Texans beat Chargers in another thriller

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The Chargers and Texans played today, so of course it went down to the wire.

Both teams entered today’s game 1-1, with one thrilling last-minute win and one heartbreaking last-minute loss each. And so when they met again today, no one could be surprised that it went down to the final minute, with a Philip Rivers fourth-down pass falling incomplete deep in Texans’ territory with 11 seconds left, sealing a 27-20 win for the Texans.

Houston quarterback Deshaun Watson was excellent, completing 25 of 34 passes for 351 yards, with three touchdowns and no interceptions, and he was only sacked twice after taking 10 sacks in the first two games of the season. Watson is playing great football.

Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was good, too, but really only when targeting wide receiver Keenan Allen, who had an amazing game. When Rivers targeted Allen, he went 13-for-17 for 183 yards and two touchdowns. When Rivers targeted all other Chargers, he went 18-for-29 for 135 yards and no touchdowns.

It was a back-and-forth game that saw the Chargers take an early lead but the Texans take control in the second half and then withstand a furious Chargers comeback attempt. The Texans’ last defensive stand was a fantastic finish, just as both of these teams have grown accustomed to.

The win makes the Texans 2-1, and they appear to be the class of the AFC South. At 1-2, the Chargers are going to have an awfully tough time catching the Chiefs in the AFC West.

17 responses to “Texans beat Chargers in another thriller

  1. Dam, you suckered me into checking the game box score cuz I thought I missed a thriller. Game down to a final possession sure, but a thriller? Houston scored with 9 minutes left, chargers made it 27-20 with 7 minutes left, then came the final possession. Wouldn’t say it was a thriller.

  2. But the Charhers were the sexy pick all you sports writers picked to take the AFC West from the Chiefs…..oh wait you guys make the same pick every year hoping at some time you’ll get it right. Same old Chargers we know and love year after year, and just for the record Phillip Rivers is not a HOF QB, enough already.

  3. what do you know, Rivers couldn’t deliver again. he’s like a more slightly more successful version of Kirk Cousins, mostly because he has been playing forever, but never wins the real meaningful games.

  4. ericdanielshowell says:

    September 22, 2019 at 8:09 pm

    The class of the AFC South, despite sharing a record with the Colts, having a shoddy offensive line, a quarterback with glass bones, and a second string running back. Gotcha.
    Not sure who you’re talkin about… DeShaun Watson is one of the toughest quarterbacks out there… The offensive line is looking better every week… And Carlos Hyde has the fifth most rushing yards in the nfl going into this game.

  5. NFL will do anything to keep the chargers from hosting the playoff in that small field.. so badly want the Chiefs to replace the Patriots at the top of the AFC

  6. So, does this mean that the ridiculous annual “Chargers are the team to beat in the AFC West” take is officially dead for this season?

  7. They had a chance to tie until a holding penalty negated a 25 yard pass play in the waning moments. It’s amazing how the Chargers have consistently blown games like this for the past 50 years.

  8. nagyisterrible says:
    September 22, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    Any time the game is close you can count on Phillip Rivers to either fumble or throw an interception.

    This has been happening for YEARS, yet he gets a free pass every year and nobody ever says he is playing for his job. even though he has done nothing, and with some stacked teams in the past.

  9. “Rivers can’t come through in the clutch”

    Rivers did fine, Travis Benjamin dropped a touchdown that would have sent it to OT and then took a killer sack when Wisenhunt had the bright idea to let Sam Tevi handle JJ Watt one on one. Rivers was let down by his supporting cast, story of his career.

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