Bruce Arians: Matt Gay “ain’t going anywhere”

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Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians has spent time the last two days discussing the delay of game penalty that made Matt Gay‘s game-winning field goal attempt five yards longer than it was set to be after a long completion to Mike Evans.

Arians’s comments on the series of events leading up to the kick have also touched on moving the ball from the hash to the middle of the field, but all of the conversation would be unnecessary if Gay had simply hit the 34-yard field goal. He missed it, though, and also missed two extra points in a 32-31 loss to the Giants.

Gay put the loss “100 percent” on his shoulders, but he’ll have a chance to make up for the misses in the future. Arians said on Monday that the fifth-round pick “ain’t goin’ anywhere” and said the franchise’s rough history with kickers won’t lead him to change his mind.

“This history s–t . . . this is a new team. This is our team, a new team. Just go kick. Just go kick,” Arians said, via

Gay is 7-of-9 on field goals and 5-of-7 on extra points overall this season.

8 responses to “Bruce Arians: Matt Gay “ain’t going anywhere”

  1. As a longtime Cards fan, I can tell you BA’s Achilles Heel is his myopia when it comes to his kicking game. And pray the special teams coach isn’t an old buddy of BA’s, cause no matter how bad it might get (it cost us a number of games), there is never any accountability when it comes to his old pals.
    That could be why he came back. He missed his old pals.

  2. Keep your head up Matt, your a good young kicker that should have never had to make that kick to win against a terrible Giants team down 18 at half. You win as a team and you lose as a team….we had more chances then I care to count to put our foot on their throats and we simply didn’t.

  3. 28-10 Bucs lead at the half…
    Yes,Gay makes it they win, miss it they lose…

    Gay should NEVER have been put in that position.. Bucs score 28 points in 1st half but only 3 in 2nd half… Bucs CHOKED!… at least 1 or 2 more field goals in the 2nd half and we are not in this situation!

  4. I used to like Ariens, but his fake tough guy act is getting old real quick. And trust me, this guys misses another game winner and he’s gone, no matter what tough guy says now

  5. Yes, they blew the lead, but he gets paid to make field goals and a 34 yard field goal should be 19/20 for any NFL kicker.

  6. overkil2 says:
    September 23, 2019 at 7:01 pm
    Yes, they blew the lead, but he gets paid to make field goals and a 34 yard field goal should be 19/20 for any NFL kicker.

    Agree, but Arians need to coach for that day. XP are 33 yds, and he missed 2, so a 34 yd kick wasn’t a gimmie.

  7. This franchise is SO frustrating! I’ve been a fan since day 1 and aside from Tony Dungy and (Jon Gruden coaching a SB team)…it’s been one BAD season after another. Maybe it is time for the Glazers to sell the team, and the new owner moves them, changes the name and create a brand new identy. San Diego deserves a re-do!

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