Sean Payton “proud” of the way Teddy Bridgewater played

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Sean Payton has won a lot of games in a lot of ways during his time as the Saints’ head coach, but he found a new box to check off on Sunday.

Payton won a game without Drew Brees at quarterback for the first time as Teddy Bridgewater piloted the offense in a 33-27 win over the Seahawks. It was the first time Bridgewater started in a win for his team since the final week of the 2015 season and Payton said he was “proud” of how Bridgewater, who suffered a severe knee injury in the summer of 2016, played.

Bridgewater was 19-of-27 for 177 yards and two touchdowns and said he had to get his emotions in check before the game got underway.

“I was just thinking about the process from the time I was injured up until now,” Bridgewater said. “Just thinking about all the ones who believed in me and just being back on this stage and getting to show how faithful God is, all my emotions were running at the same time.”

Bridgewater is set for another start against the Cowboys next Sunday night.

20 responses to “Sean Payton “proud” of the way Teddy Bridgewater played

  1. I am not sure if Teddy will ever become an upper tier quarterback, but given that he was minutes from having his leg amputated from his horrific practice injury, this is one helluva achievement for him.

  2. Peyton coached a great game. Everything happened that needed to for the Saints to head home with a W. Pete Carroll coached like he was the head čoach of the Browns today. 30 seconds left in the 1st half and Lockett takes ball out of the end zone, wastes 6 seconds and runs it to the 21. That is inexcusable. It’s Pete Carroll coaching in a nut shell…..doing stupid stuff with a big smile and saying it doesn’t matter because games don’t start til the 4th quarter. Congrats to Peyton and the Saints. Well prepared and coached exactly how to execute their winning game plan. Seattle destined to be one and done wildcard team forever.

  3. Hopefully you’ll be just as proud of him next week after the Cowboys stuff him into the turf inside that tin can that you guys call a stadium.

  4. Bridgewater looked good. Not too shabby to have your first win as the backup be against a good team. Should have no problem holding down the fort til Brees comes back.

  5. Accepting an average performance from your QB is laughable. This clown will not take the team to the playoffs.

  6. He was fine. Nothing special but if he can continue getting the ball to Kamara, sprinkle in a little bit for Thomas and Ginn and keep taking good care of the ball, the Saints can go 3-3 and 4-2 in this stretch and have Brees coming back for week 10.

  7. Viking fan here very happy to see Teddy get a start and win under his belt. He kept the faith and worked his tail off. Great story!

  8. You can’t be anything but happy for Teddy Bridgewater.

    Great person, great work on recovering from the injury and continuing his career.

  9. Saints fan here… I’m not a big Bridgewater fan… but I’ll say this. He showed up today. He doesn’t need to go all out and try to win games… he needs to simply manage them. Kudos Ted, you did awesome today

  10. Ask him to manage the game and not lose the game for you, and hopefully defense, special teams, and the running game will step it up until Drew Brees is back.

    He avoided the big mistakes against Seattle and managed a double digit lead, let’s see what happens going forward.

  11. And let me point out for those who didn’t watch the game that should’ve been 3 TDs, the third was going to a wide open Kamara in the end zone, but KJ Wright tackled him for a PI penalty, which put them at the 1, so they ran it in instead.

  12. slimglynn says:
    September 22, 2019 at 8:42 pm
    Hopefully you’ll be just as proud of him next week after the Cowboys stuff him into the turf inside that tin can that you guys call a stadium.
    NEWS FLASH – your 7 game preseason is over now.

  13. Like a BRIDGE over troubled WATER, Teddy beat Seattle. Sean Payton is Feeling Groovy What did you say, Mrs. Robinson, Legion of Boom has left and gone away. Putrid Sound Stadium is being shrouded by the Sound of Silence. The victorious Saints are Homeward Bound.

  14. He isn’t finished yet. Seattle has one of the most difficult venues in the NFL. Dallas will be tough, too. Teddy will be somebody’s starter next year.

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