Waiver-claim order changes this week

Getty Images

The Cardinals no longer have waiver-claim dibs on any player in the league.

The NFL follows last year’s results (and draft order) for claiming order the first three weeks of the regular season, but now the order is changed to reflect this year’s standings.

With seven winless teams, there are some ties to be broken, which the league does (just as with draft order) by strength of schedule. In the event of ties at that level, a coin is flip to break them.

At the moment, the Broncos and Washington are tied for the first two spots, so if they both want the same player somebody’s going to have to pull some change out of their pocket.

The Jets are third in order, with the Bengals, Dolphins, and Steelers tied for the next three spots, followed by Arizona (0-2-1).

While they had the top spot in claiming order, the Cardinals used it five times (all the day after teams submitted final cuts).