Matt LaFleur trying to eliminate thinking during short week

Getty Images

The Packers don’t have long before they play the Eagles Thursday, so coach Matt LaFleur is trying to streamline the week’s schedule.

Specifically, he’s trying to remove the thinking from the week.

“I looked at a lot of schedules from previous stops and just kind of took what I felt worked best for us as a football team,” he said, via Jim Owczarski of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “And I do know the priority is, again, making sure our players are well-rested and making sure that they have a plan that allows them to go out there and play fast and not think a lot.”

Being able to react without over-processing is probably something a veteran team with stability might have an easier time of, but LaFleur said they’ve been conscious of focusing on what they are best at this week, as opposed to diving so deep into the Eagles.

“It’s more or less your best hits,” LaFleur said. “Just stuff that you know and you’re confident they’re going to be able to go out and execute and not think too much.”

If LaFleur has discovered the secret of not needlessly complicating things, he may have found the thing that separates him from many NFL coaches, who often feel compelled to show how smart they are.