Jay Gruden not looking to change quarterbacks after 0-3 start

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The Washington Redskins are off to an 0-3 start to the season. Case Keenum was responsible for five turnovers in Monday night’s loss to the Chicago Bears at home. The team drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round of the NFL Draft this spring. However, head coach Jay Gruden said after the loss that he isn’t looking to make a change at quarterback.

“Not really, no,” Gruden said when asked if he was considering a change. “I think the most important thing is we have to have some continuity. I can’t be changing people every five minutes here. I’ve got to give Case an ample opportunity to play with these new guys. This is his first time in this offense, really. Donald Penn, Ereck Flowers, their first time in this offense. Terry (McLaurin), Trey Quinn only played two games last year.

“I’ve made this point before, we’re not going to be perfect but we need to be better and I think we can get better. Otherwise if I didn’t think we had a chance to get better, I would make a change but I feel like Case has the tools to become a very efficient quarterback in this offense and get us some victories here moving forward.”

Haskins completed 32 of 58 passes for 409 yards with two touchdowns and two interceptions during four games in the preseason. While the reins will be turned over to Haskins at some point, Washington clearly isn’t headed anywhere this season and putting him on the field against a defense like the Bears could very well have been counter productive.

At some point the pressure to get Haskins on the field will reach a breaking point, but Gruden doesn’t seem to feel that moment is bearing down just yet.

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  1. You might not be looking to make a change at quarterback, but the franchise will soon be looking to make a change at head coach.

  2. Why are they asking Gruden these questions. He isn’t the one who decides what the Redskins do. This team will never get any better with Allen and Snyder running things.

  3. This is all the offensive line. Keenum was rattled by Mack the entire game. If Trent Williams isn’t going to play, trade him for a lineman who will.

  4. Smart people around the organization have consistently said that he’s nowhere close to ready. The Redskins do enough stupid stuff, no need to add this on top of it

  5. Many smart people around the organization have said this guy is not even close to ready. The Redskins could actually make a smart decision for once and not rush this.

  6. I think Jay might be a good coach but this go around isn’t going to treat him well.
    I get Alex Smith is suppose to be quarterbacking this team but I say he’ll be let go. At 2-7 or so.

  7. While I am not the biggest Jay Gruden fan, last night Keenum had a bad night. The coaching staff didn’t plan correctly on how to counter Mack, then they didn’t do enough to adjust for it either. There was not a QB on this planet that would’ve done really well with that much pressure on them.

    Putting Haskins in there would’ve only hampered his growth. People need to stop comparing him to Daniel Jones, Haskins doesn’t have as much experience even at the college level. Haskins needs time to watch and learn so that we can keep him being useful for a long time.

  8. “Case Keenum was responsible for five turnovers to the Chicago Bears”
    Maybe the line should read “the Bears were responsible for five turnovers against Washington” If the line can’t block, why does the QB get blamed for everything.

  9. Keenum was awful last night. It’s just a matter of time before Haskins takes over as the starter this year.

  10. Keenum is not to blame. Jay Gruden and his poor game planning are to blame. How can you expect any quarterback to perform when you leave Khalil Mack unaccounted for? You have to adjust to stop the opposing teams best player. Literally, there was a play last night where Jeremy Sprinkle just stood there while Mack ran by him untouched. Plus our secondary made a quarterback with a previous 50% completion rating look elite and nail almost every pass he attempted.

  11. Gruden has had his moments. Tough to game plan against that Bears D without Trent Williams. Keenum is still new to the team as well as many other players but they should be getting more out of the pieces they have. Still it starts at the top with Snyder and it trickles down. We’ve seen the dysfunction and trickle down effect take it’s toll on the franchise and fan base

  12. gromit45 says:
    September 24, 2019 at 8:52 am
    Seeing the mobility of Daniel Jones over Eli Manning advantages should tell Gruden to play Hawkins over Keenum

    …but this is Washington.


    Haskins is SLOW. He ran a 5.04 40. He’s not going to move like Jones. Keenum is faster than Haskins.

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