Drew Rosenhaus confirms interest in Antonio Brown, downplays retirement possibility

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Drew Rosenhaus, the agent for free agent wide receiver Antonio Brown, says multiple teams remain interested in his client. Additionally, he says the thought of Brown actually not playing football again is a bit premature.

Rosenhaus joined Warren Sapp’s “99 Problems” podcast and discussed the situation regarding Brown’s status following his release from the New England Patriots. While Brown tweeted earlier this week he was done with the NFL because he believes he’s been wronged to the tune of a lost $40 million stemming from his release from the Oakland Raiders and Patriots, Rosenhaus said he believes Brown still wants to play football and he’s working to make that happen.

“Because of the pending investigation by the NFL, I can’t say much more than what I have. It’s of course unfortunate that Antonio was released by the Patriots. We wanted very much to make that work, but we’re moving on,” Rosenhaus said. “I believe that Antonio wants to continue his career in the NFL and I’ve mentioned that. I have had discussions with a few teams that are very interested in him and want to know about his future and what’s going on with the NFL. Hopefully, when that is all resolved, Antonio will be able to continue his Hall of Fame career. That’s really where our focus is.”

Brown has had a pair of sexual complaints lodged against him and the NFL met with one of the individuals involved. Brown allegedly texted threatening and intimidating messages to her that served as the precursor to his release from the Patriots. Brown is now taking classes from Central Michigan University as he attempts to finish his degree in the interim.

“I know there’s been a lot of speculation as to whether or not that means he’s not going to proceed with the NFL but taking online college courses to get your degree or your post-graduate degree is something that I would recommend to every client. I wouldn’t read too much into that,” Rosenhaus said. “Obviously, it’s a very difficult time for him not playing. We expected him to be playing against the Jets on Sunday. So it’s tough. It’s tough for someone who loves the game not to be playing right now and the hope is that we will cooperate with the NFL and their investigation and get him back with a team to continue this tremendous career that he’s had.”

While Rosenhaus didn’t specify the teams with supposed interest or the number of teams with said interest, three teams had interest in Brown as of last weekend. It would seem that interest is going to be contingent on the outcome of the NFL’s investigation and the findings against Brown ultimately reveal.

24 responses to “Drew Rosenhaus confirms interest in Antonio Brown, downplays retirement possibility

  1. Drew. Drew. Give it up man. Drop this one. You have plenty of other mentally unstable people to represent……..

  2. What garbage! Drew is working the crowd. Absolutely not one wants this guy (including the XFL). He is persona non grata for all 32 teams and Drew knows it. Gosh, to be a multimillionaire agent and try to sell this crappola to the masses, and have your column actually print it with a straight face is hard to fathom. Brown is a total loser and the league is a officially done with him. Spin it however you want, he will never play again in the NFL!

  3. Affirm means to state as a fact, and I don’t believe anything Rosenhaus says. He is only slightly more likable than his client.

  4. Hopefully, when that is all resolved, Antonio will be able to continue his Hall of Fame career.

    First of all, “all” will never be resolved because he simply can’t stay out of trouble. He’s incapable of it.

    Secondly, he had a Hall of Fame career but he flushed it down the toilet. I can’t imagine he’ll play again this year and unless he takes this time to grow up (a lot!) he won’t last long on an NFL team. He’s worn out all his chances and who really believes he can be on a team and behave himself? With AB it’s more a case of “when”, not “if”.

  5. Rosenhaus is cornered because he probably would be glad to drop AB, but then every potential client would question whether he would stand behind them too, or if he would duck and cover then too.

    He really has to wait for some formal action by the NFL, or preferably by the police, to justify dumping AB, at least in the eyes of his clients, and potential clients. That will give him the professional cover he needs.

  6. translation: “this clown keeps getting cut before he gets paid, which means i’m not getting my cut. i have now had to resort to charging hourly fees paid in advance (i see how he does with paying bills after the fact). i’m just waiting for the appropriate time to jump from this burning garbage scow….

    my hall of fame client has the emotional maturity of a three year old and seems bent on destroying the remainder of his career. you didn’t blame me for t.o and so i hope you don’t blame me for this guy either.”

  7. AB wrongfully or rightfully accused in this
    will continue to mess up his ability to play football because he is either mentally ill or completely ignorant & uneducated to understand how to stop hurting himself….& until he seeks professional help to address that & THEN follow that advice he will continue to self destruct his career & life in general…. VERY SAD!!!

  8. Antonio Brown is staying in the news, and he’s not taking any hits from guys like Vontaze Burfict. It’s the perfect world for AB. He’s setting himself up nicely for a reality TV show. He really just wants attention. He’s quit on three teams, so it’s obvious he doesn’t want to play football anymore. We have an appetite for watching people who are a little off balance.

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