Should the Vikings trade Stefon Diggs?

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Receiver Stefon Diggs, the hero of the Minneapolis Miracle, will never have to pay for a meal or a drink in Minnesota. But how much longer will he be living there?

A question posed during a Wednesday #PFTPM mailbag has gotten me thinking: Could Diggs be traded?

After Sunday’s run-to-set-up-the-run win over the Raiders, receiver Adam Thielen said all the right things in a phone call with PFT about the sharp drop in his production from last year to this year. Diggs has had an even sharper decline, with six catches for 101 yards and a touchdown in three games.

Diggs has gotten his big contract; money isn’t the issue for him. The question is whether he’ll even have a chance to justify his ongoing salary by getting the ball often enough from quarterback Kirk Cousins.

A trade would have cap consequences for the Vikings, with $9 million in dead money hitting the cap in 2020. But the Vikings would shed the balance of his $8.9 million salary for 2019, and they would avoid a $10.9 million salary for 2020 that becomes fully guaranteed in March.

The possibility would have been regarded as inconceivable a year ago. Now, with the running game becoming the focal point of the offense, Diggs possibly has become a luxury the Vikings can’t afford. If Diggs in turn craves a chance to once again be the focal point of a passing game, he’d potentially welcome a deal to a team that: (1) likes to throw it; and (2) needs the help at the pass-catching position.

With the trade deadline roughly a month away, it’s something to keep in mind, regardless of whether the Vikings get in return an impact player who can help them now or a draft pick or two that can help later.

But if the Vikings are going to trade Diggs (or anyone), it probably would be a good idea to not do it on October 12. That’s the 30th anniversary of the infamous Herschel Walker trade.

39 responses to “Should the Vikings trade Stefon Diggs?

  1. Good lord no. This team won’t always run this much, with 2 of the 3 games resulting in run-heavy ratios due to early 21 point leads. Besides, Theilen isn’t exactly a spring chicken, and we’ve had to listen to comment after comment harping on the Vikings lack or WR depth. If they do, the return had best be significant.

  2. Should be a keeper, with Jaire, Fuller and Quinn locking down Thielen for years to come. Vikes need him.

  3. No, of course not. The threat of Diggs and Thielen is part of the reason they have been able to run so effectively along with the improved O-Line.

  4. Better of trading Cousins and finding a better then mediocre QB.

    Also, will Zimmer and running game even be around next year to warrant giving up a talented receiver for the lottery of draft.

  5. magebfd says:
    September 26, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Broncos gonna be sellers, not buyers.

  6. Wouldn’t that be a dream come true for him! Simultaneously paroled from that filthy disgusting city and,possibly, out of the historically weakest division in the NFL. Hopefully he lands with a team that has an actual QB that can get him the ball— KC, SEA or NE would about be it though.

  7. Depends what they can get for him? Maybe they get a better start6ing QB than Cousins then I would do that. Trade him to Detroit for Stafford. Stafford has to be tired of Detroit by now.

  8. Suggesting Diggs should be traded on the basis of the first three games of this season is, respectfully, jumping the gun, or maybe the shark. Diggs is a game-breaker, and you don’t just give those up for draft picks. Yeah, I know Kirk Cousins had a bad game against the Packers, and two decent games at home. That does not mean the passing game isn’t going to be needed to win games against higher quality opponents. Diggs is a great route runner with excellent hands, and those receivers are hard to find. He’ll earn his money this year, as he did last season.

    The Vikings face the Bears on Sunday, a team that will likely be their toughest challenge against the run all season. While I hope they are able to run the ball as effectively as they have in their first three games, I wouldn’t count on it. Having Diggs and Thielen as the WRs is an advantage the team can’t afford to surrender when facing better run defenses.

    Furthermore, assuming that the next 13 games will go as the first three is dangerous. Cook has been oft injured his first two seasons, and expecting him to stay healthy for 16 games is a gamble. There will be an ebb and flow to the season as always, and the passing game will show up with more prominence before too long. You don’t trade away play-makers.

  9. Vikings have the best one-two punch in the league at WR. Oh the reasons why this is a non-starter..

    Not always going to be running this much. check.
    Not always going to be paying 28 mil for a QB that should be paid 15 mil. Looks like we are clearing that number off the books after next year, and will still have Dalvin and best one-two at WR. Check.
    Vikings are not a team that screws their cap like that. They may spread themselves thin on an annual basis, but always have enough to keep key players on D. Check.

    Finally.. IF we decided to trade him, he is going to the Redskins as was predicted as a possibility a couple years ago before he got his deal. Maryland connections and all. Plus the redskins are an easy fleece job.. Thinking about it now, yeah I’d take Trent Williams for Diggs lol

  10. Let me get this straight. there are suggestions out there that the vikings trade Diggs…and these people assume Thielan will NOT be doubled for the rest of the year?

    Trade Diggs, and you basically kill the passing game for good. Defenses will stack the box with 9 guys like in the old Peterson days (and they probably will for now on), daring Cousins to throw to a double covered thielan and some dude name Bisi.

    But since I’m all for trading every single veteran on this team to tank for Trevor whether that means tanking all of 2020 and 2021, sure go ahead, trade them all! This team is going nowhere with Cousins as QB. garbage wins aplenty, but meaningful wins will nonexistent.

  11. They won’t trade him. This is a passing league now, and you need as many weapons as possible. If they trade him, they have nothing other than Theilan at WR. Teams would double team him all day and Cousins would suck even more.

  12. Not gonna happen. The Vikings have no depth in WR period. If they had the depth, of course Diggs would be out. Until the depth is there he will still be a Viking. Plus Spielman is excellent for restructuring contracts and if Diggs doesn’t reconstruct his contract, then he will be playing elsewhere.

  13. Yes, that’s completely logical. While you’re at it, why not trade Thielen too? And Rudolph? After all, you have that great running game to rely on, right?

    Brilliant idea.

  14. Davante Adams AND Stefon Diggs? Oh man, make it happen.

  15. One of their receivers got injured and they had to bring back Treadwell, their bust draft pick WR. They don’t have enough WR to trade Diggs…no way.

  16. Diggs injured his hamstring before game 1. He’s had 5 catches all year. He’s never played a full season and is injury prone. His ankle/hamstring every season. Thielan also undersized. Vulnerable to injuries. Especially his lower back. He fell of the wagon last year in the 2nd half. In the NFCCG vs the eagles they both plate can poorly due to those specific injuries. Don’t believe me look it up. Sure they are great when healthy but they are both so tiny they get injured each year. Sure they play through it but at a significantly lower production level. That’s just the facts. Who do you suggest to bring in then Mike?

  17. Overpaid and single handedly lost the GB game,but we just can’t trade him right now. And he seems to be well aware of it. Needs to walk the talk and stop pretending he’s AB. He’s not, and I mean that in a good way. I hope he straightens out. Skol!

  18. You already said it, he’s a hero in Minnesota. We, the fans, absolutely love the guy and the organization realizes that. He’s the reason Thielen gets so wide open, cause you HAVE to cover Diggs with your best guy. Even with CB1 on him, he still gets open. Wild suggestion to create the narrative of a trade.

  19. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You only have 3 healthy wide outs on the team as it is! Trading your best or second best one now would totally decimate the position.

  20. The idea of trading Diggs is pretty crazy, IMO. We won’t be able to run the ball every week like we have so far – especially in the playoffs. Eventually we will need to pass, and if Diggs is gone, who takes his place? Treadwell?

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