XFL not interested in Antonio Brown

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With Antonio Brown claiming that he’s done with the NFL, there are other FL’s out there that could provide landing spots for a talented, albeit troubled, player.

The XFL won’t be one of them.

An XFL spokesperson tells PFT that the fledgling spring league is not interested in Brown.

It would be an intriguing move, and it definitely would generate buzz for a league that would benefit from it. Apparently, however, that’s not the kind of buzz the XFL is looking for, especially with Brown currently being sued for sexual assault and rape, while also being investigated by the NFL for that and other misconduct.

49 responses to “XFL not interested in Antonio Brown

  1. If Brown can settle his legal matters I think the XFL may show some interest. The odds maybe be against him, but let’s see!

  2. thesmartest1 says:

    He’ll play in the NFL when he gets his third bank statement.

    I have no doubt that would be correct if not for one small problem–that is no longer up to him. He has finally caused himself enough trouble that his immense talent can’t get him out of. I don’t think he’ll play again this year because I don’t think teams will touch him until all of the legal things have been worked out. Plus, after seeing his latest twitterstorm, what teams are going to want him?

  3. Didn’t Brown post a few weeks ago on twitter asking if anyone would still love him once he was out of football?

    Lolz guess what Antonio, nope, nobody loves you any more. Nobody’s loved you for quite a bit I’d say.

  4. Well, with the Barnum and Bailey circus going outta biz, it’s safe to assume that AB is running outta options

  5. Lol what a waste of talent. I would have loved for him to play well with either Raiders or the Pats. I just like to see good football. Instead like someone said… Antonio Clown.

  6. AB is now in the same category as Tim Tebow… Kapernick and now Brown. No team will want him because when he comes to town so does the media. What do you think Belicheat did after the press conference he had when all they did is ask about Brown. He went back to the Gm and said get rid of him !!!!

  7. WWE misses a big opportunity for a new gimmick. Antonio Brown as the ‘Masked Victim’.

    The concept is Brown coming to the ring each week whining about how he is a victim, then being bombarded with a bevy of F-5’s, Stone Cold Stunners, RKO’s, Curb Stomps, Superman Punches, Sister Abigail’s etc.

  8. I stand corrected, the XFL won’t be calling because of a moral compass. Good on em. This public announcement that they are not interested does not bode well for Mr. Brown. There’s aren’t that many other FL options when you say no to the NFL and the XFL says no to you.

  9. This guy needs some help mentally. Not kidding. This could end bad. I have no dog in the fight, never was on my team. Hopefully his family can help.

  10. It wouldn’t matter if they got him. The XFL will fold quickly anyway, it was created to pander to a group of people but it won’t last long term

  11. How horrible would it have been to just be a professional and play ball in Oakland? Derek Carr is not a bad guy or bad QB, Tyrell Williams is good, they have a good young RB and TE -you add Brown to the mix and it is a halfway decent offense and you can maybe take a run at a wild card spot. This egomaniac would do well to take some advice from someone like Larry Fitzgerald, a class guy and professional who is also 10 times the tuff guy AB is.

  12. Up here in Canada, we would welcome him in the CFL.

    Here is your $9,000 game check, Antonio; and, oh, its $9,000 Canadian which is about US$7,000 and we spell it “cheque” not check. Good day, eh.

  13. all the guy had to do was pretend to be sane for another few weeks & he’d be rolling in the dough. tragic really.

  14. Dang, that’s bad when the XFL doesn’t want you. The XFL is like community college – everyone is welcome and no resume is needed.

  15. Before any one says CFL, the commissioner is a sensitive guy who kicked Manzeil out for a minor, largely administrative, probation breach.

  16. In the end the Steelers are really the biggest winner here. They got 2 draft picks for a guy who played in one NFL game after they traded him.

  17. What does it say about Brown when even Vince McMahon is not interested? I hope he has some money stashed because between lost endorsements and lost NFL money,he won’t be in good shape financially,and it’s his own fault. Get ready for a whole bunch of new grievances filed by Brown,looking to get paid by the NFL.

  18. xfl is aiming too high. if they don t hire losers, criminals and washed up bums ..who exactly is going to play for them?

  19. We just took a vote and our neighborhood Flag Football team won’t take Antonio Brown either. He’s running out of options.

  20. So the XFL is a no go, huh?

    Yeah, ‘fraid so AB.

    Well that sux.

    Yeah, it do, AB.

    Well, what about Jerry Springer?

    I’m on it, AB.

  21. It was obvious it wasn’t gonna work out in NE the second he scored and leaped the fence. Later in the game he stood arms outstretched with his grin on in a moment of self adulation…..hope he soaked it up it may have been the last cheers he ever receives on a football field.

  22. There are ~1000 camp bodies competing for ~400 spots in the XFL. I don’t think they’ll have any trouble finding players, with or without Antonio Brown.

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