Dak Prescott earning an even bigger pay day by the game

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It’s safe to say Jerry Jones was premature in declaring a contract with Dak Prescott “imminent.” Why would the Cowboys quarterback sign now?

Prescott is playing at an elite level, putting himself in the way-too-early MVP conversation by ranking first in completion percentage (74.5) and second in average gain (9.79), touchdowns (9) and passer rating (128.0) through three games.

“He has an unbelievable confidence in himself and those around him. Not an arrogance,” Cowboys tight end Jason Witten said Thursday. “It’s amazing the maturity he carries himself with. I know that’s not easy to do, knowing what’s out there. He doesn’t flinch. I think everybody in this locker room respects him for that. His play is backing it up for sure. I think he’s playing at an extremely high level.”

Prescott’s asking price is not going down, and, if anything, is going up. Russell Wilson became the league’s highest-paid player in April when he signed a four-year extension with the Seahawks worth $140 million for a new-money average of $35 million per year.

That doesn’t seem out of reach for Prescott any longer.

Call it a contract holdup.

Instead of going to Cabo during training camp to get what he wants, as his teammate Ezekiel Elliott did, Prescott has made his best play on the field.

Prescott has shown an ability to compartmentalize, putting the big pay day that is coming out of his mind.

“Simple,” Prescott said. “The reason we’re having contract talks is because of what I do on the field. That’s the main focus, and that’s my focus in everything I do. Talk about the ads, the marketing, all this stuff, I know realistically none of that happens if I’m not handling my business on the field. For me, about it’s about taking care of that – being the best football player I can and a lot of good things and great things happen when you do that.”

37 responses to “Dak Prescott earning an even bigger pay day by the game

  1. No, he is not. The market was set by Wentz and Goff.
    At least that is what Pat Kirwan says on XM/Sirius.
    I tend to agree with him.
    Look when Julio, AJ and Dez were up for contracts, they all basically signed similar deals.
    Just saying.

  2. Stop it already who has Dallas beaten this year? Nobody thats who but Jerry is delusional and always thinks he’s the smartest football guy to ever walk the face of the earth. Remember folks Jerry thinks Tony Romo is a first ballot Hall of Famer. Dak is really good but he’s not GREAT… please

  3. I hope he doesnt sign… let him sign somewhere else and find out what it’s like to play with out a top line and running back and see where he ranks then!’n

  4. I saw his 2016 game at Levi in person he made a throw down the sideline that absolutely blew me away. I knew then that the kid was special.

    He deserves every cent of a potential new deal for both how he plays and how he conducts himself.

  5. In an age of inflated NFL egos (i.e.-Baker Mayfield, Antonio Brown), it’s refreshing to see someone with humility and true leadership ability.

  6. I still the deal gets done this year and I still think it’s closer to 30 Million than 40. But I have to admit a year ago I would have said 28 gets it done. Now I’m around 33, 34. Dak has played this well thus far.

  7. Keep in mind that he compiled his stats playing against a weak NY Giants D, and an equally weak Redskins D. The third game he played was against the doormat Miami Dolphins. The next 2 games will be a real test, as he will face the Packers and Saints. If he can maintain his lofty completion percentage and quarterback rating, then he will indeed see his market value rise. If he cannot, then Jerry Jones may be asking himself whether he should give Prescott a huge contract or whether he should franchise tag him next season.

  8. There’s nothing much left to make fun of. Just a few weeks ago, when Prescott was coming off of a poor-supporting-cast weaker season, the trouble with extending him for what he’s worth (roughly what Wentz and Goff got, because that is the going rate for successful, still-with-flaws, developing young QBs) was that many didn’t believe in him. He was worth the sticker price, but people didn’t FEEL as if he were worth it. Well, if he goes out and performs at a high-end level, any reasonable sticker price becomes worth it, because his status as a franchise QB worth planning the next decade around would no longer be in question. Franchise QBs are worth the high price.

  9. All these teams that have franchise QBs on rookie contracts better pony up before Pat Mahomes signs his gazillion dollar extension.

  10. I have always considered Dak and middle of the pack guy but if puts up these numbers for a season Jerry will have to pay him 35 million plus a year. That’s how it goes when the time is right and you’re contract is up.

    If Dak starts have those inconsistent moments and those numbers start dropping or losing big games against other elite guys so will the pay.

  11. I cant stand the boys…and i was pretty down on dak. He has played at a top level and proven me wrong. He didnt squeak by bad teams. He completely punked them. Hopefully Daniel Jones and dewayne haskins are the real deal too. Having 4 great qbs in the division makes for great football

  12. As a Skins fan I should hate the guy, but he’s so damn likeable. He’s also a good player.

    Whatever they pay him now will seem insane, but in 2-3 years it won’t seem like that much.

  13. Wentz’s has been injured the past 2 seasons. He has only won 1 game this season but look at his contract.

  14. Sure, pay him. Then good luck signing anyone else when half the team’s salary cap is tied up in five players. No worries though, who needs an offensive line anyway.

  15. Gosh, you guys are right. Maybe the Cowboys should cut Prescott so they don’t have salary cap problems. #jokes

  16. bluebongzilla says:
    September 26, 2019 at 8:31 pm

    Gosh, you guys are right. Maybe the Cowboys should cut Prescott so they don’t have salary cap problems. #jokes




    Wrong. Elliott should have been dealt. You don’t pay an RB that kind of money.

  17. I hope he does good this year, just not this week against my Saints. With Drew coming back ho.e and in the Dome, it should feel like a playoff game. And I agree with with many here that this will be the Cowboys FIRST real game of the season. It should be a good one.

  18. Jerry Jones is a smart businessman, and he also has an ego. He would love to able to brag about having the highest paid player in the world. Dak Prescott is certainly playing like the best player in the world right now. Don’t listen to me, watch him play. He’s amazing.

  19. Dak better sign soon before he comes back to earth. He wouldn’t be the first QB to score a big payday off a hot streak.

  20. Can’t wait to scream my lungs out in the dome. Dudes a beast were rolling our number 2. Screw the odds this ones 50/50. The Who Dat Nation will be supportive but the W is up to TD

  21. Dak who? I’m sorry how many Conference Titles has he won? Superbowl appearances? Oh that’s right ZERO….Pay him WHEN HE ACCOMPLISHES SOMETHING!! STOP IT ALREADY

  22. Stop with the “Dak has played weak teams” comments. You’re supposed to beat the weak teams too.

    Tom Brady has made a career out of spanking the sorry AFC East teams for two decades. That’s what great QB’s do – -beat everyone!

  23. He gets in the huddle with 25 yards to end zone and all he can say is “money money money money money gets some”

  24. Oh come on, it’s not really fair to compare Ezekiel’s and Dak’s situations, don’t insult our intelligence like that. RB and QB markets are complete opposites.

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