Tom Brady on Antonio Brown: I have personal feelings, but won’t share them

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After the Patriots beat the Dolphins in Week Two, quarterback Tom Brady said the afternoon was a good start for wide receiver Antonio Brown in the team’s offense.

As it turned out, it was also the end for Brown in the team’s offense. Brown was released last Friday after more allegations of improper conduct and the Patriots moved on to face the Jets without the troubled wideout.

Brady was asked about Brown’s release during a Monday appearance on WEEI.

“I do have a lot of personal feelings, none of which I really care to share,” Brady said, via Phil Perry of “That’s about it. It’s a difficult situation. That’s kinda how I feel.”

The Patriots went down another wideout when Julian Edelman left Sunday’s game with a chest injury. Josh Gordon came up with some big plays and the offense looked fine in a 30-14 win that made it clear Brown’s departure didn’t throw anything off track.

28 responses to “Tom Brady on Antonio Brown: I have personal feelings, but won’t share them

  1. Well, that response should be good enough for 150+ posts on this site, including mine.

    Pats running game certainly needs work, but the protection has not been too bad given new pieces getting up to speed.

  2. Family means a lot to Brady. Remember that a writer for a local radio station made comments about his daughter and it didn’t sit well with him. The key was that you can criticize him, but leave his family out of it.

    Antonio Brown brought a woman’s family into it while intimidating/threatening her. He was given a great opportunity and couldn’t just act like a professional.

  3. Well it looks like Antonio Brown’s going to be serving french fries out of a drive-through window pretty soon. Says he’s done with the NFL but I can’t see that he has any other life skills so either he is a liar or “do you want ketchup for your fries”

  4. Brady in 20 years playing in the NFL only has had 1 all pro wide receiver and that was Randy Moss which lasted only 2 seasons.He has to deal with tier 2 wide receivers preety much throughout his career and he was fine with that but when they brought in Antonio Brown he was finally saying Thank you but that happiness was taken away really quick and I understand he’s frustrated bit Brady also has to understand Brown has issues he needs to deal with.

  5. Of course he isn’t going to share his personal feelings on this. He’s seldom shared them on anything else, why would he start now? Just like AB gotta AB and can’t keep quiet, Brady gotta Brady and not hand anyone anything they can distort. The former could learn a lot from the latter but…

  6. He probably feels like a lot of true football fans. It’s a complete and utter shame that someone whos that talented can be that delusional, but Tom is smart enough to know that if be says that it will get twisted, and he’ll be somehow portrayed as being a supporter of someone accused of sexual assualt. So he does the only thing he can do in this situation and says nothing.

  7. I am waiting for the comments about how Brady was yelling at the ref about the intentional grounding call. I do not try to say I know all the rules to a T but didn’t he throw the ball to the Jets DL and he batted it down? Is that IG? Anyway, I am sure the Brady haters will make a big deal about it and who he whines.

    Looking forward to next weeks game. Buffalo fans must be pumped. So be a great measuring stick for both teams.

  8. lizzyisnoindian says:
    September 23, 2019 at 8:17 am

    He probably feels like a lot of true football fans. It’s a complete and utter shame that someone whos that talented can be that delusional
    That’s true, but on the other hand that’s also the only reason the Patriots were able to sign him in the first place. If he wasn’t delusional, he’d still be in Pittsburgh.

  9. If you really care what Brady’s opinion is then you need help ….. it’s insignificant- ….. knowing his personal thought won’t change anything: nobody I know will sleep any less knowing or not ….

  10. Brady was also falsely accused, but kept his mouth shut.

    Not sure if Antonio Brown did anything illegal, but society is now on presumed guilty and ruin a guy’s life first. Michael Irvin set the mold for responding to false accusations, Judge Kavanaugh, too. Brown and Brady are the extremes of what you should not do.

  11. thecape15 says:
    September 23, 2019 at 8:27 am
    He has a lot of feelings just like many people do.

    Great receiver.
    Needs help.
    Regrets that he let him that close to his family.

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    Sounds about right.

  12. We could collectively take the air out of all social media, and 90% of what passes for regular media these days, if people responded to situations the way Brady did here.

  13. The Patriots went down another wideout when Julian Edelman left Sunday’s game with a chest injury.

    Have no fear Patriots fans. I’m sure they can count on the refs calling defensive pass interference on every 3rd down pass play.

  14. “Personal feelings”?
    For a man who was on the team for less than a week?
    I’m guessing those aren’t positive feelings at this point.

  15. “People seem to forget Brady also had OchoCinco.”

    Yeah and? He was so stupid he could not comprehend the Pats playbook and was still having to have Brady and others tell him where to line up in week 14 of that season.

    Other than Randy Moss I would certainly argue that Edelman, Welker and for at least a couple years Troy Brown are/were high end receivers

  16. I recommend people read the entire discussion by Brady. It is a developed personal philosophy that we can all learn from but, alas, Antonio Brown wasn’t able to model.

    That said, the rest of us may want to be less judgmental.

  17. Patriots homers be like:

    AB released from Raiders:
    “HAHAHAHAHA AB is a psycho, he sucks!”

    Patriots sign AB:
    “WOOOOO Super Bowl Title #7 We’re SO WICKED SMART! AB! AB! AB!”

    Patriots release AB:
    “He sucked anyway, he’s a head case, he sucks anyway”

    Bi-polar much?

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