Jared Goff: We need to elevate the standard on offense

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The Rams finished second in the league in points and yards from scrimmage during the 2018 season, but they haven’t been as prolific over the first three weeks of this season.

There have been a handful of reasons for that. The offensive line underwent some changes in the offseason, Todd Gurley‘s usage has dropped, they’ve turned the ball over five times and quarterback Jared Goff hasn’t been as sharp as he was in the regular season last year.

Despite all of that, the team has still put up over 25 points a game while winning all three times they took the field. On Wednesday, Goff was asked about criticism of the offense in the face of that record.

“I think it’s good. Like you’re saying, I know it’s coming from you guys, but for us internally, our standards are so high, especially offensively,” Goff said at a press conference. “We expect to be better, and we need to be if we want to win games late in the year. We are 3-0, we’ve been fortunate enough to do enough to win these past three games, but we know that in certain games down the road, it won’t be enough. We need to elevate that standard even further and continue to be detailed and be sharp on offense.”

The team is clearly still figuring out the best way to utilize Gurley in order to keep him healthy and that’s led to different demands on Goff in the early weeks of the season. It figures to remain a work in progress for at least a little while longer, albeit an easier one to endure as long as they keep adding to the win column.

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  1. A combination of an offensive line in transition, Gurley’s arthritic knee, and Goff needing to figure out a way to be effective without Gurley always being there to bail him out. Since the Rams need to manage Gurley’s load we’ll find out if Goff really is just a system quarterback or if he can become something more. The defense will keep things close, but if the offense can’t find a way to do things a little differently than last year they won’t get as far as the SB again.

  2. Bucs defense has proven to be formidable against the run. Two of the top rushers in the league (if not #1 and #2) were completely shut down. This will come down to the Rams using their motion to move players on the defense out of position and make plays.

    Bucs pass defense needs to step up because we just saw that the backend has ways to go without a shutdown defender or playmaker at CB or S.

  3. Their offense hasn’t been the same since week 13 last season when Matt Patricia deployed the 6-man front against them. BB honed it for the SB, and their opponents have used this season as well. It negates their outside zone-run game, blunting their play-action game in turn. So until they develop an alternate run game or otherwise render the 6-man front ineffective, they will be less explosive than the first 3/4 of last season. We saw glimpses of it last week in the opening drive of the 2nd half against Cleveland. They’ll be fine, too much talent.

  4. By ‘we’ he means ‘he’.
    He has 13 ints in the last 16 games, that’s behind only Baker Mayfield, Jameis Winston and Josh Rosen.

  5. Goff has a good arm and can make nice throws …

    if given time and theer is an open receiver.

    If he has to work under normal conditions other QBs have to operate in he’s ok but not especially good. I think he was a bit over paid.

  6. redlikethepig says:
    September 26, 2019 at 11:31 am
    Goff is a ‘good not great’ QB. They can’t put the game on his shoulders.

    16 8 Rate This

    Please watch the NFCC last 2 drives to tie and win the game for Goff. He’s struggled yes, and he definitely is not earning his money, but that dude willed the team down the field with great passes and won us that game. Please stop these foolish “doesn’t have it” takes. That’s my QB.

  7. 13 interceptions in 16 games isn’t bad. Last season Ben had 16, Mahomes 12, Luck 15, Brady 11, Rivers 12, Manning 11, Goff 12, Winston 14, etc. Goff was tied for 6th with 32 TD passes, 4th in yards passing, and was 8th among starting QBs in efficiency rating. Did you watch the Rams vs Chiefs game last year, 54-51 Rams win in a shootout, and 48-32 over 49ers. The Rams will figure out how to overcome these defenses eventually, and figure out what to do at the running back position and offensive line.

  8. Bob. Just Bob’s comment above is right. Rams had their “Superbowl” against the Chiefs; next came the bye week, then in their first game out against the Lions they were noticeably off. They never reached their peak potential after that, and it’s been downhill since.

  9. One major problem is with McVay helping him through the helmet radio the defenses figured out that as he is getting the call from the sideline they change and Goff is at a loss at what to do. Along with the fill the gap defense the Rams don’t have enough talent to overcome the better teams…McVay’s offense lasted about 13 games before being figured out, kind of like the wildcat.

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