Drew Brees hopes to “beat” six-week prognosis for return

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees was given three options to fix the torn ligament in his right thumb. He elected to have Dr. Steven Shin insert an internal brace during his Sept. 18 surgery to expedite recovery, Brees said on WWL on Wednesday.

The timetable Brees was given for his return is “six weeks or so.”

“But I think I can beat that,” Brees said on the radio, via Jeff Duncan of TheAthletic.com.

The option Brees chose allows him to remove the cast in a couple of weeks to begin rehab, because the internal brace supports the injured ligament.

Brees consulted with Angels outfielder Mike Trout, Thunder guard Chris Paul and others who had similar injuries and procedures. However, Brees said his situation is unique because of the position he plays.

While he remains a few weeks away from playing again, Brees will be with the team Sunday night when the Saints host the Cowboys.

“I’m still a leader on this team and a team captain, and I plan to do whatever I can to help,” Brees said.

24 responses to “Drew Brees hopes to “beat” six-week prognosis for return

  1. Just because he might be able to come back three to four weeks from now, it doesn’t mean he’s going to be the same player. His thumb will be prone to re-injuring it. People forget that he’s 40-years-old.

  2. We all hope you beat the 6 week time frame Drew, unfortunately you cant save your team Sunday night from getting a major “beat” down!
    Go Cowboys!

  3. I’ve seen this movie play out with Tony Romo. I hate it for Drew Brees, but just like Romo, he will push it and come back to soon. At any age football hurts but, at this point in his career, the same QB hits that used to result in bruises, scrapes and sprains, will now cause far greater damage.

  4. If Teddy could find away to get the ball downfield we may not need ole Brees to push it with rehab. Big test this week glad Drew will be in the house to support the team

  5. If anyone can come back from a thumb injury, it’s Brees. He came back from shoulder reconstruction surgery to lead the league in passing and win a Super Bowl.

  6. sityourselfdown says:
    September 25, 2019 at 8:34 pm

    Ya cuz Brady’ll keep throwing TDs while you fall behind in the record chase

    I think that’s a one man race- Brady could care less about such things. He’s already the all time leader when you include post-season anyway.

  7. If this injury wasn’t on his throwing hand there might be a possibility he can come back sooner but due to the injury happening on his throwing hand I’ll be shocked if he is back less then 6 weeks.To be able to grip and throw the Ball will be a challenge for him.I have a friend who only jammed his thumb and took a while to grip a pencil without pain and Brees had surgery.I hope he does come back stronger because there isn’t a player who deserves more

  8. He shouldn’t because his arm got tired last year. This year it won’t. Blessing in disguise.

  9. I’m a rooter of the Saints now after that beatdown they put on the Seahawks at our house. The airwaves in Seattle have been lit up all week with massive doubt about a playoff appearance this season along with Carroll’s ability to lead another deep playoff run at all. It’s starting to feel like the brand of football played under his guidance is the dinosaur version from the 90’s and he doesn’t have the talent to continue to live in the past any longer.

    Hopefully Drew gets back in a timely manner healthy and it ends up being actually beneficial for his late season/playoff arm strength and the Saints are able to bring home another Lombardi after the playoff heartbreak the past 2 post seasons.

  10. I don’t have an opinion on this timeframe deal. I just will be glad to see him back and appreciative of the leadership (GM?) who brought in Bridgewater to hold down the fort in the interim. Injuries can devastate a team but the organization made sure the most important position was covered in the event of trouble. Good work.

  11. cowboys are WAYYY overated! The winless phins kept up with them. Rosen could’ve beat them if he didn’t suck.

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