Archie Manning: Peyton wants to work in NFL team front office, or ownership

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Since Peyton Manning retired as a quarterback, there’s been talk that he might some day run an NFL team’s front office. His dad says that’s not just talk.

Archie Manning confirmed to the Indianapolis Star that Peyton wants to be in the NFL in some capacity, perhaps running a team or even owning a team.

“Peyton, somewhere along the line, would like to be back in football — in ownership or front office or something,” he said.

Peyton surely doesn’t have enough money to buy an NFL team, but he could buy a stake in a team, with a majority owner who would let Peyton make all the football decisions. The role John Elway plays in Denver may appeal to Manning somewhere, and that may be Manning’s next NFL step.

6 responses to “Archie Manning: Peyton wants to work in NFL team front office, or ownership

  1. Peyton deserves to own a team over some of these yahoos who have one. First vote is take Cincinnati away from their owners. It is obvious they don’t care what they are putting on the field. Not fair to the #1 the City, the other owners (nbd). In reality who watches their games?
    Peyton may not have enough money, but wouldn’t Eli and Archie pulling together, make a good foundation, kind of like the Rooney’s but better?

  2. Lost all respect for Peyton Manning when he lost to the Saints in the Super Bowl, a team from his hometown that took him under their wing when he was a kid, with out shaking hands after the game. He walked just turned and walked the other way.

  3. The Sheriff wants to be a president… and why not: the guy is an amazing leader and football mind.

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