Melvin Gordon’s holdout extends to three weeks

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Somewhere, the continuous Sunday Splash! mandate will cause someone to take some aspect of the Melvin Gordon holdout and massage it into news. Sometimes, no news is the only news that can be squeezed out of a lingering situation.

For the Chargers running back, the only news this Sunday is that he’s still holding out. That he’s still giving up weekly checks in excess of $329,000. And that he’s still not planning to skip the full season, because he’s still under contract to the Chargers for 2019.

It’s still not, and never was, a Le'Veon Bell situation, because Bell was unsigned and subject to a quirk of the labor deal that allowed him to sit out the entirety of the second application of the franchise tag and put the Steelers in checkmate as to what would have been Year Three of the tag.

It’s still not, and never was, a situation where Gordon must show up by the Tuesday after Week 10 or within 30 days before the end of the regular season. He’s still required by rule (as refined by Joey Galloway’s grievance from a generation ago) to be on the roster for at least eight games to easily satisfy the final year of his contract and become a free agent in 2020. (As explained five years ago when outling the very strategy that Gordon is deploying, a player could try to apply the Galloway grievance to the extreme of its reasoning, showing up for only one game and hoping that the inevitable grievance will go his way.)

When Gordon recently said he’s “going to play somewhere” this year, it means he’s likely going to show up for the Chargers in time to get those eight games, because barring a dramatic and unexpected development, no one will be trading for him. It also means that he’ll report in time to ensure that, even if the Chargers use a roster exemption for a full three weeks in order to get him in shape, he’ll still be on the roster for eight games.

Which means that, given the team’s Week 12 bye, Gordon needs to show up after Week Five and before Week Six, since a three-week roster exemption would expire before Week Nine and make him eligible for eight games on the active roster, which would make him a free agent in 2020.

So maybe that’s the Sunday Splash! that someone will generate at some point this morning, in breathless fashion: “I’m told Melvin Gordon is expected to report to the Chargers after the Week Five game against the Broncos, per source.”

And then maybe someone else will report the same thing within five minutes.

And then maybe someone else will tweet out a rat emoji.

30 responses to “Melvin Gordon’s holdout extends to three weeks

  1. The big difference between the Gordon holdout vs Bell’s holdout is that Bell is an elite talent. Maybe I’m missing something but the Chargers offer to Gordon seems very fair.

  2. Cat fight! No matter who reports what, it was reported all last year that Bell had to report by week 10. Until week 10 and he didn’t report. Either way I can’t see his teammates being cool with him showing up midseason and expecting to play.

  3. I’m becoming more and more sick and tired of these professional athletes, who make more each week than the average person does in 5 years. I’ll be walking my dog today on NFL Sunday.

  4. I saw him in that Hollywood store called “Voodoo” – he was asking for a Todd Gurley doll and some needles – but they only had the needles as they are actually a vinyl records shop.

  5. It’s amazing how much these guys take their health for granted. Giving up a million already with the assumption he will be healthy and play next year.

    What’s up with these young cats thinking they’re irreplaceable? Chargers are trash with or without you. Why would they pay you top dollar?

  6. He tried to hold them over a barrel for his ridiculous salary demands and lost. Now he’s doubling down and holding out while losing all that money and who knows how much in fines. He’ll be lucky to get some team to sign him next year for what the Chargers offered him. I just can’t understand what he thinks he’s going to gain from all this except flushing this year down the toilet.

  7. He will earn less than half his salary after the exemption and fines.
    How many of those early games will be lack luster because he didn’t have enough practice?
    It’s not just conditioning, it’s lost practice.

    If he plays only 8 games and performs poorly in 2-3 of them it impacts his overall season, and make shim less desirable. No one is going to pay someone a lot based on 5-6 games of productivity.

  8. Gordon holding out makes sense to me. If he’s trying to maximize earnings over the course of his career, he plays 8 games prorated at $5.6mil this year. Then next year and beyond, earning somewhere around $10 mil per, the math says holdout. Running backs take a beating, rookie contracts are not fair to RB’s(they’re used up and thrown out). Gordon is taking the path all talented RB’s should take, and I expect more RB’s will follow this path going forward.

  9. Yeah, Gordon isn’t very good and he’s injury prone. I’d assume that this would have to be his agent, right?

    I remember a RB about 25 years ago named Errict Rhett that did the same thing with the Bucs and the Bucs called his bluff, he sat out all of the 96 season and was never the same again.

  10. His EGO is writing checks, his body can’t cash! He is a good ( not great ) running back. He has rushed for 1000 yards just once in his career. You only have to average a little over 60 yards a game to have 1000 yards in a season!

  11. Gordon is half as good as Ezekiel Elliott so offering him half the money Zeke got seems pretty fair.

    Wait the Chargers offered him more than that.

    So why is he holding out again?

  12. I’d laugh if when Gordon does return Lynn told him they were happy with their current RBs and made him inactive for just long enough that this year doesn’t count towards his 5th year and the Chargers would retain rights to him for another year, that would be called WINNING the “hold-out” game for the Chargers!

  13. leroyquimby says:
    September 22, 2019 at 7:17 am

    Cat fight! No matter who reports what, it was reported all last year that Bell had to report by week 10. Until week 10 and he didn’t report. Either way I can’t see his teammates being cool with him showing up midseason and expecting to play.

    BIG DIFFERENCE is Bell was on his 2nd franchise tag, Gordon is only on his 5th year option and has to play at least 6 games for this year to count, that’s why I made the comment above.

  14. Should have taken the 10 million per deal he was reportedly offered. Doubt he’d top that even as a free agent.

  15. A lot of people hating on Gordon here. Idk about yal, but I had Gordon on my fantasy team last year and he was a touchdown machine. Watch his highlights from last year. He may not be a Ezekiel Elliot but he’s definitely one of the better backs in the league.

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