Zac Taylor wanted a safety after Tre’Davious White’s interception

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After Tre'Davious White picked off Andy Dalton with 12 seconds left to seal the Bills’ victory, Bengals coach Zac Taylor went crazy on the sideline.

It turns out Taylor wanted the Bengals awarded a safety, apparently not understanding the rule about a player giving himself up.

“I was looking for a safety, but I guess he declared himself down just because he gets up and runs around,” Taylor said, via Jay Morrison of “That is what we were all yelling for, was to get the safety and get the ball back.”

White went to the ground after his pick, as he should have. He was never touched by a Bengals player, but he didn’t need to be.

White jumped up and ran into his own end zone and then through his own end zone as teammates mobbed him.

During the commotion, Bengals offensive tackle Bobby Hart made contact with an official, earning an ejection.

“I just went out there and asked him, ‘Is he down?’” Hart said. “When I ran up to [the official], I shocked him, and he just threw the flag. I don’t remember touching him. I didn’t think I touched him.”

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  1. This was a weird play, because he didn’t “go to the ground after making the pick”, he went down as part of the process of making the catch, thus that act does not declare himself down per the rules. He then got up and ran out of his end zone without making an overt act other than making the catch itself, so it was definitely much more questionable then most plays of a similar nature. Officials are just never going to actually award a safety on a play like that

  2. It was a safety. First time the nerfing of the NFL has actually bothered me.

    NFL used to have a goal of having as few judgement based calls as possible. I don’t mind making some sacrifices for safety, but you aren’t down until you are touched. This whole “hes down cause he got up slow” is a weird rule to introduce.

    How quickly does someone have to get up before they aren’t considered down? Might as well just adopt the college rules if we are going to give up downing players.

  3. ” I don’t mind making some sacrifices for safety, but you aren’t down until you are touched. ”

    The play was whistled dead at that point. You don’t have to be touched if the official blows the whistle and declares the play over. Hard to hear over the crowd noise.

  4. It was a bad call. He clearly forgot it was still a live play when he jumped up and ran in his own endzone like an idiot. He did NOT give himself up. It was a bonehead mental mistake that he should have had to pay for. He’s a pro and should know better.

  5. Should have been a safety. He was never downed and there was no real stoppage of play. What if after a couple of steps he fumbled and the Bengals recovered? The refs are told not to stop play or prematurely rule players down. It was a boneheaded move running backwards like that and should have been a safety.

  6. If a WR can give himself up the moment that he’s on the ground then so can a DB. Everyone on the field got what was going on, to the point that not a single Bengals player even bothered trying to down him. It was the right call, he was down.

  7. The Bengals were down by four points at the time. I see the leaves you behind by two with 12 seconds left in a free kit coming your way. If the bangles expect to win games this way, they’re in for another long season…

  8. The Next One says:
    September 22, 2019 at 11:57 pm
    It was a safety.

    No it wasn’t. And I’ll introduce another reason why it wasn’t. On the replay you can see the official with his arm up signaling the end of the play. At that point everyone’s actions are based on the fact they’ve been told the play is over. Whatever he does from that point on is moot.

    And come on, if you REALLY want a free play after the game-losing interception that’s just kind of lame anyways.

  9. I guess every time a receiver makes a diving catch he is down because he “gave himself up” to make the catch.

    The player didn’t intercept the ball and then go to the ground. He went to the ground to make the play and then immediately got up. That happens plenty of times over the course of the year as players try to run the interception or fumble back.

  10. If a bunch of your teammates touch you down when you’re on the ground, meaning the game is sealed, then it is generally known you are giving yourself up.
    Nice try though

  11. White made the catch and then very obviously put his laid back (putting his shoulders on the ground) to make a clear indication that he was giving himself up, and the ref blew the whistle. The play was over, there was no safety.

  12. White made the catch and then very obviously laid back (putting his shoulders on the ground) to make a clear indication that he was giving himself up, and the ref blew the whistle. The play was over, there was no safety.

  13. You want the safety?!! Ok, then run 5 or 6 seconds off the clock. Then we punt to you. Game over. Gimme a break – the Bungles threw another pick. You lost. All that being said – Coach McDermott has to tell our DB to quit running down to the end zone together after every turn over – it’s become their thing.

  14. As he went to the ground, he curled his body around the ball ending the play before shooting up to celebrate. He gave himself up. Dalton threw a INT to lose the game. Ya lost. Get over it

  15. Definitely was a judgement call by the ref and a tough one at that. As a Bills fan I’m glad the ref made it in our favor… But I could also understand how the Bengals fans could be upset.

  16. Had he run to the other end zone with the same effort by the Bemgals to touch him down would it be a TD? Quit whining. The refs did not “clearly” compound a mistake as one was not made. Some guys just dont know football.

  17. I don’t think it was a missed call personally. Taylor was in the moment and I can’t really blame him for trying to get the officials attention. The Josh Allen fumble towards the end of the half I thought was the more questionable call. I don’t think the Bengals deserved to win either way can’t have only 2 first downs going into the two minute warning before halftime. This year is basically a wash anyway with the bad o line and same terrible defense. Going to need about 2-3 drafts before we can get any read on ZT. The roster needs rebuilt.

  18. While it would have been super strange to award a safety there, it technically was. He did not go to the ground to give himself up, he went to the ground to make the catch. He clearly forgot that the play should be live when he started celebrating, but in many cases like this the guy runs around trying to finish out the clock and slides before being hit. In this case White clearly just made a boneheaded play and got lucky that the officials saw it the way they did. I hate that there is so much interpretation being applied to the rules. He’s down or he’s not, it shouldn’t be a judgement call

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