Vic Fangio: Emmanuel Sanders was just repeating what I said

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After Sunday’s 27-16 loss to the Packers, Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders said the team is “living in a world of suck” right now.

Head coach Vic Fangio was asked at Monday’s press conference about his reaction to that comment and said that the team’s players and coaches all expect more out of their on-field work than they’ve gotten at this point.

“He was just repeating what I had said in the locker room after the game,” Fangio said, via Jeff Legwold of “So, I told [the team] we’re going to have to deal everybody thinking we suck and — you know all of us, not just players, coaches, the whole organization — and we need to deal with that. He was basically just repeating what I had said.”

Fangio said he’s cognizant of the toll that consistent losing can take on a locker room and that the team doesn’t have “our head in the sand” on that topic, but added he feels confident that the team has the “right kind of guys” to take steps in a better direction.

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  1. Gotta love Vic for speaking the truth – that’s a far cry from the “we had a great week of practice” rhetoric from the Vance Joseph era.

  2. I am not so sure he was repeating what coach was saying. I heard Emmanuel Sanders saying in a not too cryptic fashion “please trade me to a contender, preferably that perennial winner up in the northeast would be perfect, thanks in advance…”

  3. Maybe someone will finally realize in the Bronco ownership that Elway doesn’t know what he is doing as a GM. Maybe Elway has some unsavory information about someone high up in The Bronco ownership.

  4. I remember a few years ago, the Vikes were having a bad season and one of their stars…and I’m bad with names… #95 … said they had to learn to embrace the suck. No one got all worked up about it. It was a fair description and it made me laugh.

    The Vikes weren’t a bad team, they had a lot of injuries.

    The Broncos are working in a new system. They’ll get better.

  5. jdiba jdiba says:
    September 23, 2019 at 4:01 pm
    The Pats have coveted him for a long time. I think that’s where he ends up.


    Ask former Bronco WR Demaryius Thomas how that worked out.

  6. Broncos = Bad JuJu. Began after Superbowl 50 win. Elway’s bad decision’s, screwing up the QB position, messing with the draft, getting rid of Wade Phillips, trading great players, hiring Vance Joseph for two years. Bad decision’s, bad luck, turnover’s, all contribute to bad juju. Once you get into bad juju it is very difficult to get out.

  7. As a die hard Broncos fan, I knew this type of start was possible. Yes, I blame John Elway for the previous 2 years of Vance Joseph and poor draft decisions made. Yes, he has made some personnel decisions that are questionable, but financially made sense (Shaq Barrett for example). I want Vic Fangio to have 4 stable years of coaching, system implementation, and drafting and then evaluate at that point in time. Plus, at that point, the ownership situation for the Broncos should be clear and evident, meaning Elway will have either proved himself or not.

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