Baker Mayfield: Rex Ryan isn’t coaching right now for a reason

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The spit for spat continues in Cleveland after ESPN analyst Rex Ryan called Baker Mayfield “overrated as hell.”

First, Browns coach Freddie Kitchens said Ryan’s evaluation of Mayfield as one-read quarterback is “asinine.” Then, Mayfield got his say.

“Whatever,” Mayfield said Wednesday, via video from Mary Kay Cabot of “I mean, in the wise words of Freddie Kitchens, if you don’t wear orange and brown, you don’t matter, and Rex Ryan doesn’t have any colors right now for a reason. So it’s OK.”

Ryan questioned Mayfield’s abilities in a Monday segment.

“I don’t get it,” Ryan said. “I’d love to be an offensive coordinator here. I have Odell Beckham, Jarvis Landry, Nick Chubb and there’s Baker Mayfield. Yeah, I know he’s overrated as hell. . . . Look, I bought into the dang hype. I’m like, ‘Oh, yeah!’ But not to the point where everyone’s saying he’s going to be the league MVP. . . . Here’s a guy right now that’s a one-read guy, and then he’s going to improvise. He’s gotta realize that you are one of the slowest guys on that field when you take off with it. The ball’s not coming out in rhythm. He’s staring down guys, and you’re not that accurate down the field.”

Mayfield’s 70.3 passer rating ranks 40th in the NFL. Yes, 40th among 32 teams. He is below the likes of Luke Falk and Josh McCown. Mayfield has three touchdowns and five interceptions.

42 responses to “Baker Mayfield: Rex Ryan isn’t coaching right now for a reason

  1. Baker is right.

    Rex is making a good living, doesn’t have to work 20 hour days, and has job security for the next couple years, at least theoretically.

    More than can be said for 90% of NFL coaches.

  2. Rex may not for a reason but he was successfull at a higher level than Baker’s been at any point.

    Right now, little reason to think the 40th ranked QB in the league will legitimately surpass him.

  3. He needs to focus, as of right now he is becoming like Kirk Cousins … struggling vs. Good teams turnong the ball over in the 4th… a big difference is Cousins wasnt taken first overall.

    Let your play do the talking for 2 or 3 years before you try with your mouth.

  4. Coaches don’t stop coaching. A Rex Defense would have Mayfield so twisted, confused and broken.

  5. There is only one way for Baker Mayfield to prove he isn’t overrated. Let’s see it on the field.

  6. Baker hasn’t earned the right to talk yet. He seems to think otherwise. Pretty soon you won’t be wearing any colors if you keep up your current play. Until you prove otherwise you are overrated.

  7. I am sure Rex Ryan has declined countless offers at the collegiate and the professional levels for his services but probably enjoys the pay, cushy hours, time off and reduced stress levels. Sounds like a win for Rex.

  8. Mayfield needs to take lessons from Brady, Mahomes, Russell Wilson & other great QBs. Do your job & let others do the talking.

    Mayfield is a distraction machine.

  9. Whether Rex Ryan is right or wrong (he is right though). Baker Mayfield should concentrate in improving his skill set rather than entering in a useless feud with the media.

  10. Baker, Baker, Baker. You are a young man who is supposed to be the face of the franchise. Right now, you need to handle your business, not waste time answering back people over nonsense. That stuff’s for kids – not grown men!

  11. ckruz89 says:
    September 25, 2019 at 3:17 pm

    I am sure Rex Ryan has declined countless offers at the collegiate and the professional levels for his services
    Of course he does. He’s only destroyed 2 franchises so far and that sort of experience is widely sought at the college and pro level.

  12. It’s interesting I suppose, but passer rating is far and away the most useless stat there is.

  13. Baker is consistent. Not sure’s it is the ideal way handle himself to avoid distractions, but it’s who he is. All he has to do is go out and win and it won’t matter what people say.

  14. Is Baker possibly melting under the pressure he placed on himself with his big mouth? We will find out soon. I have a feeling the Ravens are going to bury Baker and the Browns this week and then they can forget about winning the division, maybe even forget about a wild card game.

  15. Who benefits from this chatter? The talking-head media guy or the athlete who will be under the microscope for yet another week?

  16. Browns are going to blink their eyes and find themselves 1-6 or so if they’re not careful. After which it will really fall apart and they’ll be racing the Fins and a couple other teams for the top pick.

  17. Also, Rex is a defensive guy whose defenses have won the Lombardi. He’s probably well qualified to break down the 40th ranked QB in the league.

  18. Baker is so immature, you know he’s actually in here reading all these comments getting triggered.

  19. At this point in time on this planet, Mayfield is highly overrated. He’s much to prove to achieve the false accolades he’s credited with at this point. I agree with Rex, regardless of his employment status at the moment.

  20. So Rex Ryan was in on the hype and now he has determined Baker Mayfield is overacted. Ok…so Rex overacted him and now he’s crushing the guy. Yeah.. I heard the Browns could win the division too around my fantasy draft in August. It didn’t make much sense to me then and it remains a head scratcher now.

    It’s the Browns. The factory of sadness expects no quarter and none will be given. It cares about sadness. And, if you think about it, this is just tradition.

  21. If the Browns had any sense they would pay Russell Wilson whatever it takes to mentor this kid all off-season.

    He might have some physical tools and maybe some leadership abilities but they are NOT honed whatsoever. Like a young man who knows how to punch thinking he could just become a competitive fighter next weekend.

    Baker needs to be much more complete and practiced mentally and emotionally to survive this gig long-term.

  22. Rex Ryan isn’t coaching right now because people got tired of his mouth… so take notes Baker. At least he had the resume to back it up. You, on the other hand… might end up with a losing season with “the most talented team in the NFL.”

    You have no authority to call out Hugh Jackson, y’all about your teammates money, or about Rex Ryan. In fact, you’ve earned nothing so just shut up about everything.

  23. A piece of advice I received from my TI in basic training, “if you keep your mouth shut, it won’t get you in trouble.” Mayfield needs to take that advice.

    Another poster suggested Mayfield hadn’t earned the right to speak. That’s a valid point. Mayfield can say something only after he does something.

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