Three teams were interested in Antonio Brown, as of Saturday


As of Saturday, multiple teams were interested in receiver Antonio Brown, pending the completion of the NFL’s ongoing Personal Conduct Policy investigation. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, the number of interested teams was three.

Of course, that was Saturday. On Sunday morning, Brown launched into a Twitter tirade the included taking shots at Patriots owner Robert Kraft and claiming that Brown will no longer play in the NFL.

Brown deleted the tweet directed at Kraft, but the “no more NFL for me” tweet still stands. That said, it’s believed that Brown eventually will want to return to the NFL, once the investigation is completed and discipline, if any, is meted out.

It remains to be seen how long the investigation takes. Given that teams apparently won’t pursue Brown while the investigation is unresolved, Brown and his representatives should be pressing the NFL to resolve the investigation as quickly as possible.

37 responses to “Three teams were interested in Antonio Brown, as of Saturday

  1. >As of Saturday, multiple teams were interested in receiver Antonio Brown
    >Brown deleted the tweet directed at Kraft, but the “no more NFL for me” tweet still stands

    Yep, 3-teams are interested in Brown… the Los Angeles Wildcats, the Houston Roughnecks, and the Seattle Dragons of the XFL.

  2. It’s easy to say “three teams are interested in Brown” without having to prove it!

    If three are interested then name them!

  3. I don’t believe Rosenhaus at all. All BS to drive up the asking price!! What team will go near this dude?? He’s done.

  4. I find it hard to believe three teams are interested in him. If they are then they aren’t paying attention to the walking train-wreck that is AB.

  5. What is the league minimum now days?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a team pick him up for a league minimum 1yr prove it deal! After all he’s pulled that all he should get at the max, but this is the NFL and some team will pay him more than he’s worth for all the trouble, they always do.

  6. If you honestly are still interested in the sky I question your intelligence. Yada yada yada game changer. He’s done

  7. All the NFL cares about is talent. If you got it, they want you. As long as it outweighs your baggage.
    It’s not just a Raiders thing or a Patriots thing. It’s an NFL thing.

  8. NE cut AB because of a single text. Chiefs, Ravens, and Cowboys have no issues employing the worse of the worse. It’s a part of their culture…

  9. Since he has shown that he wants to be on an SB caliber team right now would a losing team be desperate enough to try him and would he be desperate enough to join them and stay on it?

  10. Lies lies lies.
    Don’t believe anything drew Rosen house says. Nobody in their right mind would touch brown with a 1000 mile pole.

  11. If the Patriots can’t make it work with Brown, then no one can. Belichick runs a tight, professional ship and doesn’t take any BS. If he can’t get Brown in line, no one can. I can only see a dysfunctional team going after Brown, which would be a terrible situation for him. Just quit football. No one can deal with you

  12. Just take a knee AB..Maybe it’ll turn you into a “hero” and totally redeem yourself 😂😂😂

  13. Shame when someone hands an athlete the opportunity to play with one of, if not the greatest franchises in the game of professional football, a SB ring in the making, and the opportunity to play with the greatest QB in the game’s history. And the athlete is to ignorant to listen to and follow the directions he was given; conform, keep your mouth shut, and behave yourself. Being considered ignorant might be a compliment to this moron. David Meggett played his character well in remake of the The Longest Yard.

  14. If there was a team that could of dealed with the craziness of AB it would of been the Patriots but since even they cant. I dont think anybody will sign Antonio Brown

  15. If he’s cleared its an almost certainty that someone will come up with a certain type of “incentive” contract to offer him, where they are both protected (to pay only for good play/behavior) and the “he has to behave to get paid” narrative for the team/ownership to save face for signing him. Whether its right or not, hes quite an attraction – as a player AND for being controversial – so he’ll get an offer from a team that need a “boost.”

    Even then, I’d still lay odds he’ll cause all kinds of trouble after he gets to that team too I believe he cant stop himself, even if he wanted to

  16. The real questions are, #1 Did he do what he’s being accused of? #2 How about the woman who made these allegations?

    There’s more to life than football. People’s lives are at stake here. It’s a shame that we are more concerned with what team will be signing him versus if he committed this crime or how the victim is dealing with this situation. I’m an avid sports fan, but I’m also human.

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