings fan, I just sit here and tear up seeing all these young QBs doing so well, and knowing that the vikings are going to probably sign one of these veterans when they become avaialable in free agency or via trade (Roethlisberger, Cam Newton, Carr).

    “we’re just a QB away!”
    /sniff sniff

  8. How did Jones lead this comeback win? Didn’t the “football experts” claim that Jones was one the the most brutal top ten draft picks in league history? Not saying he won’t have rookie mistakes throughout the season, but man, he is going to prove a lot of people wrong!!!

  9. impeachgiants says:
    September 22, 2019 at 7:56 pm
    That shows you how bad Eli Manning was. They would’ve been wiped out with ugly overrated Eli.
    ………………………………………………………………………………… yeah bud it was eli or you know the oline….jones was sacked 5 times hit 18 times..his athleticism saved him…tom brady would have died behind that line today

  10. So who’s this Daniel Jones dude and where’d he come from?
    Looked ok – for a rook.
    What happened to Eli? Is he hurt?


  11. I wonder how many people will put Daniel Jones in the Hall of Fame? Whatever it is predict the over.

  12. impeachgiants says:
    September 22, 2019 at 8:21 pm
    I wonder how many people will put Daniel Jones in the Hall of Fame? Whatever it is predict the over.
    Wouldn’t put him in the Hall of Fame yet. But I will predict he will be SUBSTANTIALLY better than many suggested he would be on draft day. Of course, the many that suggested he would be brutal, will quickly deny they made those comments.

  13. I absolutely loathe the New York Nightmara Family Crime Syndicate but I was rooting for this kid to win a game. Clutch performance. Now if he can beat the Dallas Cow Pies and the Philthydelphia Football team, that would be great. Beating Washington is a given (coming from a former Redskins fan of almost 50 years).

  14. I don’t think it’s so much of a “Eli is a bad QB”,……. But it is about the fact Eli wouldn’t or couldn’t move around to escape. His mobility isn’t good. If I were the Giants GM I’d see if anyone is interested in Eli as a back up,.. maybe get a late draft pick and eat a big hunk of his salary. That takes pressure off Jones and the media distraction.

  15. With the missed field goal,the Giants get lucky again. It’s a pattern. Helmet catches,wide right in Tampa again,and other breaks.

  16. At least no one is screaming “I told you so” because no one told us so. Even Shurmur had nothing more than a “gut feeling.”
    Jones sails in harm’s way now … Godspeed sir.

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